Chapter 59

I've been busy reading a lot of books when I was not allowed to go to work even though I didn't see any valid reasons in it, besides I'm fine now and I'm okay to resume work but Max and my parents were so adamant.

It's been two weeks now and I was so happy, maybe because Drake would coming home soon.

The thought of him made me smile as I sipped on my juice and flipped over the page, I was reading. 

He had been so busy that he hardly replied to my message and I'm going to act upon that when he returns.

I had some of his magazines on the table which includes some events he was having in Malaysia. 

I kept on reading, I was in the study room as I focused on the book,

My mind wasn't even in the book I was reading, it was far away.

I was thinking about Drake the whole time

I sighed as I took my iPhone waiting for any of his messages, non was the

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