Chapter 16

“Why did you really miss school? Was it because of us, or me? I haven’t been able to sleep or do much of anything this entire week and it’s driving me insane, and what are you wearing? Devon wants to seriously rip every wolf apart on the field right now because they are all staring at you.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend so let them look” I duck the jab he throws at my face. If it would have landed my nose would be bleeding for sure. I throw an uppercut catching him off guard and it causes him to stumble back slightly.

“Ya, but you have a mate, right?” He successfully lands a cross and as I spit out some blood, he grabs my arms sending the familiar shivers through me.

“Ellie, I’m sorry! My emotions have been all over the place since the woods and you haven’t been here to talk it through, please give me a chance to just talk to you, alone.” Genuine concern and sadness is plastered all over his face and it makes me just want to pull him in for a kiss.

With the mate bond, we can bo
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Regina Battle
I am really enjoying this book. I’m glad you did not make Ellie a weak she wolf. She sounds like a typical teenager.

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