I got you


Hannah Morales stirred in her sleep, stretching out her arms. A moan slipped past her throat, pleasure coursing through her body as a tongue warmer than a thousand summers swipe over her sensitive bud, sending electro-waves of desire in every corner of her body, instantly setting her awake.

Serenity, cooked between Hannah's legs, parted her thighs further, gaining more access to her now swollen clit. Serenity began fucking Hannah with her tongue, moaning in the process too as coated and lapped all of Hannah's juices. In response, Hannah arched forward, using both her hands to grab Serenity's blonde's curls and pulling her face right where she wanted it.

Serenity's fingers find Hannah's swollen clit. Rubbing slow, teasing circles around it, then replacing her tongue by sliding her long, skilled finger deliciously slow inside Hannah. Then, she adds another finger—stretching, widening and preparing Hannah's pussy for her.

“Your pussy feels like satin, baby” Serenity whispered, her
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