One Little Moment

One Little Moment

By:  Essie Neh  Completed
Language: English
67 ratings
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Ana has never been the type to party or drink. But the one night she decides to let loose, she ends up meeting a man who will shake up her entire world.

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user avatar
the new book started good I think you should continue writing it and I love the previous one good job
2023-11-29 00:32:14
default avatar
The ending is not it at all and I’m actually very pissed that it ended like that .
2023-09-22 21:56:41
user avatar
Ending left hanging.. Whats the title of this bonus chapter?
2022-02-26 01:48:45
user avatar
Good story but too many repetitive chapters, misquoted names and confusing ending. Prologue should have appeared before bonus chapters of another book with no heading
2021-05-10 14:08:02
user avatar
April Ape Benson
little confused jumped around
2021-03-28 05:23:42
default avatar
Good story! When is the continuation?
2021-03-26 18:30:24
user avatar
Cindy Prins
I loved this book....will there be a second?....can't wait ...
2021-01-07 06:18:50
user avatar
Michelle Arrastia
wonderful 👏 👏 👏 👏
2020-12-27 11:15:46
user avatar
Ma Liza Estampador Villarante
so realistic and spiced up that i cant wait to read the whole story! congratulations😍😍😍
2020-12-26 12:14:32
user avatar
Nimfa Advincula Serdeña
nice story the best novel that catched my eyes... I want to read further
2020-12-25 12:54:29
user avatar
Essie Neh
Expect more of this book from January. I hope you support it 🥰❤️
2020-12-24 10:39:51
user avatar
Finesse Hailey
2020-12-18 16:57:23
user avatar
Danica Cruzat
good story
2020-12-16 22:12:41
default avatar
This was a incredibly great book. Start to finish. But the ending could have been a little more better. I'm reading it again. Thank you.
2020-12-16 19:19:28
default avatar
I like the book but cant understand why the ending is like an open ended
2020-12-13 11:38:35
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65 Chapters
Chapter One
Ana sighed as she got back from the break room. Before she could even take a seat in her cubicle, she heard, “You’re going to cover for me, yeah?” Obviously, it was Tasha. One of her colleagues and one of the biggest collect
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Chapter Two
Ana was surprised that she and her stranger didn’t hit anything with how clumsily they stumbled into his apartment. It was clear that both of them were eager. While his hands were already climbing under her dress, Ana’s fingers were making quick work of his shirt. The stranger pulled away from her then quickly took the shirt off. 
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Chapter Three
The relief Ana felt when she stepped out of the Uber was astronomical. The ride had been so weird because every time she looked up into the rear view mirror, it seemed like the driver’s eyes were on her, judging and calculating. She had never felt more creeped out in her entire life.The area she was in was not very familiar, else Ana would have dropped down immediately. She absolutely hated it when people judged her, especially when she was sure this man was no virgin and probably went to the club to pick up people as well. She sighed and looked away, deciding not to give him any more of her time. Finally, she was in her neighborhood. As the man made to drop in front of her apartment complex, a piece of paper fell in front of her. Ana picked it curiously and decided to read it only when she got out of the car. On the small card was written, “call me!” with a number beneath. Oh. So he wasn’t judging her. He was checking her out.Ana giggled a little and let the slip of paper fall. May
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Chapter Four
Jack stirred in bed. Then stretched and sent his hand out to the other side of the bed, expecting to find the person he had spent the night with there. He really didn't like the part where he had to tell them to leave, but he couldn't refuse a second round. 
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Chapter Five
Ana was confused. Yes, it had been a month since she had been promoted. Yes she no longer has to deal with Tasha and her other nosy as fuck coworkers. But she was still stressed out. Ana didn't understand why. Everything was fine. Her mother
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Chapter Six
Jack was tapping his pen on the desk. It had been a month. And he still couldn't get the girl out of his head. He had been drunk when they had sex. But he remembered her face clearly. He could remember her beautiful brown eyes and how they sh
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Chapter Seven
It had been two days since Ana had discovered that she was carrying another life in her. She had freaked out after her calm episode. It had actually occured to her that she was pregnant when she was in bed that same night. She had cried and s
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Chapter Eight
The next day was way better. There was no longer that pressure on Ana. She had told Landon, and that was what was most important. He was the only constant in her life and he was the most important person till date. Ana was yet to tell Veronica, her mother. But if she was being honest, she really didn’t want to do that. Veronica was an extreme Christian and she was probably going to get into some kind of fit and maybe call Ana a demon. And the last thing the latter needed was stress so she would pass on that.  The day was looking to be a bright one. Ana really couldn’t ex
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Chapter Nine
If there was one word that you could use to qualify Jack in that instant, it was stressed out. It was a first for him. Jack was an extremely confident man. He had built his confidence right from childhood and it was basically unshakable. But as soon as the detective had called him to say he had news of the girl, it was as if all that confidence had left Jack’s body. It was weird. And it might sound dumb that he was searching for someone whose face he didn’t even remember clearly. But Jack couldn’t explain it. Even though he was drunk and most of the memories from that n
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Chapter Ten
So it was today. Not the interview. Today was the day Ana went to hospital to confirm the pregnancy. It was honestly just a formality at this point because with all the changes her body had gone through, and the tests she had taken, it was obvious that there was another life growing in her. But it was better to be one hundred percent sure. Plus, she had to listen to the doctor’s advice. No matter how helpful the Internet was, it was never completely accurate, it was not a professional and it was not going to ease all the irrational fears she was having.  
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