Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue

By:  Whitney Bridge  Completed
Language: English
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Dahlia is a 3rd year college student whose life transforms in a blink of an eye. Archer, a top notch secret assassin is assigned to assassinate Dahlia. Unable to carry out this mission, he ends up with things he didn't bargain for as he falls dangerously in love with Dahlia. Does the mafia organization succeed in tearing them apart?

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Really good story!! Great job author!!
2021-06-07 00:52:59
29 Chapters
DAHLIA         My life has always been nothing out of the ordinary. I have loving parents, a brother and a loyal bestfriend. I also have a fiance and if things turn out well, after I graduate from college, we'll be getting married. So, yes, you could refer to my life as normal.         I sat in the lecture hall, groaning inwardly as professor Finnian began to give lectures on psychology. For truth to be told, there are times when I'll rather listen to my mum's rambling than sit here, listening to Professor Finnian as he lectured us.Most students were distracted, only the most serious ones were listening to him at this point. I'm a third year college student, I'm not supposed to be this nonchalant about this course though. I've never failed a test, exam or a project but I've never been really good at psychology unlike other courses that I study.
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DAHLIA     Bringing the cup of milk shakes to my lips, I slowly typed in the words;'SCORPION'S EYE ORGANIZATION' into the search bar.Biting my lip, I watched several images appear. There were eighteen logos in all. I picked up the card from my desk, gazing at the logo on it.....a scorpion with it's poisonous tail end curved in a perfect arch where a flaming eyeball was located. I shuddered, placing the card on my desk. My gaze rested on the screen of my laptop.Scorpion's eye band, Scorpion's eye production company, Scorpion's eye fraternity.......aha, Scorpion's eye organization.I clicked on it, expecting to get a lot of information but to my greatest surprise, it was a blank page. I picked up the card again.Something wasn't right about it. I probably should stop trying to figure it out.There was a knock on the door and I stood up."Open up, Lia!
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DAHLIA       "Tori, wake up" I said, tapping her arm. She sighed and opened her eyes, glaring at me hotly."If the reason why you woke me isn't important, I'm going to kill you" she threatened."I want to show you something" I said and she raised a brow."Seriously?At this time of the night? Can't it wait?""I'm afraid it can't wait. Sit up" I said to her and she groaned, clearly annoyed."Wh-""Please don't argue, just do it" I said and she heaved another sigh before sitting up on the bed.She let out a frightened shriek when she saw the figure lying on the floor, bleeding buckets."Oh my God. Did you kill him?""See for yourself" I said and she moved away from the bed, to get a better view."Woah, is that who I think it is?" She breathed."Red" I breathed.She paled, kneeling close to my position beside him."What happened to him?""I don't know" I said, taking off his sweatshirt. 
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RED         Lee and I were sitting on the couch, watching a James Bond featured movie when my phone vibrated.It was a video call from my boss, Skull.Lee had a nervous expression on his face when I picked the call."Red, is Grim there with you?" "Yeah" Lee responded by himself.Skull pursed his lips, looking displeased."I need to talk to Red alone"Lee's eyes widened.I was alarmed too.I mean, ever since I became top major assassin, alongside Lee, Skull would always send us on missions together."But-" Lee's start of an argument was interrupted."It is important that I speak to Red alone. I've decided to give you two, separate missions from now on. Now Lee, I suggest you leave that place" Skull said, his commanding voice, hard and cold.Muttering under his breath, Lee left the sitting room. I heard him bang the door of his room, shut."I have a new mission for you. You are to assa
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RED     "Dude, something's eating you up. You can talk to me, you know" Lee said to me, bringing his cigarette to his lips. I heaved a sigh, shaking my head wearily."It's nothing""Is this about Dahlia?"I froze at the mention of her name. I couldn't bear to think of her, I felt so troubled. How wouldn't I feel troubled? I was supposed to kill an innocent person. How was I supposed to do that?Two days had passed since I saw her at the park. Usually, I would carry out my assignments two days after it was given to me. Five days had passed since I received the new assignment, yet I was still contemplating."Is your assignment giving you a tough time?" Lee asked, genuine concern in his eyes.I heaved another sigh, bringing the bottle of vodka to my lips."Man, you got it bad. Just get on with it, can't you? This has never happened before""It's not that easy, Lee""Okay, you've had enough vodka to last for a life
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DAHLIA        "So, you're telling me you're both assassins?" I asked calmly, trying to wrap my head around what Lee had just told me."Yeah" Tori sat in the corner of the room, clutching a pillow to her chest. She looked really frazzled. I mean, who wouldn't?I heaved a sigh and turned to look at Red who was still lying on the floor, deathly pale and unconscious.Red wass an assassin assigned to kill me. He'd failed.What happens now?I stared at his handsome face, frowning pensively.Deep down within me, I don't think he's all that bad.I mean, he didn't want to do it. He'd even warned me but I'd not understood him.I moved to his side, brushing his hair away from his temple. There was a visible swelling on the side of his head from when Lee had hit him with the butt of his gun. I grabbed an ice pack and went back to his side, pressing it to the lump.Lee whistled dramatically, moving away from the wa
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DAHLIA         Neither Lee nor Red showed up at school for another week. Maybe they were avoiding Tori and I. Deep down, I felt that Red was planning a more concise attack.  I couldn't help but feel insecure. I didn't want to die, not yet."Hey, Lia" Tori said as she walked into our room with a smile on her face. She had been moody ever since Red's attempt to assassinate me. I'm surprised she's back to being her bubbly old self."Hey" I said, leaning back on my chair. "Guess what" she said, smiling."I don't know""Come on, stop being boring. Anyway, I'm going on a date tonight with Rick" she said and I sat upright immediately, spitting out the water in my mouth. "Whoa.....why did you react like that?""It's nothing..... I was just shocked...How did you do it?"As far as I know, Tori has been crushing on Rick, one of the bad boys around. She'd been crushing on him for as long as I remember.
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RED     I closed my eyes, trying not to show how much pain I was in. I felt pathetic. How long exactly has it been since Skull decided to use me as his toy?Oh yeah, a week ago.Hell, it still hurts.It shouldn't hurt this bad but it does. My life has been thrown into a horrible mess. Skull will definitely find my mother and kill her. That's not what I want for her. She doesn't deserve it.With my body fucked up and all, I've never felt so helpless. It's literally eating me up on the inside.I opened my eyes, Dahlia's gaze meeting mine. All of this didn't start with Dahlia. No, it didn't. It started with that douche of a brother that she had. If he hadn't fucked up, she wouldn't be in this mess."Hey, talk to me. What's going on?" She asked, her brows knitting up with concern. I sighed, grimacing at the pain that exploded within my ribcage."Your brother used to buy drugs from Skull" I rapsed."What?
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RED    "Red? You ready yet?!" Lee called out from the bedroom. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and opened them to stare at my reflection in the mirror. I still looked like I'd been run over by a truck. But who cares? It's not like I've got anyone to impress. I've lost nearly everything. The only family I have left is Lee and I can't afford to loose him. I shifted my weight to my right leg, wiping my face with a face towel. "Red?"I heard the door open but I didn't turn to look at him. "Are you okay?" I stared at my gloved hands.Was I okay?No, I wasn't.I wanted to scream and cry.I wanted to die.I felt so guilty.What would happen if Lee dies because of me?What about Dahlia and Tori?I'm risking their lives and I'm not okay with it.My mum....She's going to die because of me. She's going to die because of my failure.I flinched when I felt Lee place a hand on my shoulder."Woah, calm down
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DAHLIA        "Red, we need to get going." Lee said, leaning against the door. There was no response from Red who had refused to come out of the room for the past three hours. "I know you're hurting. I know how it feels, Red. Please don't shut me out" Lee said, his voice echoing his exasperation.There was still no response coming from Red."Come on, Red"There was a shuffling sound coming from the room. Lee moved away from the door as soon as it was opened. Red stepped out. His eyes were bloodshot but his eyes had gone cold... almost lifeless. "Let's go" He said monotonously as he grabbed his bag. "He's so not okay" I whispered to Lee who looked crestfallen. "Of course, he's not" he sighed, shaking his head."Come on, we need to get going" he said, walking towards Red and Tori. We got into the car."This is going to be a long drive" Lee said. "Yeah, hopefully not a boring one" Tori sighed and Lee's lips
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