Pearls of Love

Pearls of Love

By:  Sebtian Dwi P  Completed
Language: English
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A marriage that occurs to obtain the inheritance rights of the largest mining company. Amanda and Felix don't love each other, Felix who is rude and always yells at Amanda, he really hates Amanda and intends to make his life miserable and get his revenge. Amanda, who strongly believes in destiny, the magic of love and is devoted to her husband, continues to be patient with Felix's attitude. Felix disappeared, who knows where he went, Amanda, who began to love him, was anxious and worried about her husband's disappearance, until the next year arrived, she gave birth to a son who became the heir to the company. Felix who has returned to Amanda tries to love his wife after meeting someone in Andalusia. Various trials came at their marriage. Amanda faltered again, he considered Amanda just a parasite for his life. But Amanda is always patient to face a 'lion' like Felix. Can they keep their marriage?

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Wow, Amazing story!
2021-02-19 15:39:30
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I like this story! I can't stop reading❤❤❤
2020-12-07 20:13:41
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sebenernya kaga ngerti b.inggris tapi mampir aja semangat kak cebto?
2020-10-27 21:30:14
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I like the story, it's not boring. Keep spirit.
2020-10-16 11:26:00
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Varga Nurlela Blafire
Good one! Please read everyone~~
2020-09-14 18:17:25
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Ayne Kim
Good luck, kakak
2020-09-05 17:06:31
user avatar
Wow, this's amazing story. Don't forget to add your library!! I Like it! Good Job, Author
2020-09-03 18:07:14
102 Chapters
Two Brothers
Hello, welcome to my first story in the English language, I'm sorry for the bad grammar.  An old man puts his reading glasses on, massages his temples thinking about the future of the company he has founded for 27 years, the Leonidas Group. A mining company that has been trusted by investors and the government, is world-renowned, behind all this splendor he has anxiety over his two children who continue to dispute, Rafa and Bramastya, both sons whom he has loved for a long time even though they continue to be at odds until now. Since Rafa found out that he was not a biological child, he continued to demand equal inheritance rights, but Bramastya did not accept Rafa's demands because Bram was Leon's grandfather's biological son. This dispute made the 83-year-old grandfather continue to think about the inheritance rights of both of them until finally, Leon's grandfather wrote a will which reads"All the assets and inheritance I will give to my
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Annoying Man
"Amanda! Amanda!" Bram called out to his beloved daughter but there was no reply to his call."What is it, honey? It's not like you've come home this afternoon, have all your work been done?" asked Laras, Bramastya's wife"Where's Amanda?" asked Bram to Laras
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They talked about various things, from Amanda's career, Lara's boutique to the company branch in Turkey which was held by Bram,  joked with joyful laughter, like a harmonious family. Before long, a luxury car entered the mansion's yard, Rafa with his wife Ajeng, and their son Felix entered the mansion. Instantly the living room turned cold, full of awkwardness."Hello, Dad," said Ajeng kindly to Leon and extended his hand in greeting"Yes Ajeng, please come in," said Leon to Ajeng"How are you daddy?" asked Ajeng while still hugging Leon“It's almost 7 years you've never been here, then only now are you asking how I'm doing? Where have you been, Ajeng? " Leon asked Ajeng"Don't be
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A Box of Lunch
 Amanda is still annoyed by Felix's actions against her, it's been 2 days since having dinner together made her wonder who Felix is. To Amanda's surprise, there appeared several articles about Felix"Felix Leonidas started a securities company.""Leonidas group grandson won the gold medal.""Felix Leonidas graduated from the Master of Business Management at the University of Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne with the title Summa Cumlaude.""Felix Leonidas d
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Hurt Feeling
"Amanda .. dear?" called Bram knocking on Amanda's door"Yes Dad?" replied Amanda hoarsely"Open the door, daddy wants to come in," said Bram to Amanda"Later daddy, Amanda's face is still ugly," replied Amanda still embarrassed with her swollen eyes"Daddy's child is beautiful, there is no way to look ugly," said Bram"Dad, Amanda just wanted to be alone first," replied Amanda"But why are you dear who mad
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Hide and Seek
 "Mom, do you see my power bank?" asked Felix to Ajeng, his mother"This? Is yours?" said Ajeng, lifting Felix's black power bank"Well yes, then Felix will go to the office first," said Felix"Honey, can't you just postpone, you have Amanda here," said Ajeng, Felix immediately sat down and stared at his mother."What? Amanda ??! What's she doing here? " said Felix in an angry tone"Why are you so angry? You don't remember? You used to like you to play with her when you were in grade 1 elementary school, he was still in kindergarten, ”said Ajeng"Felix w
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"Good morning, children .." Amar said to the caregivers who were playing"Morning," answered some of the orphanage children"Do you know Ms. Amanda?" asked Amar"Ohh, Amanda?" pointed out a boy at the black car that had just entered the orphanage's parking lot, a group of children ran towards the car and led Amanda to enter the reading room, while Amar only watched Amanda with a sweet smile sharing stories and storytelling children. -the orphanage, her heart was beating wildly at Amanda's beauty and kindness"What are you doing here, come on in," said a girl and pulled Amar in, and immediately the children's attention turned to the handsome, tall, and charming Amar."Dadd
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"Well, I won't take long, listen carefully, this will was written by Mr. Leonidas, and it was agreed to be read after he died. This letter reads' All my inheritance will I will testify to my son's great-grandson," said Dahlia reading the letter. that loudly, making Rafa and Bram frown in confusion"Wait, great-grandson? Does it mean? Son of Felix or Amanda? " said Rafa confused"Yes, that's right," said Dahlia, while Amanda and Felix stared at each other, they didn't understand the meaning of the will."But, neither Amanda nor Felix is married," said Bram"Then, let's just wait until they have children," said Dahlia"CANNOT, THIS IS NOT FAIR, HOW CAN THERE BE A TREAT LIKE
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Marry You?
 Amanda looked at the screen of her cellphone, a notification from Amar, she opened the message quickly, “Ms. Amanda, I want to talk about the introduction of our family, what about ya? When can I visit Ms. Amanda's house, and give me your address? ”Amanda could not hold back her tears reading a message from Amar, she recently fell in love with this young man, but her marriage was arranged, not with Amar or any other man, but with Felix. Now she can no longer prioritize her love, she has already agreed in front of a large family, like being cut by a dagger, her wounded heart will heal over time, Amanda always resigns and believes God's plan will be better than anything.
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My Assistant
Amanda enters Felix's big office, magnificent and luxurious, this is the second time he has come here, this time as an employee he doesn't know what his position will be, he walks up the stairs, he doesn't know what floor he should go to, he takes his cellphone and intends to call Felix , but a receptionist clerk approached him"Sorry, are you Amanda Leonidas Bramastsya Putri?" asked a receptionist to Amanda"Ah yes, I am Amanda," said Amanda
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