One Night Stand: Alpha trapped me

One Night Stand: Alpha trapped me

By:  SilviaYEsther  Updated just now
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Eranthe and Colin's story began with a ludicrous act of revenge. The next time she saw Colin was at her boyfriend's birthday party. She knew him only as a wealthy man with high status, and he was captivated by her beauty. They engaged in a game of mutual manipulation, beginning an adult game. Eranthe: I took the initiative to call Colin and had a one-night stand with him, deliberately allowing my boyfriend to catch us. Seeing his angry and frustrated reaction was so satisfying and joyful. I had finally taken revenge on that cheating scoundrel. But why did things start slipping out of my control? The one-night stand with Colin was just an adult game, so why take it seriously? I found that I couldn't get rid of you. Alright, let the game continue. If you can't submit to me, there will be no survivors in this game. Colin: Eranthe thought I was just a tool she used to get back at her ex-boyfriend for betraying her. No, she was wrong! In reality, I don't belong to the human world. I blend among humans in the hope of finding my Luna. At first, I used a little trick to make her approach me and fall into my love trap. She didn't know that I had loved her for many, many years. She's the only one in my heart, the apple in my eyes. I've always longed to be with her, to win her heart. My lifelong wish is to have her as my Luna, be with her forever, and be the mother of my Alpha child.

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189 Chapters
Chapter 1: I cheated on my boyfriend
"Keren No. 18, room 1."Eranthe Taylor sent the room number but not to her boyfriend Dylan Miller.This decision was made half an hour after discovering his affair.At that time, the woman's foot was provocatively roaming up and down his leg. Both parties seemed to enjoy the thrilling game, believing that no one would notice.When the doorbell rang, Eranthe came to her senses, adjusted her clothes, yes, she was willing to call them ‘warrior’s garment’, which was the birthday gift she tidied up and should have been unwrapped by Dylan.As the door opened, she was almost overwhelmed by the man's passionate kiss. All she could see in her line of sight were a pair of eyes with a hint of erotic tidal emotion at the corners, until the high bridge of the nose grazed her own, allowing her to finally recognize the visitor - Colin Rodriguez.However, Colin didn't give the woman in his arms any chance to react. By the time he realized what she was wearing underneath her bathrobe, he had already p
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Chapter 2: Did I hit the mark?
Eranthe wasn't sure when Colin had left; all she remembered was that she slept until three o’clock in the afternoon. She didn't expect someone like Colin, a busy man, to have the time to sit down and chat about their experiences from the previous night. He was handsome and skillful, though, so she didn't lose out; she got a great deal. However, she didn't anticipate that their second meeting would come so soon. … The resort was newly developed, known for its serene environment, which also meant it was far from the city center. She didn't realize it would be so difficult to find a cab. "Get in," Frank Wilson pulled up in a car just in front of Eranthe. She was somewhat surprised because she didn't think the landlord of this development area would remember someone like her. "It's hard to get a cab in this suburban area. Where are you going?" Frank casually asked. "To Wilson Road." "On the way, get in, we're going back." Since he said that, Eranthe didn't want to be difficult.
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Chapter 3: Good friend requests one night stand with your girlfriend again
"No." Eranthe was unsure of Colin's intentions. Surely, he wouldn't expect her to write a report on last night's events for his approval. Upon hearing her response, the man chuckled lightly. Coupled with his consistently indifferent face, everything seemed so surreal. "Last night, weren't you bold enough?" After a brief silence, Eranthe lifted her eyelids and said, "If I remember correctly, Mr. Rodriguez and I had a mutual agreement. You wouldn't be thinking of settling scores now, would you?" She and Dylan had each cheated on the other with an unmistakable affair, but she chose to take advantage of Colin Rodriguez, who Dylan couldn't afford to provoke. The only miscalculation was that Colin, who should have stayed out of it, ended up at once in front of her. Colin didn't immediately respond. The car continued to drive smoothly, and just when Eranthe thought he wouldn't say anything more, he uttered something that surprised her. "Do you mind trying long-term sex partnership?" E
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Chapter4: Let him hear you!
There was no need to turn on the speaker. In the already quiet environment, his voice was filled with malice and menace.Eranthe was infuriated, her chest heaving up and down.That bastard! While her promotion depended on her own abilities and efforts, he did have the power to make her life difficult in the company. After all, she didn't have such a powerful and influential father as Dylan’s.Colin pinched her face, looking at her with a smirk.His thin lips curved slightly, and Eranthe realized that he had discovered her little secret in her heart."Don't bite so hard," Colin suddenly warned.Blushing, Eranthe, unsure where to look, realized that she was completely exposed while he remained neat and composed.Her disheveled appearance contrasted with his impeccable attire, making her feel embarrassed and lacking any sense of authority.Just as she was lost in thought, he fiercely sucked on her lips, his tongue probing deep into her mouth, stealing away all her breath until she was br
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Chapter 5: I had a fantastic night with Mr. Rodriguez
Eranthe stared straight ahead and only then noticed there was a woman sitting in Dylan's lap. Dylan's hand was slipping under her skirt.It was the first time she had seen Dylan like this. Before this, he always acted like a gentleman in front of her.As Dylan spoke, the atmosphere in the private room was instantly ignited.Someone intentionally stirred the pot, using a vulgar tone, "What's the matter? Didn't serve Mr. Miller well at night? Forget it, the little beauty doesn't understand, why not come over and apologize to Mr. Miller?"All kinds of eyes fell on Eranthe, and none of them were friendly.She knew tonight was a setup, but the current situation was far from optimistic.Dylan had just pushed the woman off him, tapped the marble countertop in front of him, and said, "What, are you scared? Come over and drink all this alcohol. I'll give you a chance to kneel and apologize."If it was still within the realm of teasing before, now it had turned into an insult.Some men couldn't
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Chapter 6: I helped you again. What will you offer me in return?
Dylan was completely stunned and, when he finally reacted, attempted to counterattack.The screams in the private room immediately erupted.In the midst of the chaos, the door was kicked open directly.Frank was about to speak when he heard Eranthe's bold statement. He rushed in first.His gaze, filled with ambiguity, landed on the guy behind him, and he whistled."Dylan, quite a lively scene you've got here. Why didn't you call us out to play?" he said.As he spoke, the person behind him restrained the bouncers in the room, patting him on the shoulder to make him step aside.The onlookers, who were initially considering joining the commotion, suddenly fell silent.They watched as Colin, entering with Frank, calmly took a seat.The air in the room instantly grew tense, and a vacant spot was willingly created at the center.Colin nonchalantly sat down, his distinctive features blending into the vibrant lights of the room, casting a mysterious allure.Judging by his attire, he had likel
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Chapter 7: Are you into me?
Eranthe pushed him away, her hands clenched into fists.Colin's suggestive remarks were too strong, but She couldn't understand why Colin, who had experienced the casual relationships with so many women, would be entangled with her. Why her?Things seemed to have become a little bit complicated. Colin was just a tool she used to counter Dylan, and she really hadn't thought about any further development with him. But the current reality was that she had provoked Colin, a mysterious and formidable figure, and now she couldn't shake him off!Frank watched coldly from the side, not intending to intervene.Seeing that things were getting out of hand, someone stood up and said, "Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Wilson, we have some urgent matters to attend to in our company. We'll leave first."Seeing Colin's lack of response, they all got up to leave."Where are you going?" Colin stopped them, lit a cigarette, and said, "We've ordered so many good drinks. It's a waste not to drink them out.""Ok, yes
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Chapter 8: So, goodbye, Mr. Rodriguez
Colin raised an eyelid. "You're overthinking it."Although she had guessed the answer, hearing him admit it so blatantly brought a sense of annoyance, feeling like she was being treated as a plaything.However, his clear acknowledgment was better than Dylan's deceitful use of love as a guise.On this side, Colin had already withdrawn his hand as if the ambiguous and teasing words spoken earlier weren't uttered by him personally."I was just speculating. Since that's the case, Mr. Rodriguez, I refuse your proposal."Colin raised an eyebrow. "Have you really thought it through?"Eranthe found it amusing. This man in front of her, sometimes seeming rude, would, at certain times, pretend to be very gentlemanly, always asking for her opinion, even in matters between the sheets."As you've seen, I just experienced betrayal. My trust in men is almost at zero. So, in this state, I have no intention of starting a new relationship.""But what I'm proposing is a long-term sexual partner. We only
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Chapter 9: They are like strangers
Eranthe's hand paused, and then she opened the documents on her desk to check the upcoming schedule and team meetings.Acacia patted her shoulder. "You went out with Dylan before. Have you seen Colin? Is he really as handsome as in the photos?""I didn't notice," Eranthe replied after a pause.Acacia nodded without suspicion."Oh, don't forget about the department gathering tomorrow night. I can see that Galina is well-prepared this time. Mr. Harris, that old lecher, has been eyeing you for a long time. With the news of Dylan breaking up with you, he might try to take advantage. You need to be smart, and if all else fails, consider making a quick exit."Eranthe felt overwhelmed at the thought of the upcoming situation. "Okay."The department gathering was scheduled at a newly opened club, considered a high-end venue.Throughout the day, Acacia complained to Eranthe about how it was always them, the small fry, who had to split the bill with the leaders, and then endure their inappropri
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Chapter 10: The person who wants to sleep with me is Colin Rodriguez
Fed up with Galina's troublemaking, Eranthe was in a deadlock when the door to the private room opened. The waiter brought in wine and a dessert platter."Is this a mistake? We didn't order these.""No mistake. These are compliments of Frank Wilson. Also, all the expenses tonight are on Mr. Wilson's account."Looking at the expensive bottle, worth at least 100,000 dollars, everyone fell silent.Galina could barely hide her embarrassment, "No wonder Eranthe doesn't bother to toast, huh?"Acacia had endured this woman's antics all night, finding her irritating with her ambiguous speech.She directly mocked, "Okay, we get it. Frank Wilson wouldn't ask Eranthe to drink if he was here. What kind of creature are you?"Colleagues coughed awkwardly as the waiter, with a smile, placed the items down and retreated.Eranthe felt a sinking feeling. She couldn't figure out what Frank meant by suddenly pulling off such a move. According to their private relationship, it shouldn't have reached this
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