One Billion Marriage With Mr CEO

One Billion Marriage With Mr CEO

By:  Monica Wild  Completed
Language: English
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Betrayed by her fiancé on the eve of her wedding and failing to get married, Rakia was traumatized by being in a relationship with a man. As an act of revenge, Rakia burns her billion-dollar wedding dress. However, her actions caused severe problems; her fiancé demanded compensation for her efforts, and Rakia was threatened with imprisonment if she did not compensate him. In her confusion to find a solution, Dashtan offered a deal. Dashtan, a wealthy CEO, offers Rakia a value. Become his wife and Rakia's debt will be paid off. A loveless marriage and a deal ensued, but halfway through, both Dashtan and Rakia began to feel that their marriage was fostering feelings of love between them. There were only two choices. Fall in love or get divorced.

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89 Chapters
Chapter 1
Staring at the white envelope in her hand with sad eyes, Rakia didn’t dare to open it. Her heart sank when she entered her superior’s room a few hours ago and received terrible news. The bus she was waiting for came; she turned her gaze towards the bus, then moved with Park steps onto the bus and sat by the window. She put the white envelope into a bag she slung over one shoulder. She tried to find topics for her to think about besides the bad news about her being laid off, but to no avail. It still hurts even though she wasn’t the only one laid off. She could have a career as a journalist at the television station, but instead, she kicked her out. Her cell phone rang, distracting her for a moment from the sadness and disappointment she was experiencing.“Yeah, Ben, what’s wrong?” she asked with a slight smile. At least, when her fiancé called her, she still smiled a little amid sadness.“I just want to say that tomorrow I will go to Brazil with the crew,” said Benjamin.“Brazil? W
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Chapter 2
The white wedding dress with a simple model but fantastic value perfectly wrapped Rakia’s body. She looks like a fairy tale princess now. She smiled, seeing her reflection in the mirror wearing her wedding dress in the locker room where she ordered the dress.“Liz, take a picture, please; I’ll send Ben,” Rakia asked, to which Lizzy smiled.“It would be better if it were a surprise for her,” said Lizzy, preparing to take a picture of Rakia on the woman’s cell phone. Rakia posed as well as she could with several poses. After finishing, Rajia sent the photos to Ben via WhatsApp. After trying it on, she removed the dress; the bridal staff who had accompanied her packed it neatly. Rakia asks Lizzy to take her to get the dress because Lizzy has a car.“Have you tried calling Ben?” Lizzy asked as they were on their way home.“Yes, this morning I called, but it didn’t take long because he said he was taking a photo shoot.” Rakia stared at the highway, which was quite congested by vehicles
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Chapter 3
After her fifth call with no answer from her fiancé, Rakia’s frustration reached its maximum. She squeezed her phone like she was going to crush it. She was furious with Ben, who never answered her phone and replied to her messages; she wanted to ask the man to explain the photo she found yesterday on one of the man’s social media. Lizzy opened the door to the room currently occupied by Rakia. Since yesterday, she has asked her poor friend to move into her house and live temporarily until she legally becomes someone else’s wife.“Why? Have you managed to call Ben yet?” asked Lizzy in the doorway, her hand still perched on the hinge. Rakia shook her head in frustration. She brushed her hair in a state she bowed deeply. Lizzy joined her, sitting on the edge of the bed.“Want me to contact him?” Lizzy offered, suddenly making Rakia raise her head and stare at Lizzy while nodding. She was ready to cry but managed to hold it in by biting her lip. Just as Lizzy was about to move to pick u
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Chapter 4
A spoon tapping gently on the plate’s surface distracted Lizzy from enjoying her breakfast. She turned her gaze to the source of the voice that was right in front of her. Rakia looked glum with a lackluster gesture and just made that noise.“Eat it, Kia,” said Lizzy. Rakia reprimanded, only sighed. A week after the celebration of burning the wedding dress, Rakia entered a confused phase. As a result, it affected all her activities, including her appetite. Lizzy is worried about her best friend’s condition because Rakia has had stomach ulcers since high school.“Later, your ulcer will relapse. Do you want to go to the hospital? It’s not good to eat; it’s not good to sleep?” Lizzy threatens so that Rakia will eat properly. She understands that Rakia’s situation is one of the most challenging things in a woman’s world. When her heart is hurt deep enough, it will directly affect all aspects of her life.“It’s also like being in a hospital; it’s not good to eat, it’s not good to sleep,”
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Chapter 5
“How come you just run away?” Lizzy protested when they arrived home from the morning’s bike ride. They parked their bicycles in the garage next to the parked car.“If you don’t run away, the guy invites pleasantries,” said Rakia honestly.“Yes, it’s okay if you don’t like it, just for me, okay?” Lizzy looked at Rakia while raising her eyebrows with a big smile. Rakia stared at the woman with narrowed eyes.“Whatever, I want to take a shower.” Rakia was the first to enter the house.“Hey, where are you going? The keys in me!” shouted Lizzy, who immediately stopped Rakia in front of the main door and waited for the house’s owner. Lizzy came and immediately opened the door.“What are we having for breakfast? Any suggestions?” asked Lizzy as they walked into the house.“How about chicken porridge?” Rakia enthusiastically, and Lizzy chuckled.“Just wasting calories. How come you’re not fat? The others, granola plus dragon fruit juice.”“What? That’s prison food; you don’t have to;
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Chapter 6
Lizzy helped Rakia fold the clothes still on the bed and then stacked them with Rakia’s other garments in a suitcase lying open near the bed.“You don’t want to come with me to Singapore? Just a week for vacation.” Rakia got out of bed and crouched in front of her suitcase, adjusting the location of her things that didn’t feel right.“I’m busy this month, I have a client website that I have to finish soon. I’ll go there later when you want to get married again.”Rakia frowned as she looked at Lizzy, sitting with her back on the bed.“Excuse me? It’s like I was once married and then divorced,” protested Rakia. Lizzy giggled because Rakia captured her joke.“Are you thinking Is it easy to get married? Look at me, i haved relationship for while and then...just what? Nonsense.” Those were some of the thoughts that Rakia wanted to throw up. Lizzy changed her sitting position, turning her body to face Rakia with her legs dangling over the side of the bed. Her hands rested on the edge of the
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Chapter 7
Rakia wasn’t comfortable with Dashtan accompanying her at the moment. Still, she could only accept someone’s invitation if it cost her money. As a result, he walked hand in hand by creating a reasonable distance between them. This mall was packed with visitors; people passing by never missed staring at Dashtan.“Actually, where are you going?” asked Rakia, who was finally getting annoyed because Dashtan was attracting too much attention from people.“To my mom’s boutique, want to come?” he offered, to which Rakia responded with a moment of surprise.“Of course not; what would happen if your mother’s employee saw you come with me?! That will give rise to gossip, said Rakia. They stopped in front of a shop that sold jewelry made of diamonds.“I love gossip, usually I don’t escape gossip but lately there’s nothing those people can take from me to gossip about.”Rakia rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest.“How about you become the butt of gossip for me today?” Dashtan smil
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Chapter 8
Dashtan looked at the surprised Rakia with an amused smile. At the same time, Rakia hastily lowered her head to hide her awkwardness and slight embarrassment. Twice, this strange man before her had offered something that sounded ridiculous when a man like Dashtan said it. Rakia took a deep breath to regain her sanity.“Don’t like to offer things that you can’t live up to in the end. Have you ever been dumped?” asked Rakia with a challenging, severe look. Their orders came and stopped their conversation for a moment. The waiter helps them prepare the BBQ stove.“It must be painful,” said Dashtan when they came back together. Rakia swallowed her bitter saliva.“It felt like I wanted to die,” Rakia said honestly. The aroma of grilled meat covered in spice sauce is delicious. Dashtan moved his cooked meat straight into his mouth using chopsticks. He nodded while chewing, “It’s delicious,” he commented. Rakia also followed Dashtan’s way of eating when the meat was cooked; she also made the
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Chapter 9
Dashtan tightly shook the hand of a man around the same age as his stepfather. A polite smile graced his face as the man smiled while shaking hands.“Thank you for coming this far, Mr Reynaldi. Come on, please sit down,” Dashtan greeted, and then they sat across from each other on a dark blue sofa.“Does not matter. Your dad said if I had to meet you to start the dig, you’d be in charge there.” Mr Reynaldi looked at Dashtan with his modest gaze. Dashtan smiled; the man had been so attached to him since they first met at the museum’s opening in Singapore. They have the same interest in science.What things are buried there? Dashtan started his observation. He wanted to know what was in there; his mind was already guessing its value.“From what our team got, the remains of human civilization as old as the Mayans were buried. Don’t imagine that civilization will be as wide as Atlantis and the Mayans. It’s only a small civilization, but it proves that a civilized tribe once lived on that
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Chapter 10
Mrs Adeline welcomed her daughter, who had just arrived, with a warm hug that meant longing. It had been so long since she and her ex-husband divorced, and Rakia chose to live independently in Jakarta. She knows that the divorce hurts the child more or less, but she also doesn’t want to force everything under her control.“Oh, sweetie, it’s been so long. How are you?” she asked her daughter while staring and clasping her hands. Rakia had ordered her not to pick her up, but she insisted. She longs to see that her daughter is so big that she must finish it soon. And here she was, inside the Changi airport building with people milling around.“Physicly I’m okay, but mentally...,” Rakia looked down for a moment to swallow the bitterness that was still so thick clinging to her, “I’m crack,” she admitted as she raised her eyes again to look at her mother. Her mother’s hand reached out to caress a few strands of her dangling hair. Rakia hated that look.“You will come back whole, soon as pos
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