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For Calvin Mario Harald, all the events between him and Aurora Smith were not just a coincidence. For some reason, he was so sure, the woman whose status as his boss was specially destined by God to be with him. No matter how hard Aurora refuses, Mario will never give up. Count, twice they slept together. However, the beautiful woman kept denying it, even assuming that Mario was not her ideal type of man. Will Mario's love be reciprocated in the end? Or Aurora remains stubborn, holding on to her convictions.

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53 Chapters
1. Best Friend Forever
Several years earlier.A plump young man walks timidly down the school halls to get to the classroom as soon as possible. Feeling worried because a few hundred meters in front of him, some naughty students were always waiting to take the lunch or money he had brought with him.However, there is no other choice. The only access road to enter the classroom is the main hallway. If he got past his soon, he would be on time for class. He also decided to skip classes, which was impossible for him to do."Calvin!" shouted a tall, big boy when he saw his target from a distance. Walk closer. He was followed by a group of other children, numbering approximately five people. They all seemed smiling as if they had found an object to play with."Why are you just standing here? Are you avoiding me on purpose?" the man snapped, staring intently at his interlocutor."I-I... I didn't mean to avoid you," said the teenager named Calvin with a stutter."Do not lie!" another man snapped. "You want to play
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2. An Accident
Mario clearly remembers that night he had just come home from work. After finishing cleaning up. He quickly dressed neatly. A friend will pick him up in a few minutes and ask him to go to a bar. One of his best friends, Darrell, has a birthday tonight. He decided to celebrate the birthday at their regular place.Mario had not finished wearing clothes when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Buttoning up his black shirt, Mario then directed his feet towards the door. It opened immediately, then found the mother, who was already standing there with a glass of milk."Where are you going so neat, Calvin?" she asked. The 45-year-old woman came closer, then handed me the glass of milk she was carrying."Mom, I'm already big. Why do you like to deliver milk like this."Instead of answering what Diana asked, Mario even protested. It was indeed his mother's habit, consistently delivering warm milk every night so Mario would sleep easily."Mama asked you, Calvin. Where are you going tonight?
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3. Make Love
"Please, just this once," Aurorae whispered again. He didn't give up, so Mario would soon grant his request."No ma'am," Mario refused. "We can't go far. What will come later ----"He didn't even have time to finish his sentence. The beautiful woman is back at it. He pulled Mario so hard that he fell on top of his body. Immediately Aurorae pulled Mario's nape. He held it tightly, then kissed the man's lips.Mario is powerless to refuse. For the first time after being separated for nearly ten years, he could feel the sensation of being kissed by a woman he liked and loved. Please don't ask how he feels. Euphoric, happy, surprised, suspicious, all mixed feelings.Mario surrendered when Aurorae kept pressing his lips together. Crush without a load. He was kissing every corner of the lips so passionately. Pulling Mario's body to stick to himself, Aurorae managed to change position in one move. Now, he is on top of Mario's body without the slightest clothes on.The woman hastily unbuttoned
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4. In Your Dream
Mario hugged the creamy teddy bear that was on his bed. The doll with the old model that Aurorae had given as a special gift precisely one day before Mario left London.Every night, the doll was his sleeping companion when he was about to close his eyes. Thinking of the Teddy Bears as a substitute for Aurorae, whom he could hug and kiss as he pleased, like the woman's message before they parted ways."Why does it have to be a doll, Aurorae? I'm a man, not a woman," protested Mario. His lips pouted. At the same time, Sullen feels strange about the item Aurorae gifted to her.While Aurorae just laughed. She was responding casually to the protest that Mario addressed to him."Don't be angry or annoyed yet, Calvin. You should also listen to my explanation.""What is it that you wish to explain to me?" Mario's eyes narrowed. There was suspicion visible on his face."Just so you know, out of all the doll models, I only like Teddy Bears. And for some reason, I feel that Teddy Bear is the dol
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5. Bride to be
That morning, Mario had just arrived at the office. Before walking to his room, the man decided to stop first to approach Aurorae who seemed busy compiling several files on the table.While carrying a box of cakes, Mario took the initiative to enter. Deliberately approached to hand over what he had deliberately brought."Good morning, Aurorae. Have you had breakfast?"Aurorae, who at that time was busy checking one of the files, did not seem to care. He even deliberately acted cold as if he didn't notice Mario's presence in his room."Aurorae..." Mario called again. "Have you had breakfast? I brought you an American Sandwich on purpose. I'm sure you'll like it."This time Aurorae turned around. Staring at Mario's face. Nailing the man's brown bead. Then not long to speak back."Aren't you tired of constantly bothering me?""Never, Aurorae. I will never tire of approaching you.""You stubborn man. No matter what you do, it won't interest me in the least, Mario. So just give up everythi
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6. Am I Crazy
"Calvin, where are you going this time?" she asked.The woman reading a book in the living room immediately rebuked her when she found her son about to leave the house before eating dinner. He knew that his son had not yet arrived home an hour, and he intended to go back without asking him first."I have to go to the hospital, Ma."Diana turned her head. Lowering the reading glasses she was wearing, the woman reached for a cup filled with chamomile tea that was available on the table. While sipping it slowly, Diana asked her son again. "Hospital? Who's sick?""My future wife, Ma," Mario said casually, which made Diana choke hard. The woman was tapping her chest because of the pain. "What did you say? Your future wife? You're not kidding, are you?"Diana bombarded her son with many questions. He was made to think hard after hearing what Mario had said earlier. "Don't mess with Mama, son," said the woman.Mario chuckled lazily. Choosing to approach, the man took a sitting position right
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7. Slowly
Early in the morning, when he woke up, Mario found Aurorae still sound asleep. Straightening his body for a moment, he supported his chin with his right hand. He watched Aurorae's face, fast asleep without wearing make-up, for a long time.Beautiful. natural. It looks so peaceful. Mario got that impression when he looked at the woman's face in front of him. He felt at home for a long time to continue seeing his childhood sweetheart sleep while muttering softly."From the past until now your face is indeed very beautiful, Aurorae. It's not wrong if I fall in love with you. It's funny, you used to be perfect when you could even like me. Fat man, cowardly, in fact, you can't be relied on at all. Just protect you. I couldn't before. I don't know what attracted your attention to fall in love with me.""Because you're so sexy and hot, baby."With her eyes closed, Aurorae replied with a smile. Making Mario, who had been silently watching, was immediately taken aback. He brought his face clos
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8. Damn it
Calvin Mario Harald is an only child who happened to be born into a family that is closely related to political life. His father, James Franklin Harald, was one of the top officials in the British government parliament. While his mother, Diana Charlotte Harald, was a famous prosecutor.In the past, since childhood, Mario or Calvin had been directed by their parents to become a diplomat or lawyers. However, when the man grew up, he was even more interested in working in architecture and finally decided to become an architect.Born as a favorite child, it was not difficult for Mario to change his parents' wishes. Even though, in the end, they chose the architect profession, which was the opposite, James and Diana still supported their son's choice.Also, James and Diana invariably granted almost all of Mario's requests. That's why, this morning, while eating breakfast, Mario wanted to discuss marriage with his parents. Their request to get married soon will also be granted by them.Afte
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9. Wedding Plan
Mario thought the application process in the future would run smoothly after getting both parents' blessings. That is not true. There are still many stages that he must go through. Not to mention that Quartararo's family had just had a disaster when Sophia suddenly miscarried. This, of course, made him have to wait until things calmed down a bit patiently.Counted, one week Mario spent waiting for a moment. Finally, Tristan had time to discuss his plans to propose and marry Aurorae."So you're really ready to marry Aurorae?" asked Tristan probingly.Currently, Mario was indeed in the man's study. There, Raphael was also present, who had previously discussed Aurorae's pregnancy and asked Tristan's opinion."I'm really ready, Mister. Besides, my parents have also given their blessing. So, our extended family is just waiting for a signal when to visit Quartararo's extended family."Tristan nodded. He previously discussed it with his father and now knows what decision to make."Since both
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10. Sweet Moment
Mario looks handsome in a black tuxedo that perfectly fits his athletic body. The man's hair was deliberately styled with the Soft Side Parting model to support his appearance and make him look more masculine and handsome.After some time before making an agreement and setting a date, this weekend was chosen for her to carry out an official engagement procession and an application.Together with James, Diana Harald and several close family members rushed to an elite residential complex in the Kensington area. When he arrived, everyone who was there was greeted with enthusiasm."Welcome Mr and Mrs. Harald, pleased to finally meet you."Raphael flashed a smile. He extended his hand politely. Inviting his future in-laws to shake hands and then saying again, "I feel so honored by the arrival of your extended family tonight."James was no less enthusiastic. The man held out his hand while smiling."Thank you also for the greeting. I am also happy because tonight I can accompany my son to c
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