2. Udin big headed

After a long wait, finally Mrs. Sulastri came to class. She started distributing the test questions on the chapter on temperature and heat.

Cecep threw a crumpled paper on Tukijo's desk. Then Tukijo opened the paper.

Paper content:












"Crazy! Cecep is not half-hearted to cheat." Tukijo grumbled.

Hearing Tukijo's grumbling, Markonah who was sitting in front of him muttered, "Tsk ... he wants to use you, idiot!."

Markonah is a tomboyish girl, but beautiful, sweet and adorable. Her face is always cheerful as if the shin sun. Her appearance was as tough a blooming white rose making the men couldn't stop staring at her. But, her ingrained nonchalant nature makes it difficult for every man to approach her. She tends to be alone rather than hanging out with his friends.

The girl is the daughter of the owner of a bakery located at the Mojing Crossroad, to be precise next to Mas Agus Restaurant.

Unexpectedly, Udin, who was the class champion, also threw paper at Tukijo's desk. He sat in front of Markonah.

"What does this kid mean?!" Markonah frowned.

Udin really made sure Tukijo opened the paper he gave him, with an innocent face Udin said, "Teacher, Tukijo is cheating."

What?!" Tukijo gasped.

Mrs. Sulastri approached Tukijo and saw a paper with the formulas for temperature and heat and their descriptions on Tukijo's desk. Instantly Tukijo's body was petrified, his heart was beating fast. His body broke out in cold sweat.

Udin knows Tukijo's weakness, which is not being able to deal with the teacher directly. It was as if something was pressing on his mouth, so Tukijo's mouth immediately stuttered, and it was very difficult to make a sound. Moreover, Mrs. Sulastri, who is famous as the Teacher Killer for class Natural Science 2, made Tukijo even more depressed.

"Udin bastard!" Tukijo muttered.

Mrs. Sulastri looked at Tukijo with a sharp gaze. "Go out!" he snapped pointing his index finger at the classroom door.

Tukijo came out with an annoyed face, while Udin chuckled happily. Markonah felt a little sympathy for Tukijo, but she couldn't do anything either.

The bell rang once indicating that it was time for break.

Mrs. Sulastri exited the class and approached Tukijo. "Don't do it again, Tukijo," she said reminding him.

"Yes Ma'am," replied Tukijo, looking down.

After making sure Mrs. Sulastri left, Cecep immediately came to Tukijo and hit him on the head. Tukijo crashed until his head hit the tiled floor in the front corridor of class XII Natural Sience 2.

Then Cecep gripped his shirt collar tightly. "Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!" Cecep said while slapping Tukijo's face.

Why did you just shut up, idiot?!" Cecep pushed Tukijo's forehead with his palm until he fell backwards.

Tukijo's thin body felt crushed. The throbbing pain all over his body made it difficult for Tukijo to stand back up.

In the classroom, Markonah saw Cecep beat Tukijo to a pulp from the glass window. Udin smiled sarcastically seeing Tukijo in pain.

"Eh, Udin... erm, nothing to talk about." Markonah turned away and cancel her intention to scorn him. He felt there was no point in dealing with a rich man's son.

"What's the matter with Markonah? Does she want to confess to me? Maybe she's embarrassed? So she's canceling her plan." muttered Udin guessing. He felt his heart pounding.

Markonah purposely left the classroom and shouted behind Cecep, "Wow! There's Mr. Wahib! ..."

Cecep, who was beating Tukijo, gasped. He immediately let go of Tukijo and ran to the classroom to hide.

"... In the principal's office. Hahaha," said Markonah, continuing her words.

Tukijo saw Markonah was leaning her shoulders against the wall laughing and folding her arms. The girl glanced at Tukijo and said, "Hey! do not expect me to help and take you to the school health unit. Go quickly and treat your wound!"

"Ah, no no... thanks for helping me!" said Tukijo.

Then, Tukijo stepped into the school health unit. He never expected anyone to help him. This poor teenager just did not think that there were still people who had the heart to help him.

In the school health unit, Tukijo mused, "I can't go on like this. What do you think will happen if I refuse their request?" Tukijo muttered to himself.

"I wish, I could fight them." His mind wandered hoping for a miracle. Either he suddenly had super powers, or someone had given him a magical item that could grant his wish. However, Tukijo realized that it was just a wishful fantasy that couldn't possibly happen.

For two lessons, Tukijo was absent because he was in the school health unit. His cheeks swelled up, his lumpy head continued to throb, his gums were bleeding, his jaw ached terribly. "Arrrrgh," he groaned curled up in bed until he finally fell asleep.

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