Chapter 62

I'm dedicating this chapter to every single reader of this book❤️❤️

The wedding reception was held in a very expensive 5-star hotel, it was the best that ever happened.

Amanda and I both held our hands as we sat on the decorated seat kept separately for us.

There was a ball dance going on,  couples danced together swaying according to the music being played.

It was a sensual moment as Amanda kept glancing at each other smiling.

The host announced the cutting of the cake as I and Amanda stood up immediately.

"Oh my God!" Amanda gasped as she saw the cake.

"Are you planning on eating the whole cake?" I asked her jokingly whispering.

"No way, I'm going to purge my ass out, and besides it's for everyone," She said smiling.

We both walked hand in hand together till we got over to where the cake was.

It was a very bi

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