Poor Youth Becomes Cool
Poor Youth Becomes Cool
Author: Donat Mblondo

1. Watermelon flavored milk

"Kijo ...!" Cecep shouted for Tukijo.

"I ordered you to buy watermelon flavored milk, why did you give me the strawberry milk?!" Cecep threw the milk on Tukijo's face until the bottle was denteding. A snub nose, becoming flatters and swollen blue.

"Ugh," Tukijo groaned holding his face.

"Idiot! Already poor, stupid!" Cecep snapped grabbing Tukijo's hair.

Tukijo just looked down with messy hair. He was wearing shabby clothes while holding the pain on his face. However, Tukijo's dirty face managed to cover the bruises on his nose.

"I don't want to know! This milk, I consider debt. So, you owe me ten thousand, you understand?!" Then Cecep went outside the classroom.

Tukijo looked here and there to make sure Cecep left, the dirty boy cheered, "Yes, I'm free!" He raised his hand.

"Tch! Cecep stupid! Cheater! Quadratic idiot! Cuh!" Tukijo sneered without spitting.

In reality he just kept quiet and agreed with Cecep's words, when in front of him.

Tukijo is a poor orphan who was raised by his grandmother since childhood. His mother died when he was eight years old, and he did not know where his father was.

He was smart enough. So he was able to enter the Maos 1 High School which was said to be one of the favorite schools in his city, Cilacap. To pay for his school needs, he works as a waiter at Mas Agus Restaurant.

Cecep is known as the troublemaker. He's a thug twelfth grader. His face that looks fierce and his big and stocky body makes his school friends to their knees. Of course he didn't only get a warning from the Counseling Guidance Master once or twice. However, the reprimand had only a temporary effect on him.


The bell rang twice, signaling the start of class for the next lesson. The Killer Physics teacher, Mrs. Sulastri, was walking in the hallway to class XI Natural Science 2.

After the middle-aged woman was in the doorway, her sharp eyes scanned every corner of the dusty classroom and then shifted to the dull glass window. Then he looked up at the ceiling and found many cobwebs hanging from it.

"This is a class or a warehouse?!" said Mrs. Sulastri in a high tone. "Quickly clean up!"

Mrs. Sulastri narrowed her eyes and walked around the seats lined up with 5×6 rows. He stopped at one of the back seats, which belonged to Cecep. He rummaged through his desk drawer and found a pile of trash.

"Whose table is this?" Mrs. Sulastri asked.

"Tukijo Ma'am!" said Cecep quickly.

"Ha! This is ..." Tukijo's words were cut off because Cecep raised his middle finger. The code means 'Do you want to die?' what is meant is to invite a fight.

Tukijo for a moment could only be silent and grumbled, "Crazy!"

"Clean up!" Mrs. Sulastri ordered.

Tukijo immediately cleaned Cecep's desk drawer.

"Now, whoever throws trash in the drawer, will be fined one hundred thousand," said Mrs. Sulastri firmly.

"Yes, Ma'am," answered the students in agreement.

As a homeroom teacher for class XII Natural Science 2 who really loves cleanliness. Every Friday she always checks the cleanliness of the class.

Mrs. Sulastri was looking for something, she forgot to bring the textbook to be taught. Then the woman said to her students, "I want to go to the teacher's room first to get the book and the daily test sheet. After this, you all can study for ten minutes."

Who would have thought that today there would be a sudden daily test.

After cleaning the glass windows from outside the classroom, Tukijo returned to the classroom. He walked to his seat. Without him realizing it, someone stretched out a leg making Tukijo fall on the ground kissing the floor.

"Sorry sorry, on purpose. Kekeke ...." Udin chuckled.

Unlike Cecep, who likes to throw tantrums, Udin is a model child who holds the first place in class. His father was an employee at the largest company in Indonesia, the Gaje Company. His face is quite handsome, making him always confident with his appearance. He is arrogant, proud and likes to humiliate people.

"Damn it!" Tukijo grumbled.

Seeing Udin's behavior, Tukijo was annoyed. With a sulk heart, he got up into fists and walked to his seat.

"Hey Jo! Don't be stingy, okay?" said Tiyem being on Tukijo's right.

Tukijo was silent, his heart was still torn by Udin's annoying nature.

"Whatever!" he muttered.

"Hey! Tukijo! Watch out, if you don't respond to my code, I'll be santet¹ you!" shouted Cecep was on the other side. His seat was on Tiyem's right.

Cecep and Tiyem are students who like to cheat. Is Tukijo going to give them a cheat sheet?


1. Santet is a person's attempt to harm another person remotely by using black magic.

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