the Billionaire's crazy wife

the Billionaire's crazy wife

By:  Jeani Endah   Ongoing
Language: English
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Milo kai Anton, known as Lord Viggo in his circle, is a powerful Billionaire across Westwood city. He explores areas rich in natural resources and treasures and collects whatever he likes. He only keeps women to satisfy his desires On one of his searches, he came across this little kingdom called Kinka, which is rich in gold. No doubt, that was his next mission. However, things seem complicated as the owner of those treasures asked him to marry his sister, 24 years old Daisy Campbell, who is said to have some loose screws in her head before he could get the gold. The man couldn't resist as acquiring the gold was his main objective. Not in the world, did he have an idea of what he was getting into. The woman kept pulling on weird stunts on him. However, each time he raised his gun at her, she does that one thing that always makes him surrender to her.

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1. the next search
"Come on woman! Spread those legs wider and stop wasting my time" Milo Kai Anton, known as Lord viggo, he ordered with a stern voice, amber green eyes glaring darkly at the woman trapped underneath him, who looked exhausted after the second time of sex in a row in just one night. And he was demanding more. She breathed uncomfortably beneath him, as she had lost all her energy in the first two rounds. However, the man on top of her seems to be just starting. With anger plastered over his face due to the delay caused by the woman, he bent over, and with a hand around her neck and the other between her tights, he pushed the legs apart. Leaning closer and bringing her so that their bodies are touching enough, he thrust in one last time, not looking at the face of the woman underneath him, who was in tears. None of it concerns him. She was going to be a forgotten piece of garbage after now."You were excited when we started this. So what happened now? You can even stand three rounds?". W
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2. kinka , a place of gold
Chapter 2"Let's just hope that Lord Viggo likes your niece and decides to take her home with him. If not, I'm afraid for your safety and that of this entire community you claimed to rule". Damien told king Huck, who sat on his throne with one hand under his chin and the other on the red armrest, holding on to his white staff. His long red garment design of silver Pearl's rested on his body, black leather sandals on his legs, his long black hair tied up in a ponytail having a gold band at the node. All these give him the royal look."If he doesn't, then I'm keeping my gold". The man in his early thirties stretches out as he looks down from his throne, the two individuals sitting across from him in the cabinet hall.Lord Viggo picked up his phone, swiping it open, he read the text sent by Damien.Damien: 23 jump street, kinka. Across the green sea.Slipping the last pair of his black boots on, he grabbed his jacket from a hanger in the closet and made his way outside. "You all are j
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3. I want you to marry my sister
Chapter 3.With everything he had seen, that only meant that the two were at the same level, except for the fact that Huck had gold and Kai was just a random rich guy. However, after today, he was going to be the richest in the entire world and he was not asking anyone. His first move was the gold statue in front of the house, and the second was the Chandelier. He did not know what he was going to take next. "I see, you came". He looked up in the direction in which the deep voice sounded, to see a man he presumed must be king Huck. The statue outside looks so much like him. He walked down the stairs, in long glorious steps and the ends of his red garments following behind him. Kai did not say a word, he rather gaze at the man who walked right to where he was standing, and they were now standing facing each other." I suppose you did not make me come all the way down to this small kingdom, just to stare at me". Huck, let out a small chuckle, looking at the new man he brought along
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4. the girl is crazy
Chapter 4Something was not right, Kai wondered within his heart. He wanted just the gold, however, this man said he had to marry his sister first. Wasn't he the one who was supposed to give something back in exchange for the gold? Now the man wants to give his sister and the gold all at once. And why would the girl be screaming,free me! She did not even look surprised to find strangers in their living room. All she could do was to run straight into his arm, out of the people in the living room. Funny, he thought!"What do you say, Viggo? My sister likes you already. You can see that for yourself ". Huck smiles, walking in front of them in a circle.Kai did not spare him a glare, instead, he brought his large muscular arm down to the shoulder of the girl who was clutching tight against him as though she found a protective pillar she had been longing for and did not want to let go. Without a word and eyes boring holes into the girl's head, he placed his hands on her shoulders in an
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5. The deal is done
Chapter 5.The door swung open, revealing bags of gold, treasures, items made out of gold, and gold jewelry all scattered across the floor. He knew this part of the world was rich in gold. However, what his research failed to tell him, was the fact that this place was more than what he found on the net."See that, I'll give you half of what you see here. Just marry her and take her far away from here. That's it".Kai did not bother to ask how he managed to get such possessions or why he was so bent on marrying his sister. However, his mind was fixed on the treasure in front of him looking at it calculatingly. He was going to behave as though everything was fine. And went along with his flow. If he marries the girl, he'll go back and plan on how to come and take every single thing worth it.On Huck's side, he was giving his possessions to some stranger because he wanted him to get married to his crazy sister. He had his plans sorted out.He was going to give him. When the idiot of his
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Chapter 6. Not my ideal type
Daisy nodded her head frantically as she raised up the stairs in a split second. Her actions today made Huck wonder if the girl had suddenly regained her memories or something, because ever since she started this mental disability of hers, the day her parents were killed, there has never been a single day the girl acted normally, it was either from one trouble to another. Either she was breaking stuff, killing insects or small animals around the house. He remembered one time that Giles had served him food with a dead mouse inside. If he did not kill her that day, then he doesn't know when he was ever going to do that.Her behaviour today, really shocked him to the core. She was obedient that he thought she would ever be. Well, that was good though. He did not want her to send her suitors away, with her crazy behavior. ***Daisy went into the kitchen , grabbing two glasses from the cupboard against the wall. She brought them to stand on the white marble sink. Opening the fridge, s
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Rufus, slowly brought down the helicopter as they reached their destination.Kai's house was a big and luxurious mansion all made up of glass material, even the doors and windows. Except for the rooftops, which had this black and hard zinc material on.The helicopter landed on the large terrain behind the house. The space has different brands of cars standing in the area. Somewhere coated in dust; which showed that he hardly ever used them. He replaced his cars as though it meant nothing. "What to do with her, Lord viggo?". Damien looked at Viggo who had his gun in his hand and was about to step out.He looked at the girl on his side, and passed a hand through his hair."Take her in. Or would you rather let her stay here?". He groaned and was about to step out, when a hand got hold of his leg.He took in a deep breath, as he resisted the urge, to pull the trigger on the girl's head."Don't leave me". She slowly got up from her seat, with hands rubbing lazily on her eyes, to clear t
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CHAPTER EIGHT . creating Havoc
"For the first time, let me deal with her". Kai replied with clench teeth, not looking at Hal. His hand coiled into a fist. Hal gazed down at his hands and decided that it was best for him to step aside and not say much. He has known his Boss for a long time and the last thing he would do was to irritate him.He doesn't give second chances. And it was best to walk on eggshells around him. He just got a bride which now was going to be some additional problems to the one he already got. So, he was not going to be an additional problem.However, given his personality and what he can do. Hal knew for a fact that he wouldn't mind killing her or selling her to auction, where could generate money. The man never seems tired of making money."Bring her bags". He grabbed Daisy's wrist with some force, which made her wince in pain, still, he didn't care as he dragged her past a dimly lit corridor, which had few rooms on either side. Kai's steps were two times that of Daisy which made her limp
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CHAPTER NINE .She called them, BOYS
The glass didn't fall directly on the well polished black Marble floor, rather, it came directly in contact with Kai's right leg and then finally hitting the floor, with clicking sounds. The glass shatters into tiny pieces and the water rolls down the floor. With clenched teeth and angry veins popping out of Kai's face, he looked at the girl standing next to him with shaky hands and eyes blinking faster than normal. His hand in a firm fist resisting the urge to break those hands of hers, which has been causing destruction, since he made her. He relaxed his hands and gave her a frightening look. "As a first time. If this shirt happens again, I'm going to shatter you into pieces just as the glass". Daisy nodded her head in understanding without uttering a word. "That glass caused me a good amount of bucks and now, you ruined it. I will give you to an auction, if you try this shit again". Kai spat out and a smile curled up on Daisy's lips. Hal turned to look at Damien who looked at
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CHAPTER 10. I'm his wife.
"Whatever the case, I hope it lasts long enough". Elleney said, as she swept the last piece of glass on the floor. Daisy did not move the whole time. She sat on the bed with her legs folded, as she watched Elleney clean the mess on the floor."That's the bathroom, over there. You can go have your bathe". She pointed at the white bathroom door that was linked to the bedroom. Daisy raised her eyes and looked up at the door. She didn't come with anything. Just the rags on her body. Her uncle was so eager to get rid of her that he didn't even allow her to take any belongings. And her rich husband doesn't seem to like her. What was wrong with her, that no one seemed to find her interesting. She just told the old woman that she was his wife and she laughed at her. What was so funny?Well, that was not her business. She had the band around her finger and they have certificates. She was here to stay. And wouldn't spare anyone, if they caused her trouble. For the meantime, she was goin
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