Three and half years later,

"C'mon baby you can do it," Drake said as I tried to push.

"This ain't fucking easy," I wanted heavily as the doctors stood in front of me.

" You are almost there, just one more push and we are done," A female doctor said Drake held my hands.

I was sweating crazily, my firstborn wasn't that hard like this in the last two years.

"Baby I know you can do it, remember when you pushed me at home into the pool when I stole your favorite chocolate," Drake said making me laugh.

I breathed deeply again before pushing so hard.

" Oh my God! It's a girl," The doctor said I heaved badly smiling as I heard the cry of my child.

The nurse quickly carried her and turned her upside down.

"You have one more," The doctor reminded making their stare at her.

"Fuck!!" I groaned as I held on tight with the bedpo

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Rockeeba Moore
Yesssssss this really was a great book and I enjoyed reading it, thank you Arthur for such a wonderful story and I can’t wait to Finish reading your other books, just we’ll done please take a ... just bravo ...

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