Chapter 2

I woke up from the buzzing sound made by my alarm. I stood up and walked into the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and took a bath then I applied all the hair treatments on my hair cause it was always curly if not taken care of. 

I picked out a simple dress in my wardrobe just a pink chevon long sleeve shirt and black fitted skirt, with a pair of low heels because I don't really fancy heels that are way too high for me and make me uncomfortable.

I got into the kitchen and made some cereal then my phone rang,it was Annie, I rolled my eyes knowing she will ask me if I am prepared for today.

She's just like my mum.

I picked her call"baby!!" she screamed in the phone, "Hope you are not on bed cause I will kick your ass outta there, hope you are ready and make sure you take breakfast before you go, take care of yourself and you are going to give me feedback on what happens today, good bye".she hanged.

O boy she something else. I looked at my time it's already 6:30A.m, I rushed all the important things I will need and kept them in my bag and hopped out of my apartment. 

Now gotten to the main Street, waiting for a cab to pick me up,it was really frastuating I really need to hire one now till am able to afford a car myself.

"Hello miss" I heard someone called. A taxi cab beside me I quickly got in.

" please to Triston limited", I said to him, and he drove immediately.

"you work there", he asked, and I told him I just got employed there. 

He seemed to be a nice man so I asked him if he could come pick me up every morning at the place we met and I will pay him,he agreed. 

I got to my destination, at first I became nervous maybe because this is the first time I will be working in a big company, I was fifteen minutes early, I entered the building and went over to the bitchy receptionist I met the other time I came for the interview.

" Good morning", I said in a calm voice, she wore a bright yellow short gown and had this make up on her face as if she were going to some kind of party.

She looked at me and said"oh, finally you got your ass here, tell me you kitty cat , you slept with him before you got the job, right?", She asked mischievously.

I was already fuming with range but I kept calm am not going to make this bastard spoil my day.

"please, excuse me do I look like some kind of brat here that you can just open that stupid mouth of yours and talk too, I didn't sleep with anyone to get a job, I am not some cheap bitch like some girls out there and I have my standards", I said firmly, looking her in the eyes .

She was too shocked to talk.

"so if you don't mind, can you let me sign" , I said feeling irritated. 

After signing I went straight to the elevator and got to the top floor. 

I met some guys on the way, who couldn't help but just stare at someone,some waving while some saying hello, which I replied back, I checked my time it was already 7:25, 

"my God, the coffee I haven't gotten it yet"I exclaimed, as I jumped into the elderly woman that's the secretary.

"Good morning ma'am, am really sorry for jumping into you I said and please do you know where I could get the boss coffee and how does he likes it to be", I said quickly, scared might be queried on the first day of resumption.

"Oh darling you such a beauty", she said, "I'm Mrs.wood Sarah but first don't let me keep you waiting, go to the third floor by the left and he likes it black with two cube of sugar",she said. 

I thanked her and rushed to the third floor by the left,it was easy to get to, so I quickly brewed the coffee and added two sugar of coffee in it.

I rushed my way upward to the first floor and quickly went to my boss door and knocked, i didn't even wait for responses and got in, only just to be shocked with what I saw. 

A blonde lady on my boss legs and the both were kissing and licking each other tongue,so I a made light cough.

"Good morning sir, this your coffee" I said calmly, placing the coffee on the table, they both looked startled, I turned to leave then I heard the bitchy blonde say

"she is kinda hot hope she won't you steal you away", then my boss voice halted me.

" Amanda go meet Sarah she will tell you what to do"he said, and I turned to look at him, with a smirk on his face.

" ok sir", I replied him firmly and made my way out of the door.

"wow, what's that!" And went over to meet Mrs. Wood, "my darling, how did it go",she asked as she looked up at me and I tried to hid my disgusted face of what just happened earlier, so I asked her"who's the lady in his office" .

Mrs.Wood smiled softly and said"she works in here also and has her ways through men", she told me.

"oh really!", I said, anyway, "the boss told me to come meet you so you will tell more about what i will be doing", I said.

So she stood up and took me to where my office will be, I have been delighted to be in office ever since I walked in since morning,so we got to the next three doors not far from my boss and she opened the door.

"Here you are", she said and I looked with awe.

"it's beautiful", I said, looking at the surrounding,it was a little big I thought painted with white and blue and a mangrove color table,it was awesome.

" So you attend to close schedules of the boss, you make appointment for him and also cancel the irrelevant ones.

Also you will follow him to occasion sometimes" she paused and looked at the expression on my face, she laughed and told me not worry,"I will bring some documents which you will need to go through also." She was about to leave when I called back.

"Mrs. Wood, thanks for your time I appreciate it". I said, she smiled at me.

"you are welcome dear, and please call me Sarah", she said and left.

Feeling excited and felt like singing I remembered this is a serene environment not like high school.

I dropped my bag and started work fully going through the documents sent to me and also mastering how I receive calls, "this is Amanda Jackson, from Triston limited, personal assistant to Drake Triston", I repeated it for several times and chuckled to myself, have never felt this way before and it was good.

My phone buzzed,it was no other than Annie"sweetie, how are you doing,work is going on smoothly and great" , I said before she would bombard me with questions.

"awwn that's good,am coming to your place tonight,so be ready to gist me and also about Mr.Hot , bye",She said and hanged up. 

I got up to look at the full window the view outside was amazing, I couldn't help but smile to myself.

I went back to seat by now I was getting bored, then the telephone rang I picked it up immediately and memorized.

"Come to my office, now" was all he said, knowing it was my boss, I got up and went straight to his office.

I breathed deeply and knocked on his door on hearing no reply i went in but didn't see him on his chair,so i went in further or thinking to myself maybe he wasn't the one. 

I was about to leave when a picture caught my attention, so I moved closer and trace it's painting, its was wonderful, I had always loved painting when I was small until I felt a breathe near my skin.

"It's beautiful, right. And lovely just as you are",he said and I turned quickly,to face and we were to close so I moved back to the wall and his eyes were like the ocean."am sorry sir, didn't know you were here." I said plainly.

I raised my brow furiously as his smirk grew.

"You called me here",I said trying to control myself cause I didn't like it when guys do that to me.

"Yes I did" ,he said as he moved away from me and went to his seat and with that smirk on his face I rolled my eyes and sat down also.

"Did you just rolled your eyes at me?", he asked, looking at me. "Hmmm, not really" , I answered, not knowing what to say next.

"I guess Sarah would have told you all what you needed to know",he said and I answered him"yes sir".

"You will follow me to London this Friday for some important business meeting", he paused.

"And I will send you $20,000 to your account, so get yourself a nice dress and shoes"he said with a smirk again.

My eyes nearly popped out when he said the amount he will send to me,"sir, you can't just send me that amount of money or will I refund it, if so I don't need it am okay with what i have", I said trying to emphasize my words.

"Don't worry about that, everything is figured out, just get ready for Friday and be prepared", he said with a wink these time around. 

I left his office wondering this could really be difficult and I just started work, now I will start traveling with that Hot boss of mine.

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