Orphan Alpha

Orphan Alpha

By:  H. Linton  Completed
Language: English
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Hannah has spent the last ten years in an orphanage, ever since the night her entire pack was murdered. The daughter of Alpha's, she has been a rogue since that fateful night. Her life is turned upside down once again when she meets her mate. Her joy at his acceptance of her as his mate, even with he rogue status is short lived as a previously unknown threat makes itself known, revealing Hannah's true heritage in the process. Will she rise to the challenge and claim her rightful place on the Were-throne, or will the enemy of her parents succeed in eliminating the last wolf in their way for taking the throne?

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1
            “Hannah, can you step into my office please?” Called Barb.            I sighed and turned around to walk back to her office. She gave me a gentle squeeze on the shoulder as I entered and sat down. Barb was a sweet woman; she had run the orphanage since before I had arrived. My eyes followed her as she took her own seat behind her desk, her glasses swaying on their chain around her neck. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at her appearance. She looked not a day over thirty, but she chose to dress like an elderly librarian from the fifties.       &
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Chapter 2
Eighteen Years Earlier            “Craig, Jordan, it’s good to see you. I wish it were under better circumstances, though.” Alpha Bruce said.            “You too, Bruce. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your help.” I replied.            “Nonsense. You’re family Craig. I thought I made that clear when I mated with your sister. Now, why don’t you fill me in on what’s been happening since you joined Jordan at
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Chapter 3
             Tree branches tore through my hair as I ran, my wolf refusing to come forward. I was in danger. The sound of paws thundered behind me and I pushed myself to run faster. I found myself suddenly in the clearing with nothing to provide cover. Not that it would have helped anyway, the wolf would sniff me out. My only chance was to reach the water. I tripped over a protruding root as I moved towards the stream. Before I could stand, the wolf was flying through the sky at me, shifting into human form as he sliced through the air.“HANNAH! COME ON, WE’RE GOING TO MISS BREAKFAST.” An irritated voice yelled through the door, waking me from my nightmare.
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Chapter 4
I was waiting for Toby in the quad after finishing my last final exam when the scent of cedar and rain reached me. Our mate is near! My wolf yipped in my mind. Panic and desire began to war within me as my eyes scanned the empty quad. I knew Barb had spoken to Alpha Tristan yesterday, but that didn’t change the fact that I was still a rogue with Alpha blood. I screamed when a hand grabbed my shoulder.            “Shit Hannah, I think you burst my eardrums!” Toby exclaimed.       &nbs
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Chapter 5
            “We’re going to have to come clean, sooner rather than later, Alpha.” I said. “From what I know of the young Alpha Tristan, he’s going to want to push her emancipation instead of wait for her birthday.”            “Barb, you worry too much.” Alpha Bruce chided. “She turns eighteen in a month, and with you covering at the orphanage, he has no reason to push for it.”            Shouldn’t the Luna be involved in this conversation? Hannah is her niece after all.” I demanded, breaking protocol by challenging my alpha.
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Chapter 6
             The Iron Hide pack house was much larger than the rustic pack house of Silver Moon pack. It was obvious from the size of the place that the pack was both extremely large and extremely wealthy. I felt ridiculously out of place as Tristan led me inside.            He led me by the hand to his office, not bothering to stop for introductions to any of the wolves we met as we passed by. Their stares made me more nervous than I had been since the night I met him in the woods. I didn’t know anything about pack life, but it seemed odd that an Alpha wouldn’t stop to introduce his mate to the pack.
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Chapter 7
I had managed to unpack all my belongings and change before Jaxon and his mate arrived. I opened the door to my room to find a small brunette grinning at me as she stood beside an oversized blonde male. I knew it was the beta and his mate, but his size was terrifying.            “Hannah! I’m so excited that you’re finally here! I can’t tell you how happy I am that Tristan has found our luna!” The woman squealed, pulling me into a hug.            “Cam, let her go bef
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Chapter 8
My hands shook violently as I pulled on my clothes in the pack changing room. I wanted to run back to the safety of my room in the orphanage, but I knew that wasn’t possible. Cam watched me, the concern on her face plain to see. I felt guilty for screaming my fear into the minds of the entire pack, though Cam assured me that they understood. I was new to the area and had been threatened by a wolf I didn’t know. More than that, I was hurt that my mate had not come when my fear had been broadcast to the entire pack. I understood logically that he was keeping his distance until I was of age, but even I knew that a mate’s primary drive was to protect their other half. I didn’t need extensive knowledge of my species or experience as a pack member to know that.     &nbs
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Chapter 9
“Hannah!” Cam called to me across the dining room. I waved her over and she sat down beside me. “So, Alpha Tristan’s birthday is tomorrow. I know you haven’t spent much time with him, but I thought you would like to go shopping for his party with me.”            “Oh, um, I don’t really have any money Cam. I don’t have a job yet. Barb offered me a position at the orphanage once I turn eighteen, but I’m not really sure if that’s still on the table since I’ve found a mate.”         &nb
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Chapter 10
Court was boring. Tristan had said I wasn’t required to be there, but the pack lawyers had recommended it. Appearing in person, rather than just sending lawyers would make me look like I had my shit together for the judge. We spent most of the day waiting outside of the courtroom for our docket number to be called.            Once it was our turn, things moved rather quickly. The judge swore me in, I attested that I had a place to stay and was able to support myself. It helped that they didn’t question where I got my money. I didn’t think it would look to good to tell them it all belonged to my mate. The judge looked over a few documents the pack lawyers had submitted, and my emanci
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