A single press.

One single press and Hannah Morales would be swooning at the sound of Serenity's angelic voice. That voice which has haunted her for nights.

But Hannah Morales couldn't do it. She couldn't do the one thing she longed to do. She sighed and dropped her phone on the table.

Since her painful separation from the blonde, Hannah Morales hasn't been the same. She fell into a pit she wasn't sure how to get out of.

Nothing made sense to her. During the day, she'd pray for nighttime to come to get rid of her monotonous routine and the thoughts of a certain blonde. But at night time, in the silence of her room, when she's left with nothing but her thoughts, Hannah Morales found herself thinking of Serenity. She'd welcome the thought of the blonde. After all, it was either that or think of the past. And Hannah Morales didn't want that.

But when the thought of Serenity Gils got Hannah hot and bothered, so much so that she'd touch herself without having release, she'd forced hersel
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