Chapter 60

Hmmm!" I yawned as I rolled on top of Drake.

My parents came home early yesterday and retired to bed immediately while Max took the day off.

I remembered me and Drake eating and drinking ourselves merrily with wine, then he took me to his room and fucked senses into my head.

"Hmm!! Good morning!" I murmured lightly on his chest as his hands tightened on my waist.

"Good morning Princess!" He said huskily as he sent cold shivers down my spine.

I smiled and sat upon him between his legs.

I drew circles on his chest as I smiled when I noticed the love mark, I gave him on his collarbone.

"I finally marked you," I said proudly as I traced my fingers on his collarbone.

"That means I'm yours to be," He smirked.

"Yes baby," I said biting my lips.

"Do you love kids?" I asked him nervously playing with his nipples as his breat

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