First Meet


"Three! Two! One! Happy New Year" the cheers, and clanking of forks against glasses as well as the fireworks that shot up in the sky made thirty-nine-year-old Hannah Morales believe that the coming year held the best wishes for her.

As she joined in, screaming 'happy new year' and hugging those closest to her, she knew in her heart of hearts that this year will be a good one. 

She looked up to the sky, dreamingly staring at the combustible device producing a striking display of light and loud noises that created a sparkle in her eyes.

"Happy new year Hannah" she whispered to herself and brought her glass of champagne to her lips. She smiled to herself, looking one last time at the display before following the small group that began walking back into the mansion. 

As she watched several couples smiling, some kissing as they walked back in, Hannah Morales felt her chest tight. It was such a pity that she could not experience something like this. 

"No, no, no. We're not doing that today. It's fucking new year Hannah. Who gives a fuck about welcoming the new year with someone? You have been doing fine all alone. You worked hard for what you wanted. You should be content with that" 

Hannah's friend, Rachel Fisher took her by surprise as she wondered about the beautiful illuminated common room that was part of her house.

Hannah rolled her eyes

"I know, but I can't help but wonder sometimes" Hannah defended. 


"My life and certain decisions I took" Hannah zoomed off.

"No, no. We're not taking an impromptu trip down memory lane. This is not the time nor the place for it" Rachel Fisher quickly spoke up before her friend could journey into her past. Given Hannah's past that she knew too well, the forty-one-year-old woman made a vow to herself to always support Hannah's choices. Which is why when Hannah told her of her plans of selling her father's business, Rachel supported her and helped her find a buyer. When Hannah told her about her need to gain back control in her, Rachel supported her, and when finally, Hannah confessed to Rachel her silly idea about wanting to open a BDSM club, Rachel stood by her. Without thinking, she gave up her job at the hospital and followed her friend to Baltimore. After all, she'd wanted to leave the small neighbourhood too. 

"Look, I know we've talked about it and I understand where you're coming from, but I don't think it's a good idea" she put a comforting hand on her friend's shoulders. 

Rachel was about to speak when her gaze landed on a young man with dark hair. 

"Why don't talk about this tomorrow at the club yeah? I just spotted my next boy toy for the week. In the meantime, have some fun" before Hannah could reply, Rachel walked off, leaving the older woman wondering what to do in her house.

She had no idea where she was headed to. She just needed to get away from the crowd of people. She was going to take Rachel's advice. Have fun at her party and mingle with others.

But for now, she needed to collect her thoughts. 

She walked up the large stairs leading to the hallway which had so many doors on either side. 

The following months when Hannah Morales moved to Baltimore were challenging. Whilst struggling to process her sudden need to dominate, she found herself trying to start up a business she had no knowledge of, whilst trying to heal from the psychical and mental pain of her past. 

But she had Rachel next to her. She never complained. She listened, understood and supported Hannah. On nights when Hannah would wake up at night screaming and sweating because she dreamt of him, Rachel was there. On days when Hannah would fall into depression for days, Rachel was there. 

There are times when Hannah Morales hated coming home. Whilst she loved spending time at her club, because she felt in charge, she couldn't stay there forever. Sometimes, she'd crash at Rachel’s house. On days when Rachel was busy or out on a trip for work, Hannah would lodge at a hotel. 

She knew, that after this party, her life would go back to its everyday monotony. No one could ever imagine that Hannah Morales stayed at hotels to escape the hell that was her house. 

Deciding to go back downstairs and make the most of tonight, Hannah walked back downstairs with more enthusiasm than she did a while back. 

A few persons smiled at Hannah as she walked into the crowd, and others congratulated her for throwing a bomb-ass party. She smiled back at them in gratitude, scanning the room for anyone she could have a conversation with. 

She spotted a mutual friend and began to walk in that direction. Hannah Morales didn't see the silhouette standing before her and bumped into them, causing the contents of their glass to spill on the other person they were talking to.

At once, Hannah began apologising but her breath hitched as the silhouette before her turned with a frown on their face.

Everything around Hannah faded as she look mesmerised as she took in the woman before her. The room had suddenly turned the world aflame with silver when Hannah saw her. Her Amazonian figure sat well on her wafer-thin body. She had a decanter shaped waist and her complexion had an impeccable, ochrous hue. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down gently to her black, beetle’s-leg eyelashes. A sculptor could not have fashioned her seraph’s ears and pixie’s nose any better.

She began to speak and all Hannah could notice was her beguiling, oyster-white teeth that lit up the room. It jolted her like an electric current as Hannah had her full attention. Filed to perfection, her Venus-red fingernails clinged firmly to the glass of Champagne on her left hand, whilst her other hand swam through her glorious tumble of star beam-gold hair. Spools of it plunged around her photogenic face and hid a swan’s neck, elegant and smooth. Hannah instantly fell in love with her nebulous, sapphire eyes which were a-sparkle with the ‘joie de vivre’ as it set her heart a-thump.

When unconsciously took a step closer, she noticed the young girl's scrolled ears and her elegant nose. Her oxbow lips positively drooled with goodness. 

Hannah Morales refused to believe that the young woman standing before her was real. To her, she looked like she was sculpted from another race. It wasn't until she felt a hand on her shoulder that she came back to herself. She yelped at being caught. Her languid eyelashes of velvet-black blinked once slowly, as if to invite her over. Hannah's gaze dropped again to her lips which were now moving but she could barely hear a thing. 

She blinked and when the hand that was on her shoulder gently shook her, sending shivers down her spine. 

"Are you okay?" the young girl's voice resonated in Hannah's ear and she found herself swooning and her legs turning to jelly O as if she was seconds away from combusting at the sound of someone's voice.



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