Business meeting


Six orgasms later, Hannah Morales sat in the lobby of the Everton Villa, sipping on a half-empty glass of wine before her as a means to evade the thunderous questions raining on her. Rachel has always had mouth diarrhoea, so much so that she didn’t know what questions to ask at what time.

Like right now, barely ten minutes until the start of their meeting – which by the way, the client was late for, Rachel kept pocking intimate questions out of Hannah. Again, whilst Hannah didn’t have a problem giving Rachel all the grisly toe curling details of her sexual life with Serenity, she had a problem now. Mainly because she could not tell Rachel everything without escaping to the bathroom to jerk off. Well, that, and also because their current environment didn’t warrant such conversation.

“I won’t tell you a thing until you tell me what happened with Mavery? I thought things were moving smoothly with you two? What happened? Or Rather, what did you do?” Hannah decided to flip the table
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