Chapter 2

I wake up late, again. It is Tuesday, so I have training before school. Colin obviously will be there, and I can guarantee Victoria will be in the stands watching him. I wish I could walk up to him and claim him in front of everyone right here and now. Three days. I must wait another three days to find out what is going to happen between us. 

 I get to the field as everyone is finishing their last lap around the track. I sigh in relief because I dread running. I spot my dad in his all-blue tracksuit, which is so embarrassing. I swear he does it to humiliate me. He’s an attractive guy, and obviously in great shape, but dresses like he’s from a boy band in the 90s. 

 “Nice of you to join us, Elenor!” I HATE when he calls me by my entire name, and I equally hate that as the top warrior, my father is the trainer. He has never let me slack off, because it would look bad for him.  

 “Sorry dad, I couldn’t find my shoes, so I had to borrow some from Heather.” I blurt the first excuse I could come up with. 

With werewolves, when you come of age, you get to move into the pack house with the rest of the unmated wolves. It’s basically a co-ed dorm house, in a find your lover sense. My father used to take me with him to training, but now I just have to walk out the pack house and down to the football field. I was never late while living at home, but I can’t seem to make it on time living on my own. 

 “Ok, well since I know you’re lying and you’re late, again, you need to run and then get right into training. Your first partner today is Colin. Luke, since you half assed the last lap, why don’t you run another one with Ellie.” 

What!?! I have to fight with Colin? My father has GOT to be joking. UGH, today is going to be hell, and it is only 6:45 am. 

I trudge over to the track and Luke meets up with me. We jog and I can tell he’s thinking about something and trying to figure out if he wants to say it or not.  

“What, Luke? Just say it.” I try to not make it come out annoyed, but I failed. 

“Ok Ellie, why are you really late? You have at least ten pairs of tennis shoes.” Luke, like my father, can see right through me. Either that, or I am a terrible liar. It’s probably the latter. 

 “I was up talking to Leia, my wolf! Luke, she’s amazing! It’s like she’s my twin. We are so similar in so many ways! I cannot wait to see what she looks like!” I can’t help my excitement and I am practically squealing.  

 He stops in his tracks and hugs me so tightly I have to punch him to get him to let go of me. 

 “You met your wolf already? Ellie, that’s so amazing! It took me two weeks after I turned seventeen to meet Jack! Do you know who your mate is yet?” He looks at me eagerly in anticipation while holding onto my arms, but I don’t really think it is sincere. He doesn’t want to know my mate’s name unless it is him. 

 I kick at the dirt and try to stall. How can I tell him who it is? What would he say? I know he’s my best friend and I tell him everything, but I just can’t tell him this. He and Colin are so close, this might ruin that. 


 “I will make you both do another lap if you don’t start running again!” My father saves the day, phew, thank goddess! 

 “You know I will force you to tell me, right?” He lets go of me and we continue to run. 

 I know he will, but like always, I will put up one hell of a fight for the information. 

 We finish our lap and the fights have already started. Maybe it’s a good thing I was late today, because I can watch a few of them on my way to the center of the field where we all spar.  

“You both will just have to fight each other today.” My dad yells out to us and I let out an obnoxious breath of relief. Luke just laughs at me. 

Before we get into position, I look over and see Colin in a fight already. I can’t help but watch him. 

Colin throws a jab at Tim, who is our second warrior’s son. It knocks him back a few steps and Leia purrs in my head. Goddess, he’s sexy when he fights. Colin turns his head towards me, and I whip mine back towards Luke to begin our match. 

As the top female trainee, I am a suitable match for our Beta-to-be, but he always takes it easy on me because I’m his best friend and a girl. I secretly know he has always liked me, but I never have seen him like that. I know it stings for him to be friend zoned, but he has said nothing. 

I swear Colin keeps looking my way, even throughout his fight. Does he feel something? Does he know? I quickly shake that thought away and get back to my own fight. I am not really into it today, which isn’t like me. I’m usually ruthless and don’t hold back no matter who I am paired with. 

“Why do you seem so preoccupied today, Ellie?” Luke knows how I am with my training, especially against him. Today I just can’t seem to concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing. Leia keeps wanting to smell and get close to Colin, and frankly it is annoying and distracting. Not to mention a little weird. 

“I’m thinking about the dance this weekend.” He doesn’t believe that lie for a second and gives me the disappointed dad look before sweeping his foot behind mine, taking my legs from under me. 

“Get up and focus. Your dad and the Alpha are watching us.” He points behind me and I glance up, searching the bleachers to see if the Alpha has shown up. He hasn’t, and as soon as I turn back around, I catch Luke’s fist to my mouth, Hard. I lick my bottom lip and taste blood. This instantly gets my head back into gear. I wipe it off with the back of my hand and glare at him. 

“Luke, what the hell! Why would you do that?” I steady myself and get into my stance, ready to beat the crap out of him. 

“There she is. Let’s do this for real now!” His eyebrows dance at me. 

I shake my head. What a jerk. He knows that when the Alpha shows up, I will fight practically to the death just to prove myself worthy, even though I know it’s not needed. I am the only female trainee on Tuesday mornings, but I’m a better fighter than most of the males. My dad has trained me since I was five years old and has never held back. He always tells me I should know how to defend myself, and to expect no one to save me. 

After getting a busted lip and a few bruised ribs, training is now over. Luke beat me this time, but my secret about Colin is still safe, for now at least. It’s time to hit the showers and get ready for school. My wounds will all heal themselves by then, anyway. I really love being a werewolf.

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