Not My Fault

Not My Fault

By:  Toyin Clay  Completed
Language: English
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His determination to succeed drove Philip Omagbemi far from the shores of his country, and out of the reach of his beloved Ame Obasogie, heiress to the Obasogie dynasty, who, determined to keep the flames of her love for Philip burning, battled the odds as she rejected Dapo Adejare, her mother's choice of a husband for her. That was before tragedy struck, the tragedy that left its mark in the lives of all it touched and would make Philip's eventual homecoming sour...

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Ulric Efukor
A wonderful read.
2022-11-01 22:50:14
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It's good and catchy. I liked to read it some time.
2020-11-08 06:27:48
user avatar
Such a good book, i like how you narrate it and also the characters The African setting made me love it more, the writing was impeccable and the story has been added to my library I hope Ame and Philip have an happy ending
2020-10-06 05:20:52
66 Chapters
Chapter 1
The car turned round the bend and stopped in front of an impressive fence which was not too high. Any passer-by could easily tell that those who lived within the walls of the fence had a love for nature as the tops of several trees dotted the compound as far as the eyes could see. Some creepers adorned the beautifully-painted fence as well. And, it was a large compound, almost as if it took up the whole lane.  The lone passenger, a young man in his mid-twenties, alighted from the car, which was a taxi, and paid the fare to the driver, who then sped off after thanking his passenger for the generous tip. The young man that alighted from the car was simply but tastefully dressed. His taut athletic figure was well enhanced by his cyan-coloured shirt which was tucked neatly into his immaculate white trousers and his polished black shoes gleamed in the sun. He walked smartly towards the massive green gate where he noticed a side door to which
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Chapter 2
As if he was told of her deep concern about his plight, Philip had turned from staring at the horizon and his gaze had suddenly locked with that of Ame's, making her flinch involuntarily. Ame would never fully understand what had happened to her at that very moment when her eyes interlocked with Philip's. She had felt a warm tingle run through her and she had shivered involuntarily as her hands had risen automatically to wrap themselves around her body.  Philip had walked over to her with slow, deliberate steps, a warm smile transforming his face into the sunshine coming out on a black, cloudy day, drawing the very breath out of Ame. He had removed his jacket as he walked up to her, offering it as a peace offering as he got closer to her, his captivating smile never wavering."Never leave a lovely damsel in distress," he had said lightly as he reached her side. He was dressed in a simple but quality cotton shirt with floral print
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Chapter 3
There had been a liquid fire in Ame's eyes as she had sat up suddenly that day! She had spoken to Ego with a tone never before heard from her. "Don't, Ego! Philip is my life!" she had proclaimed, then retorted, "As for Dapo Adejare, I don't have anything, I repeat, anything, to do with him! And, I have never led him on or toyed with him, okay?!" She began to put on her shoes that was carelessly tossed at the bottom of the bed. Ego had walked up to her quickly and put a hand on her friend's bent form. "Hey, babe! Don't take it that badly. Please forgive me," she had pleaded. Ame had stared at her friend in anger. "What do you even take me for, Ego?! I don't lead men on, okay?! It's Philip I love, not Dapo or even anyone else, okay?!" she had stressed for emphasis as she paused in her venture.  Ego had nodded apologetically and pulled her into an embrace. "I want you to be happy, Ame," her friend had muttered as she r
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Chapter 4
Weeks after Philip's visit to Ame's place, the Obasogies were in their family living room, having a family time out, watching a movie and cracking general jokes of related past incidents.  Ame sat on the sofa near her parents' two-seater 'love seat' as it was fondly called by Segun, their elderly cousin from their father's side, who was currently absent. Osahon, her athletic teenage brother, who was in his second year at a federal university, studying architecture, sat to her left, fiddling with the controls of the television remote.  Osaro was telling his own version of a particularly funny incident in which Ame was a principal actor and all the family had burst into laughter. "Not fair, dad!" Ame protested amid the laughter. "Why don't we get to hear of Segun or even Osahon's silly escapades?! And I'm supposed to be your princess!" she said as she laughed. "Eei! I thank God I was not a pr
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Chapter 5
"Rosa, my darling! Remember that the day Philip came was when I returned from Brazil, and you had specially prepared that meal to welcome me? I guess your daughter wanted him to have a feel of what good cooking is all about! Rosa," he paused as he lifted her face up to his again. "He merely praised your mastery in the art, my dear. He never ogled. As for the house," he swept his arm across the large but comfortable room they were in as he continued. "Anyone with a great taste for beauty can not help admiring our home. The structure is out of the ordinary!" he said proudly as he brought his forehead down on hers, smiling into her eyes. Rosa did not return her husband's smile. She still sported a frown as she argued further. "I know he's one of those people who take advantage of unsuspecting ladies. He has Ame wrapped around his finger! You should have seen how she ran to welcome him the day he was here! She behaved rather shamelessly, I'd say!" she complained fur
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Chapter 6
Dapo sat beside his mother on the bed, his expression suddenly serious. "Ame? Mother, she is not my type of woman." Abiola folded her arms across her breasts and looked at her son in a strange way, with her eyebrows raised. "And, who is your type of woman, my son?! Those free women you go about with?! They are simply for the fun of it, if you want to hear the bitter truth! Ladies like Ame are well bred and would add prestige to you!" Abiola told her son in a firm voice.  Dapo bent his head and shook it slowly. "Ame is not interested in me either, mother," he explained to her. "She always acts elusive too," he complained. He was startled by his mother's laughter. Abiola tapped her son's shoulder when her laughter subsided. "There is your perfect example of a well-bred lady, my son! The easy going ones are the cheap ones. You have to dig deep to find diamonds, son; you don't find them strewn on the streets or at every
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Chapter 7
Nwakaego Kaodiliye, popularly called 'Ego' for short, was a fun-loving, strong-willed and hardworking lady. She was the only child of her parents still living at home with them. She was light-skinned, of average height and 'fleshy'. She liked to change her hairstyle often because she always wanted 'a new look every time'! She was Ame's best friend and was in a relationship with Jide Alatise a six-footer who was a dedicated banker.  Now until he met Ego, Jide had been a seriously boring individual, lost only in the doldrums of his career as a banker. But all that changed when fate thrust Ego into his life 'by design' as Ego would always describe, for they had met at a fundraising event, where Ego was one of the speakers and Jide had gone there to represent his bank. Jide thought the world of Ego and the feeling was mutual. Jide began to see the world anew through Ego's eyes and he liked what he saw. He vowed to have Ego for keeps. He eag
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Chapter 8
The gate of her house was opened abruptly and an armed guard came out, no doubt to investigate what the noise was all about but Philip waved him back inside. The fellow gave a smart salute and nodded, then went back inside. Oh, Philip's pride has ruined everything! Her father had pulled heavy strings to see him get a better-paid employment and had even offered to send him overseas where he could pursue his dream of becoming a neurosurgeon, at no expense, and had also offered them a house, when they got married, 'in any part of the world' that Philip desired but an egocentric Philip had TURNED IT ALL DOWN! Claiming he was 'fighting for our future'! when Ame had dared to challenge him! He had persisted in pursuing his God-forsaken scholarship, AND now that he had it, their young relationship would be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of his proof of self-worth! "Oh, Phil, you just ruined everything!" she wailed amidst her sobs.  Philip ju
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Chapter 9
Jide watched as Ego cleared the remaining shrimp on her plate and then washed it down with her drink. He enjoyed watching her eat. And he was thankful that he was a great cook, so he could spoil her with his delicacies. He burst out into a soft laughter, attracting Ego's attention.  She smiled as she made a face at him. "Something funny?" she quizzed as she wiped her mouth with a napkin. Jide shrugged. "I was just imagining what it would look like to prepare a feast for you!" He laughed. Ego made a funny face and quipped, "He prepares a table before me..." Both of them laughed out loud, drawing a few stares from fellow clients around. Jide nodded and raised his hand apologetically at a couple of them then coughed slightly as he became serious once again. Ego sipped her drink quietly.  Jide took Ego's left hand and planted kisses on each of her finge
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Chapter 10
Osahon rang for the maid who brought three bottles of water to them. The maid cleared the remains of the half-eaten food and left the room. "What's wrong with her?" Ego whispered to Osahon when Ame left the room to do her toiletries. "Philip," Osahon replied in a conspiratorial whisper. Ego nodded knowingly and signaled for Osahon to leave. "Hey sis," Osahon called to Ame, who was brushing in the bathroom. "I've got errands to run for mom, okay? I'll see you around!" "Okay, Osahon. Later," Ame replied from the bathroom. Osahon left the room, shutting the door gently after him.  Ego helped Ame to open her windows in order to let the rays of the morning sun filter into the room. Ame met her at her task when she came out of the bathroom. "Thanks," she muttered as she sat on the sofa to the right side of her wardrobe. "You're welcome, de
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