Rejected Abused Escaped

Rejected Abused Escaped

By:  Larissa Watson  Ongoing
Language: English
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My story is like many others. A young alpha female, Izzabella Hale is rejected by her mate. forced to see him with another every day. Abused by her entire pack, allowed by her father the Alpha. Will running lead to her death or will it lead to freedom? There is a mystery to every story. Will she find her second chance? Or will she be a doomed soul?

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It tells a good story while showing that the past can be overcame
2024-02-23 10:22:29
39 Chapters
Chapter One
Izabella’s POV The front door to the pack house slams, making my head snap up at the sound. I got distracted from the task at hand which is scrubbing the floor, now the knees of my too small pants are soaked. Everyone is getting home. I have to get dinner started but if I don't finish this, I will definitely be hurting in a little bit. I quickly finish and dry the floor, running down the stairs as quickly and as quietly as possible. I step into the kitchen and start pulling stuff out of the fridge. I am running so behind tonight so this is going to have to be something fast. Grabbing the hamburger meat from the bottom drawer. I pull spaghetti noodles from the pantry along with an onion, the pasta sauce, and the garlic from the shelf. Spinning around to face the kitchen I walk straight into the one person that has hurt me even more than my father, my mate who rejected me. Andrew Marks! My heart breaks everytime I see him, but he is in love with another. I try to push all of my f
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Chapter Two
Izzy's POV It's finally dark outside. I get up and start working on my escape but it has to be quiet. I slide my dresser over in front of the door. I wince as it makes a noise, but I don't hear footsteps so that's a good thing. I continue to push everything in front of the door. Once I am finished with that I double check my bag to make sure I have everything that I need. A change of clothes that are too small, check. Broken hairbrush, check. The little bit of money I have been skimming slowly over the last two years, Collecting change from the washer. I have it in a sock in the bottom of my old school bag inside of my duffle bag. I have a paper with where I plan on going there too. I zip my bag back up, and open the window. I sit there waiting for the footsteps that I know are going to come. Dad has to get his daily quota on beating me. I shake my head at the thought. I sit watching the moon, it is full tonight. The glow is mesmerizing and has me distracted for some time. I can
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Chapter Three
Nick's POV I was walking back to the bed from the bathroom. I have been exhausted the last couple of weeks, I am acting Alpha right now. Dad is letting me take over the pack next month. I already know how to do the job but we decided to wait until summer. I'm okay with it. The mind link opens “Uhhh, Alpha we have a rogue, I just caught their scent.” One of my pack members Mason tells me. “On my way!” I cut the link grabbing my shorts from the floor. I take off running, no sense in putting them on now, I have on boxers. They are just going to shred when I shift anyway. I hear howl's ring out from my right and my wolf Caius forces the shift grabbing the shorts in his mouth. I open the mindlink to Mason. “Mason what is going on?” I am anxious for some reason. “Alpha, she is mesmerizing. You should see her.” I hear pure awe in his voice. “What do you mean, mesmerizing? And did you say she?” Completely shocked, we never had a she-wolf rouge before. No one that was alone anyway. “
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Chapter Four
Izzy’s POV My hand fits perfectly in his. Tingles are rushing all the way up my arm as he rubs small circles on the back of my hand. Could it be possible that I found someone who will love me finally. My bag bumps my hip with every step I take and I get lost in thoughts of the past and what is to come. I make a list in my head, my mothers death, the constant abuse, being rejected, escaping, letting Cas out of her shell, the freedom I felt when I left the old pack. Now I think of the man holding my hand, wondering what his name is. Cas agrees with me wondering who our savior is. I see the glow around me when she peers out of my eyes with me. She licks her chops, like she wants to take a bite out of him.“Just ask him Izzy, I don't think he will hurt us.” she shrugs. Snapping out of my head I realize that he is studying me curiously. I see his eyes flicking back and forth from green to onyx. So I know that his wolf is looking at me too. “What is your name?” I ask cautiously.“Nic
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Chapter Five
Izzy's POV I walk towards the house, with Nick at my side. Our hands intertwined. It is beautiful. I see a wooden fence around the side of the house. Wondering what is in there. I started to go that way, then I remembered the promise of food, shower, and clothes that fit. Nick catches me looking and notices my slight pause. “Do you know how to swim? After we get you fed and a shower we can go for a dip in the pool if you want.” he looks at me like i might turn him down. “Mom taught me before she died, i should be able to swim.” I paused wondering if I should mention being locked in the pack house. He has kept his word so far and hasn’t hurt me, but I think I will wait until after I get food. My stomach rumbles on cue. I give a slight giggle, and continue in the direction of the front door. I hear the low hum of the air conditioning unit, the sound of our heart beats. They almost beat to the same rhythm. He punches in a code on the door handle and it twists opening the door. H
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Chapter Six
Izzy’s POV My stomach is so full. I feel really tired, Cas agreeing with me yawns in my head. I wonder if Nick will be okay not going swimming tonight. Something tells me that he won’t care as long as he is with me. I look up to see him smiling at me. “Can we just go to sleep, and go swimming before we go see your parents tomorrow.” I ask and I try to stifle a yawn. He laughs at me.“Whatever you want, we will do.” He stands and holds his hand out to me.“I feel so full, my entire body is relaxed. I haven’t had that much food at once since I was ten. Used to some of the pack members helping me, they would sneak me food or let me shower when dad was gone. That ended when dad killed his beta in front of the entire pack, when he caught him. He told all of them that they would join the deadman. Eventually his anger rubbed off on them. I wasn't allowed to leave the pack house unless it was to take out the trash or clean up after one of their parties.” I don’t know why I am telling him th
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Chapter Seven
Nicks POV I wake up to my mother forcing the mind link. “Nick it is nearly lunch time you were supposed to be over here this morning.”“I just woke up mom, Izzy is still asleep. Why don't you and dad come here for lunch? Izzy wants to go swimming anyway, and call the pack doctor. I need him to take some blood from Izzy. She is curious about her wolf, and no mom I will not tell you what if she is comfortable showing you she will.” “Okay your father said we will come there. I'll bring a picnic lunch. See you in thirty”She cut the link. I look over to see Izzy looking at me or at least I thought it was her, but on second glance her eyes aren't that color. “Hello Cas.” I say grinning at her. She purrs in response. I lean forward and kiss her. When I open my eyes again I am looking into the eyes of a sleepy Izzy. Cas must have retreated. “Morning love, it is time to get up. My parents will be here soon with a picnic lunch so that we can eat out by the pool.” Her eyes light up at the
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Chapter Eight
Nick’s POV We spent the rest of the rest of the day in the pool. Izzy is sunburnt, but it isn’t that bad mom attacked her with the sunblock as soon as she started turning pink. My mom has been the person to set me straight, but also to turn around and defend me. Though I had never done anything really wrong, I was a good kid. I stayed out of trouble, and I never missed school. All A’s from k to twelve. On top of that I learned how to do the alpha job by the time I turned seventeen. I pretty much run the pack now unless dad decides he wants to pull rank. Which isn’t all that often. Most of the pack have called me Alpha for years. Some of the pack elders call me Young Alpha. I am completely fine with that. They trust my judgment. Mom of course is a social butterfly, there were always parties over at the house. Birthday, engagement, weddings, mating ceremony, and sometimes just random ones for no reason. The partial reason the parties are always at the pack house is because it is t
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Chapter Nine
Izzy’s POV I wake with a really bad need to pee. I jumped out of bed, tripping over the blanket that was wrapped around my legs. Falling on my ass on the floor I huff, and realize that I have been moved to the bedroom. ‘Cas, do you remember coming up here?’ she shakes her head at me. She yawns big before laying back down in my head. I quickly untangle myself from the blanket, still needing to pee really bad. I basically sprint to the bathroom. I finish up and wash my hands. Stepping back into the bedroom I see the low light lamp on and walk over to it. A note lays there, I pick it up and read.My Love,I went to see my parents for a little bit. I should be back before you wake, but in the case that I am not. My Beta Matthew is down stairs, he won’t hurt you I Love You, Nick Cauis said he loves you too *Rolls Eyes*. Cas has woken up now and is peering out of my eyes at the note.‘Caius does realize they are the same person right?’ she asked me.‘I can’t be one hundred percent
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Chapter Ten
Izzy’s POV I prop up on his chest and his hands go to my ass. Sparks rush over where his skin connects with mine. I place my hands in his hair and raise my hips and slide forward a little so that I am right over his face. I look down. “Stick out your tongue,” it rolls out as a purr. He obliges, I wiggle a little bit finding the right spot. Then I lower myself down sitting on his face, I start grinding back and forth his tongue working with my movements. Sending me insane, the tension in my body builds to the maximum. My orgasm washes over me in waves while I continue to ride his face, leaving me breathless but not quite satisfied.Getting off of him I stand up and reach my hand down to him. He grabs it standing up. He pushes me against the shower wall one hand lightly around my throat and the other cupping my throbbing pussy. “You liked that did you?” He says against my lips. I moan in response. He chuckles and shakes his head, his nose rubbing against mine.“Izzy answered me. Yo
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