Omega to Luna

Omega to Luna

By:  Tas  Completed
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Nicole was just your average girl. Other than the fact that she's the Omega and the Alpha just happens to be a tad bit obsessed with her. No one liked her, not even her wolf would look at her twice. When life was going nowhere but down, someone showed the light on her. And man was he handsome. Unable to believe it at first, Nicole was dumbfounded in the face of her "mate." But he stole her without a second glance. The Alpha didn't like that very much. He didn't stop fighting for her back till his last breath, and even after that, the Luna wouldn't stop until she had her vengeance. But along the way she made friend after friend. To a mermaid to a pair of redheads, Nicole shared her love with everyone. Then when they thought they made friends with everyone, they adopted a new one.

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user avatar
Suzanne Barnes
loved it !!!!!
2021-07-13 11:51:44
user avatar
Chris W
Great story!
2021-06-15 08:04:27
user avatar
Anne Marie Stevens
Good book a enjoyable story
2021-06-12 18:05:10
user avatar
Rosa Velia Del Rea
I really love it
2021-06-08 04:57:34
user avatar
Tee Monetude
Loved it! Wish they were descriptive sex scenes, but still a great story
2021-06-07 18:46:23
user avatar
stephandchuck benefield
Loved this! Especially the addition of Coral's character. Lots of kickass heroines!
2021-06-01 21:08:26
user avatar
Patricia Giddings
great book love the esy the story eas told n showed the bond with out the porn
2021-05-17 13:50:51
user avatar
Linda Passmore
I love this story
2021-05-06 04:42:58
user avatar
Pamela Dickelman
loved it! very awesome!
2021-04-29 12:03:23
user avatar
Great book.
2021-04-22 07:23:03
user avatar
Kimberly Henderson
Nice quick read! Loved it!
2021-04-07 22:20:49
user avatar
Amanda Wiechmann
love this book
2021-03-20 12:27:17
user avatar
Love this book!
2021-02-26 23:12:16
default avatar
Dorothy Brown Baldwin
Great read.
2021-02-24 22:42:01
user avatar
Nathan A'bear
any other mini povs?
2021-02-24 06:54:20
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29 Chapters
Chapter One
Some might think that living in a pack is one of the best things that could happen to a person. You've got family and friends surrounding you at all times. But for me, I was the Omega. I was the slave/training dummy that everyone passed around. Plus, the Alpha would use me for his sexual pleasure. Him, being an unmated Alpha, his hormones are all over the place and he has no one to tell him no. I'm just his toy.I have to say though, Alpha Kane was something to look at. I might be one lucky girl to bed him, other than the fact that it isn't my choice.That's kinda a downfall.Geez, where are my manners! I'm Nicole Valentine. I was born in Dripping Fang pack, 2nd most powerful in the world. I was born of two brilliant people. Courtney and Terrence Valentine. Though I never met my father, my mother would always tell me his story. My father was one of the best trackers in the pack. He was beloved by all. After he passed no one looked at us the same. Th
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Chapter Two
Waking up in my own home didn't surprise me. He had probably dropped my off early this morning. Stretching and cracking my bones, I grumbled a groan of soreness. The brushes lining my arms were a deep purple-pink color. I sluggishly slip into the bathroom with a wide yawn. Unzipping the ripped summer dress that hung off my body I sadly threw it away.I liked that dress.The shower was never warm. Even when I pleaded for it to warm my aching bones. Time after time I received ice-cold water that crashed down my shoulders. Choosing an outfit blind, I fling my wet hair out of my face and fall backward on the warn couch. Mom looked up quickly from her recliner with wide eyes that were edging with tears."Mom?" I spun over onto my stomach to look at her. She nervously played with her hair and searched for something else to look up. She got restless enough to stand up and flatten her clothes."Are you okay?" She twisted her hair and chuckled lightly."Wha
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Chapter Three
My breath catches in my throat. I slowly walk around the rock while he comes around the other side. He jerks his head toward the spot where I had just been. He inhales deeply then chuckles under his breath."Nicole, come on out." I sunk into the darkness, my black fur making me as translucent as the shadows. A low growl came from the back entrance of the cave, I turned to find the source of it."Found you!" I yelp as he grabs the scruff of my neck like a mamma dog would her pup. He lifted me off the hard flooring and to face level with him."Victoria! Hey!" I don't shift very often so he was surprised to see me. I pulled my lips over my teeth but it didn't phase him. "Shift." He growled. When I had sifted he shoved me against the rock wall, his eyes twinkling in amusement. I squirmed away from his hold but he didn't budge."So, you like Mia?" He said with a dangerous smirk. I growled and sunk my teeth into his hand. Retracting my fangs I take
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Chapter Four
Dreams are weird. They can be so crazy and magical that you know it's fake, or they can be so realistic that you can't tell what's a dream and what's reality.I yawned and stretched out my body, I sleepily look over to the clock and scream out of my skin."What's wrong!" Mom yelled while barreling through my door. It squealed in pain. I yanked a brush through my hair and attempted to calm my rapid heart."It's Monday!" Mom rocked back on her heels and sighed. "And?" She said while placing a hand on her chest. "It's almost noon! The Campers are going to kill me!" I scurried to the closet. She hummed in understanding and left me to get ready. I threw on an easy outfit and race out of my room."Love you, momma!" I yell back while sprinting out the doors. She yelled back a goodbye. The Campers were one of the meanest families in the pack. I clean their home every Monday and if I wasn't there on time I'd be leaving with a broken bone
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Chapter Five
I cowered away from him and pushed myself into the dusty floor. I bowed and whimpered for mercy. Victoria scoffed at me but I didn't acknowledge her, his anger issues could skyrocket at any moment and kill me. I couldn't leave my mother alone."Nicole. You need better control over your wolf. If she acts out like that again..." he trailed off. He lifted his paw to the bottom of my chin, he lifted my head up to me his bared teeth."I will not be so kind." He stuck his claw into the side of my cheek and slowly drug it down to my jaw, leaving a slice in its path. I whimpered and pulled away from his paw. I felt the blood drip down my chin. "Now run home. Clean yourself up and have a chat with your wolf. I will see you tomorrow." He snapped then skipped off, his eyes on full alert and his wound already a long pink scar. "Victoria," I whispered but she looked away, ashamed. I sigh and attempt to stand but
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Chapter Six
Rolling over I'm stopped by something hard. I groggily groan and sniff the air to smell who was sitting in my way. My body tenses when I realized I didn't recognize the smell of an ocean breeze. The smell was intoxicating."Mate!" Victoria screamed. My breath hitched in my lungs. She's joking. She's got to be. But that would explain the electricity sparkling through me. The person rose to their feet, the bed dipped back to its place. I kept my composure and waited for the person to leave. No one is in my room. No one is in my room. No one is in my room- A warm hand grazed over my cheek, leaving sparks in its path. My cheek tingled. My lungs failed me but I attempted to act as if I was still asleep. My heart was crashing against my ribs, I'm sure whoever was with me could hear it. Just when I thought they would leave, a pair of the softest lips laid to my forehead. My breathing and heartbeat stopped in sync. The blood froze in my veins. An unknown feeling filled me. Like seein
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Chapter Seven
It didn't take long -thank god- till I swooped up a dress. Just a short navy blue dress that made my olive skin-pop. Even with the casual look, I went for, mom insisted on going all out. She yanked a floor-length sheer black dress, under it was a smaller black dress to keep the goods hidden. We both pull on some flats and amble out of the store. Mom had a skip in her step. I don't know if it was due to Zane or if she thinks that because we have a Luna, the Alpha might leave me alone. I already knew that statement was false. We climbed in the car and waited for Zane who was still in the store paying for our outfits. I did mom's make up, though she didn't use it often she used it for "special occasions." Zane walked out of the store, still putting his card int
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Chapter Eight
I sprinted toward my house, not caring what I looked like or who was starring. I wobbled on my feet and tried to find the right sidewalk to run on. I skipped to a stop, my breathing coming out in heavy pants. I stabled myself against my knees. I scan around the darkness, finding no one. I sigh, but my sigh was early lived. A warm hand laid on my back in a comforting manner. Shocks electrify through me, making me jump up and away from whoever had touched me. Stumbling, I fall onto a building. I sobered up when I heard the dark chuckle fill the air. When I could finally see straight, I stared at the person who had attacked Alpha Kane. I raised a brow, trying to cover up for the fact that my entire body was vibrating in fear.
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Chapter Nine
My mom's jaw unhinged and dropped in surprise, Zane froze solid with his eyes wide. I blushed at their reactions and hid behind his arm from their stares. Mom's eyes hit me with a tsunami behind her bottom lid, her green eyes asking for confirmation. I nodded and speaker when he reached down to place a kiss to the top of my head. I looked up, his eyes glowing in the dimly lit room. I listened to mom choke on a sob and Zane shushed her silently. Eli smiled down at me and spoke to my mother without lifting his gaze."I'm plannin
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Chapter Ten
Without haste, I glanced up under the cold sweat of my bangs. His eyes were fogged over, obviously having a conversation with his wolf. His body was slightly vibrating and his fist were clenched, knuckles white as bone. I looked away when his breathing stopped, knowing he was coming too. From my peripheral vision, I saw his eyes turn back to their pools of color. But they weren't something I recognized, instead of the sweet glistening they normally held, now they were filled with a raging inferno. His gaze snapped down to me, causing me to flinch and focus on the wall across from us. 
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