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"Who are you?" hissed Amanda." Who am I? That's not important!" said the man."What are you doing in front of me, then?" hissed Amanda in her curt voice."I want you with me. On my bed!" The man whispered without any guilty face." In your dreams, Sir!" hissed Amanda. While the man just smiled crookedly responding to the treatment which he thought challenging."Let's see! This is a good start, Amanda."

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“OH MY GOD!”"Are you blind? You ... damn it!" swear the woman who is now busy flicking the paper in front of her.
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Amanda is lost in her work repeating back to making the sketch design that her client wants and will meet her the day after tomorrow. She spent all night to do it all.Fortunately, Amanda is blessed with an intelligent brain and a high sense of responsibility for her work. She skipped her dinner schedule and breakfast. Even now the clock on the wall was 10 o'clock in the morning.She began to work eager beaver at 5 pm and now it was 10 o'clock in the morning. 17 hours passed just like that. With wistful eyes in her beautiful face because all night s
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Don't forget to put your comment here!! Thank youAmanda said goodbye to Louisa to meet the client who had invited her tonight. The ladder walks into a room that has been rented privately by the event owner. There were dozens of people who were dancing, twisting their bodies, squeezing each other's bodies, exchanging saliva and squeezing anything that could be squeezed.A normal sight in Amanda's eyes, even though she rarely did the squeezing scene again later. She was normal, but do free sex she never thinks about it, and no men had work those out to make her want to do that.Usually,
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Bagian 4Amanda rested her hips on the car seat. He chose to sit for a moment to calm his heartbeat, which was beating so fast. The effect of the mysterious man was quite large.It was still clear in Amanda's mind, how the man's voice whispered in her ear, offering something quite tempting. But, Amanda's brain was normal enough to reject the invitation. She is not a bitch who easily affirms the invitation of a masher.If only he had invited her in a more subtle approach, maybe Amanda would be considered his invitation. But back again, the mysterious man asked him openly without leaning
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 Darko leaned back on the sofa in his apartment. This morning, he felt so happy. How has it come? Because this morning he succeeds to make the woman who became his target really mad. The woman he made sure to be his woman.Darko has investigated all the history and anything about that woman. One thing that made him so attracted to her was her temper. Even though she is easly going mad, there are many other skills she has.The woman is a famous architect. Her name is already popular among entrepreneurs. Her ability to design a building with such neat and unique details makes it highly sought after. No need
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 Please, give me a comment about this story!  ❤❤❤❤❤Amanda's consciousness slowly began to recover. She gasped with her hands now squeezing hard lollipops belonging to a super handsome man in front of her.Amanda tried to push against the chest of a man named Darko, who engrossed her lips. She was even sure, if at this tim
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 As Amanda was groping Antonio's photo in her hand, the door of her room opened and inevitably made her look up to see who was impolitely entering her room without knocking."I voluntary came to disturb your time." The flat-faced man with no expression said to Amanda without courtesy.Amanda closed her eyes and regulated her thunderous heartbeat when she looked back at the super handsome man who had just been given a slap by her last night.The thoughts about Antonio being shattered
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 Amanda seems anxious for the past two days. Darko's handsome face always haunt in her mind. Not only his face, but also his voice and touch, joined to become a fun and tense fantasy for Amanda. Damn!Amanda paced in front of her desk and nibbled the tip of the pen in her hand. Maybe this is one of her karmas, because she often mocked even openly insulted her bestfriend, Nana."Gosh! I'm going crazy like this shit. What witch are he using so my brain seems fixated on hi
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 Amanda can’t doing anything, the thought on her head and her body contradict each other. Eventhough the angel's side was screaming loudly in her head, it is Satan who is in control of herself right now.Amanda isn’t willing if Darko stopped what he doing right now, she really enjoyed and lick one’s lips for every touch that Darko give to her body.Just call her a crazy woman now. A crazy woman who has lost her mind to fight an unexpression man in front of her right now.
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Awkwardness is felt especially for Amanda. Remembering the stupid and crazy thing that she had just done with that man-made her want to drown herself in the river nil alone.How could she easily be tempted only by the touch of that damn handsome man? Amanda could not help but think about her body that could not compromise the heart as well as her mind.She must try to maintain her prestige and also raise her pride again. She must not fall in that man's charm. No, it can’t be like that."What are you still sitting here for?" Amanda asked curtly.Darko looked up to find that sexy woman who had thousands of sharp words that holding her arms cynically. A few minutes ago, the woman still moaning because of him."You kicked me out?" Darko asked casually.“I am,” said Amanda clearly.Darko laughed as if mocking without moving from the couch he’s sitting on."Instead of you kicking me out, you better sit here or sit next to me," Darko patted his thigh casually and patted the part of the sofa h
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