Serenity Gils

Hannah Morales couldn't get her eyes off the young blonde. That brief encounter with her felt like a second in paradise and the older woman found herself wanting to relive that.

Standing amid her group of friends, the older woman could barely pay attention to what they were saying as her gaze occasionally drifted to the younger woman. 

Her blonde hair, her sapphire blue eyes, the way her hands gesticulated as she spoke, everything about her was mesmerising to Hannah. 

Hannah's body response was too intense to be good for her. She tore her gaze from the younger woman, determined to stop thinking about the incredibly hot, tall androgynous woman. She couldn't care less how the black pants make her ass look. Or how the crisp, white button-up shirt was unbuttoned dangerously low, showing just the right amount of cleavage. Or how she envied the rings that were fortunate enough to be wrapped around her fingers. And she certainly wasn't thinking about rummaging her hands in that short, wavy blonde hair. Nope.

Bloody fucking hell! Hannah Morales cussed mentally.

The blonde couldn't have been more than twenty-five years old, yet she was making the ever-conscious Hannah lose trail of her thoughts.

Hannah wasn't thinking. She acted on instincts and tapped a waiter that was passing by and ordered him to give the blonde a glass of champagne from her. Then, the older woman watched as the waiter walked in that direction and when he got to the blonde, he diligently called her attention.

The blonde tore her gaze from her friend and took the glass that was being handed to her. The older woman watched from a distance as she took the glass with a frown on her face and the frown vanished when she followed the waiter's hand that was pointing at her. 

The waiter walked away and a smile appeared on the blonde's face. For a split second, Hannah thought she saw her teeth blink.

The blonde raised her glass in salute with a smirk on her face and then slam the bubbly liquid. 

Something Hannah Morales clicked and she found herself thinking of what her big-mouth friend said. 

'Relax and have some fun" 

Hannah's definition of fun was a man in bondage, at her mercy, submitting to her. Well, the blonde wasn't a man. But she certainly was good-looking. Mighty fine. 

And when the blonde looked in Hannah's direction and winked at her, she flushed all reasoning thoughts down the toilet. 

'Don't do it, Hannah. She's too young for you' 

The older woman ignored the voice of reason in the back of her mind and excused herself from her group of friends who had already forgotten she was with them. 

The blonde's gaze never left Hannah's as she began walking in her direction. 

The older woman barely resisted making a fool of herself by touching the young girl's hair as she passed by. In her defence, she only wanted to know if it was as soft as it looked. 

Hannah managed to stick to her task of slightly touching the blonde's arm, earning her attention on her as she walked away to the hallway that led to the patio. 

She never looked back to see if the blonde followed. Truth be told, part of her hoped she didn't. A much bigger, more curious and weirdly horny part, was desperate that she did. 

That she was considering flirting and having sex with this woman surprised the hell out of Hannah. She'd never had the urge to have sex in years. Yet, here she was, thinking of having sex with a stranger. A woman.

Technically, if the blonde was here, then it means they had a mutual friend in common. Hannah didn't think about which friend. 

It was a slight technicality, but one the older woman held on to.

Determined not to get her hopes up, Hannah sat in the hammock found outside on the patio. Her posture was straight, feet crossed at the ankles as she sipped from her glass. It gave off a relaxed, yet commanding vibe. 

Inside, she was anxious and aroused.

Hannah Morales wasn't sure how much time had passed since she brushed her finger against the blonde's shirt, but it seemed like hours. Just as she was about to give up, the back door opened.

Hannah stood up and looked into the beautiful sapphire deep-set eyes. She was speechless. She opened her mouth to say something and then nothing happened. Apparently-luckily-that didn't stop the blonde from stepping out into the thin cold air.

Hannah Morales thought the blonde looked hot from afar, but being close to her nearly made her gasp. Lust coursed through every vein in her body and it took a moment for her brain to function. 

"Come" Hannah commanded softly. The blonde merely stood there, staring, so Hannah tried again. 


The blonde's eyes glanced at the hammock where the older woman sat. When she didn't move, Hannah tilted her head and studied her. 

Defiant. Strong-willed. And so fun to dominate. 

'This is a waste of time' Hannah Morales thought dispiritedly. She was about to do something she'd never done and got what she perceived as rejection. Having had enough of that humiliation, Hannah began to rise. 

"Wait!" the blonde moved to the hammock quickly and sat next to Hannah. 

The older woman got a whiff of her cologne. The fragrance was a mixture of sandalwood, citrus and leather, with citrus being the heart note and leather the base note. Each one of these layers of scent worked beautifully together and created the perfect fragrance that made the older woman want to lean in and get a better whiff of it from the crook of the blonde's neck. 

Hannah sensed that the younger girl seemed a little nervous. Hell, she was. But since she invited her out, then bringing up a conversation was on her, or else she was going to make the blonde regret having come out. 

"What's your name?" 

Hannah figured getting to know her name was the ideal thing to do. 

'At least you'll know what to scream out later' the nasty, horny side of her brain thought. She pushed that thought away.

"Ren. Serenity Gils"

Of all names Hannah thought, Serenity never crossed her mind. She looked so androgynous that the older woman was leaning more towards a gender-neutral name. But she as repeated the name in her head, she realised it suited her.

"And you?" Ren tilted her head and raised a brow.

Hannah found that sexy. "Hannah. Hannah Morales" 

She watched Ren nod and then repeated the name out loud. 

"Hannah Morales" 

The older woman found herself getting more aroused at the way her name rolled off Serenity's plump lips.

'Anyone who stirs this reaction out of you should be avoided' the rational part of Hannah thought. But how on earth was she supposed to listen when her libido was screaming one thing?

Lean in and capture the younger girl's lips.



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