Perfect Life

Perfect Life

By:  jk  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lyra Mae Miracle considers her life perfect just as it is. Amazing friends, decent enough grades, the best family, and an annoying brother with his equally annoying friends. But when the past that she's worked so hard to forget comes back to bite her, she learns that her life is far from perfect. With a downhill spiral of her life, she finally learns to accept help from those who want to. She blocked people out because of her past, even if it was unconsciously. But she can't let the past take control of the present. So she's going to end everything. Set the line, and accept reality. All to obtain what she would most definitely consider, a perfect life. But nobody and nothing is perfect, and imperfections is what makes perfection. Perfectly imperfect.

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2 Chapters
1 - Consider us dead
Lyra: Beep—beep—beep—I slam my hand down onto the night stand beside me, shutting off the alarm immediately. Oh, how I've dreaded for this day to come. My vacation seemed so short.Almost too short. 
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2 - Farther than hell
Lyra: Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put Zeke, Isaac, Ashton, Wyatt, Max, Jackson, Elena, and I in the same class is totally bonkers.I mean, first of all, you never put siblings in the same class as each other because that's a recipe for disaster. Second, you don't put a whole fudging clique of popular boys in one room. That's just plain stupidity. And third, nobody is ever going to pay attention with any of those boys in here. Nobody.
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