P. A In Possession
P. A In Possession
Author: Seunpeace

Chapter 1


It was a new day, the sun rising up slowly creeping its rays through the windows, still on bed sleeping peacefully till my alarm decided to disturb that precious sleep of mine. I woke up and stretched like a lazy cat and checked the time, till my eyes widened with shock.

" Oh my God is 6:30 , I will be late for the interview". I said as I rushed into the bathroom, taking my brush and brushed my teeth and got into the bath tub and took a quick bathe.

I wore a black pencil skirt with a white shirt and black blazer. The skirt was way too tight for me cause of my big hips which most girls envied.

I tied my hair into a neat ponytail and put on black baby shoes cause I was average tall. I made my way to the kitchen and ate some cereals, then I grabbed my black bag and went out of the apartment.


Now standing in front of the world most famous company, Triston limited.

I made my way through the entrance and sighted a blonde receptionist, she was cute but immediately she set eyes on me her countenance changed.

" Hi, am Amanda Jackson, am here for the interview". I said with a bright smile on my face. 

But the receptionist replied me coldly and eyed me pointing to the elevator and I should press the button to the first floor, and she continued typing on her computer as if I wasn't there again.

I thanked her and went straight to the elevator and did as I was told, still confused about which door to knock on .

I saw a secretary an elderly woman who signalled to me to come over to her smiling, immediately I went straight to the woman putting on me best smile ever, telling her I was here for the interview.

"oh, you must be Amanda Jackson, we have been expecting you", she said. Then she called the boss saying that I was here for the interview. She dropped the telephone pointing to me to go to the first door.

I thanked her and went straight to the door, then I knocked the door and a deep voice told me to come in, I opened the door and went in and saw a very a Greek of a god, he was too handsome but I didn't let that to surprise me cause I didn't fancy guys that much and I was as cold as ice to guys.

"Good morning sir" , I said trying to compose my voice in a best way.

" Good morning" , my boss to be said as he motioned for me to sit on a chair Infront of him. 

I smiled as she sat on the chair," your documents" my boss asked and in a quick swift, I brought it out my bag and gave it to him.

He took it from me and went through my documents and raised a brow at me and said,"wow, so you are first class graduate at oxford".

I replied quickly,"yes sir". 

"You have been offered the job", he said standing up and mehn he is such a height about 6.3 feet tall, he went close to my chair and whispered in my ears and be here with my coffee 7:30 sharp and once again am"Drake Triston" he said, and went out.

I rolled my eyes and said to myself I know, who won't know the name of the famous CEO of the company. 

I stood up and went back home to prepare for my first day in work.


I received a call from my secretary that the interviewee was around, i had been curious to know the lady ever since she dropped her C.V and I saw a first class in business administration in Oxford.

I heard a knock on my door and told her to come in and behold there she was standing elegantly in a black skirt and white shirt with a blazer, she was so beautiful then she greeted me,her voice sounds so melodious and tiny and I tried to keep myself in a best way so she wouldn't notice I got attracted to her.

I asked her to sit down and smiled at her but she didn't return anything back,she looked emotionless somehow but there was something quite different about her, maybe because she sticks her head to her book or something like that. 

"Your documents" I asked her, and in quick swift she brought it out,she looked bold and confident too. 

I went through her documents and said"wow, you are a first class graduate". 

She replied quickly "yes sir". No need of me asking anymore questions from her, I told her she had the job and I stood up and went close to her seat, I guessed she was surprised by that and I whispered in her ears to be here 7.30 sharp the next day with my coffee, I told her my name and not sure of what to say next and afraid I might do something stupid I left the office, my God she damn sexy.


I got home feeling happy and overjoyed," I got the job, I got the job" i sing-sang as I jumped on my bed. 

I brought out my mobile phone and thought of who to call, I only had a best friend, my parents, and younger brother. 

I clicked on my bestie number and she picked on a go,"Ammy," she squealed on the phone.

" How did it go, did you get the job, did you get to see the hot CEO of that company, tell me everything" I sighed as my bestie asked all her questions in a go, she's just a little kid who is curious to know everything.

"It was fine, I got the job and I saw your CEO" i said.

"hurray my God am so happy for you, thank God you will be under Mr.Hot maybe he will help us break that iceberg in you", my bestie said and chuckled,

I rolled my eyes "Annie you such a scumbag,who told you I have a iceberg in me", I said laughing.

"it's a thing we all know Ammy, catch you later, take care and get prepared for Mr. Hot tomorrow". she said and cut the call. 

I laughed to myself that Annie will always be Annie, she is really good in teasing people. 

I dropped my phone on the bed and got a shower and dressed in big shirt alone. I'm not the kind who wear bra often, I wore my slippers and went into the kitchen and prepared myself some dinner, I made some toast bread and got a glass of milk in the fridge and went into the sitting room and watched my favourite tv movie"ALADDIN", sometimes I get to watch romantic movies but am not romantic myself, that's weird, it's late now 11:00pm I got up and went into my bedroom and fell into a blissful sleep.

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