Tainted Memories

Tainted Memories

By:  Honesty577  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mesi, Destiny and Samantha each owned their own set of worries, passions and dreams, the only thing connecting them being their need to be loved by another. What happens when fate pulls them together in the most surprising way possible? What happens when they love twice?

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Leanne Robertson
Love this book so far! When is the next chapter please?
2022-05-10 16:55:03
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TITLE Tainted Memories AUTHOR Honesty577 . This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination. . COPYRIGHT All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the written permission of the author except for use of quotations in a book review. If you want this book to be placed on your platform pleas
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CHAPTER SONG SUGGESTION _ SAM MYERS - I GOT THE BLUESMesi's POV LOVE.PURPOSE.PASSION.DREAMS.All things I had spent my life denying myself unknowingly.I took a deep breath closing my eyes trying my best to calm the beating in my head as oceans of stress continued to wash away the peace that kept me afloat, leaving me to drown in waters of worry. My eyes opened once more as my gaze fell to the notebook filled with my poetry that was resting on th
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Destiny's POVLOVE.LUST.OBSESSION.INFATUATION.As time passed it was harder for me to tell the difference, well that was until it came to an end, an end that now seemed inevitable for all my romantic relationships. The moment we drifted things became clear, feelings defined themselves, and the nature of what I really felt came out of hiding, it was as if the loss of constant communication and intimate moments suppressed my heart enough for my logic to step in and reveal that I at the age of 28 had never felt actual LOVE, but I have felt LUST, I have been OBSESSED, I have been INFATUATED.
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Mesi's POVI took another sip of my beer as Spain continued to tell me about his plans for the building he had recently purchased and I listened intently since he and Jazmine were my mentors when it came to shit like this. If I was being completely honest with myself, I wouldn't be the person I was today if they hadn't been generous enough to invest in my business idea."Spain can you help me with something?" Britt called out from the kitchen entrance and he replied with a small yes before dismissing himself, leaving me to enjoy my own company.I took the time to enjoy the sweet sound of the old RnB playing through the speakers, the music bringing a sense of nostalgia throughout me as my mind began to reminisce."Mesi
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Mesi's POV"So how did you and Jazmine become friends?" she asked as we sat down on the small bench that faced the house, the cool breeze rushing past us masking the heat the sun offered on a daily."She actually gave me the capital to start my app,""Your app?" she asked, surprise and curiosity hidden in her voice."Melanated," I informed."The black social media app?" she spoke in a questioning tone and I nodded."That's very impressive," she complimented and I released a thankful smile."So what do you do for a living?" I questioned before taking down a mouthful
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Destiny's POVThe sun shined through the window behind me gazing at the screen of my laptop and I sighed tilting the device slightly disposing of the intrusive glare as I leaned back in the chair hating the tension in my body that my everyday responsibilities had caused.I was silently counting down the seconds until I could leave as a yawn left my exhausted body, if it was a regular day I would have already been home enjoying my second glass of wine while my roommate Aliyah gathered the events of her day to gift to me but since I had arrived late today I was left to catch up. I had decided to place half of the blame on Mesi whose addictive and interesting conversation caused time to slip away, and the other half on me who sat in the chair seemingly compelled by
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Mesi's POVI cleared my throat as I stepped onto the stage, quieting the internal battle between my insecurities and confidence as nervousness arrived into my system leaving my palms to sweat.My hands moved to the mic bringing it to my height before I greeted the crowd, the multiple responses calming my rushing anxiety slightly."My piece tonight is called Forbidden Rose," I announced wishing I had placed a drop of liquor in my system before coming on stage."I watch you from afar, just wishing on a star that you will greet my arms. They tell me it's wrong that roses together isn't normal, that my love for you is immoral. 'Love daisies' they plead but I would rather watch you flow in the breeze, I would prefer to lov
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Two Weeks LaterSamantha's POVI sat in the car as the sun rays shining through the windshield continued to slap against my beautifully melanated skin. I lifted the bottle of water I had bought opening it quickly before downing some of the liquid since my body was in desperate need of hydration.At this current moment, my body was probably filled with as much tension and frustration as my mind was filled with busy thoughts, both feelings leaving me stressed.I had just spent hours going from building to building earning rejection after rejection, the situation I was left in lifting its gun named reality firing several shots at the remainder of my hope that had been protecting the dreams I had i
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Samantha's POVThe elevator doors opened and we both stepped out, my bag which held everything I owned in my hand as we began moving down the hall. After my long conversation with Ms Tammy yesterday my trust in Ice as a person had grown enough for me to finally call up Taj and let him bring me to the apartment I was told I had waiting for me."This is the key to the door and I sent the address of the building to your phone when you get to work tomorrow they'll give you what you need and explain everything, you'll start working as a driver on Wednesday since its gonna take some time for Ice to secure your license but you have to be at work Monday and Tuesday, they'll probably have you pack the trucks or drive passenger side," Taj announced handing me the key and I took it feeling overwhelmed as we got to the door.
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Destiny's POVMy eyes ran over her appreciating just the way the red dress she wore made her skin glow as conversation continued to fall between us. Her light brown complexion had the intensity of her hazel eyes increasing which at the moment resembled a light shade of green.Her small mannerisms and sense of dominance had me sitting on the legs of adoration all night, it was almost impossible not to stare and even harder to concentrate on anything else but the way her lips formed the words that were mine to keep and the way her eyes travelled over me once every few minutes shamelessly as if she wanted me to know she wasn't afraid of looking."-and that's why I don't associate myself with them anymore," she finished and I released a small laugh as our eyes met once mor
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