Step Brother, I'm Stuck

Step Brother, I'm Stuck

By:  King Mufasa  Completed
Language: English
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After years of being apart, Derek and Ronnie are reunited under one roof as their parents remarry. Despite their initial awkwardness, they soon discover that the childhood crush they once had on each other still lingers. However, Ronnie is wary of her bad boy step brother's reputation and past mistakes. Despite her reservations, she finds herself drawn to him Secrets from Derek's past come back to haunt them, putting their newfound relationship in jeopardy. As they navigate their new dynamic as step siblings and their growing feelings for each other, they soon realize that their past may not be as simple as they thought. With the odds against them, they must must work together to overcome their obstacles and reveal their true feelings for each other. But will the consequences of Derek's past ruin their chance at a happy ending? Or will they be able to find love in the unlikeliest of places? Will they be able to overcome societal norms and societal norms, or will their love be forbidden forever? Find out in this heartwarming tale of family, love, and the power of second chances

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Good read! Ronnie definitely deserved a better person than Derek.
2023-08-22 00:34:50
88 Chapters
A party to remember
Derek's point of view:I was sound asleep in the middle of my luxurious suite, surrounded by beautiful, naked supermodels. They were lying on the bed, on the couch, and even on the floor, all in various seductive poses. The room was filled with the soft moans and sighs of pleasure as the models fawned over me, running their hands over my toned body.Suddenly, the door burst open and my butler stormed into the room with a look of anger on his face. "Sir, you must wake up immediately," he exclaimed, shooing away the models with a wave of his hand.I groaned and groggily sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I looked around at the naked models, trying to remember their names."What is it, Jenkins?" I asked, clearly annoyed."Your father is hosting a special event and he needs you there urgently," Jenkins announced, his tone serious."Why?" I asked. "We have a special guest coming over and you need to be ready.""Who is it, Jenkins?" I asked, still groggy."It's a potential
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The iron bad boy
Ronnie's point of view:Derek Diamond, first and only son of Desmond Diamond.I've heard a lot about this guy. He was just as popular as any pop star. Also known as the Iron bad boy. That's Derek's nickname and he sticks to this name. This bad boy in question is a tall and handsome man with a chiseled jawline and striking features. His face is a work of art, with a sharp nose and high cheekbones that gives him a rugged yet refined look. His narrowed eyes are a deep emerald green, giving him a piercing gaze that can be both intense and alluring.He is heavily tattooed, with intricate designs covering his neck and arms. The tattoos are bold and colorful, and they give him an edgy and rebellious look. He is clean shaven, with a smooth and masculine jawline that adds to his overall charm.His dark, wavy hair is parted in the middle and falls just above his shoulders. He has a rough, unkempt look that is both alluring and intimidating. Tonight, he's donning in an expensive tuxedo.
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Noise Complaint
Derek's point of view:"We'll always be friends forever, right?" Ronnie asked, her big brown eyes sparking at me. I gave her a big smile. "That's right. Friends forever."She raised her pinky finger, hugging her Barbie dolls around her face. "Pinky promise?"She was such a shy girl. I interlocked our pinky fingers. "Pinky promise," I said. My eyes opened as I realized it was nothing more but just a dream. No... Not a dream. More like a memory. A memory from my childhood. A forgotten memory, resurfacing itself out of nowhere. Someone was stirring me up from my sleep. It was Jenkins. "Rise and shine, Sir," he said, leaving me to swing open the vast window curtains. A flood of sunlight blinded my eyes and I groaned, shielding my face with my hand. "Just what's your problem, Jenkins. You're always in my hair.""It's a quarter passed eight, master Derek," Jenkins announced. "Have you forgotten what today is?"I returned back to bed, covering my head with my pillow. "Remind me, Jenk
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Party Crasher
Ronnie's point of view:Today's my first day of classes at Griffin Elites.My high school life was uneventful. I wasn't popular, I had no real friends and I had no cool fashion sense. Moreover, I never dated. I dedicated my entire high school years, studying to get to university. I was more of a nerd. I wore nerdy clothes, nerdy glasses and nerdy attitude. I also gained a lot of weight. This was why I never had a boyfriend, it's because I have no confidence in myself, my looks and my body. But I made myself a promise that things are gonna be different now. Before graduation, I took a one year gym program, lost weight and got into a nice shape. I also took make-up lessons and followed tons of fashion influencers on Tik tok and Instagram. I'm a whole new person and I love it. Griffin Elites University is going to be the start of a new life for me. I'm gonna be fashionable, wear makeups, smile often, make tons of friends and be popular. Elites University being a private school
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Derek's point of view:I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache, feeling as if I had been hit by a truck. I groaned and rubbed my temples, trying to remember what happened last night. I had a hazy memory of drinking and partying, but the details were blurry.I opened my eyes to find my stepsister, Ronnie, standing over me with an expression of disgust. "What happened?" I asked groggily, wondering why she was in my room."You don't remember?" she asked, rolling her eyes. "You threw a party last night, Derek. You left a mess everywhere, and I had to clean it up."I sat up, rubbing my face. "I did?""Yes, you did," she said, crossing her arms over her big breasts. "I hate it when you throw parties. It gets on my nerves. I had to send everyone home."My eyes instantly cleared. "The hell did you do that for? Why did you ruin my fun? No one does that to me!""I don't care. We live together, and you need to respect me."I scoffed. "Respect you? This is my house too, and I can d
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Ronnie's point of view:I was shocked, and it must have shown on my face. I stammered a bit, trying to explain that I was Derek's step-sister and that we had just moved into the bungalow together.The girl was not happy and she continued to glare at me with an expression of suspicion and anger. "He never told me he's got a step sister," she said, leaning towards me, her eyes squinting at me. "You're lying."It was a very uncomfortable situation and I didn't know how to handle it. All I could do was hope that Derek would come out of his room soon and diffuse the situation."Why don't I call him for you?" I asked. "He's in his room.""Don't worry, I'll call him myself," she said, then pushed me aside, walking into the house like she owned it. I was incredibly mad at her. Who does she think she is, walking in like that?I hate her. There's no mistaking it. I hate her already. I watched as Derek's girlfriend walked around the house, shouting his name loudly. It was obvious she was t
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Derek, Can I sleep with you
Derek's point of view:Zoey was gone the next morning as agreed. I was glad to be rid of her. She was a pain to deal with. The moment I was certain she was on the plane to London, I blocked her on all my socials and deleted her number. I had an uneventful day yesterday because I had Zoey in my hair. I couldn't even go to lectures. If there was one thing I hate the most are clingy women. With time they get boring.My lecture class ended early today and I thought to take a shower at home before going out to splurge on some new diamonds and shoes.Locking my power bike in the garage, I walked inside the bungalow. As I headed to the bedroom, I heard the shower stop. I stopped in my tracks and raised an eyebrow. Was Ronnie home?Odd that she would be taking a shower this late in the day. I hadn't bothered to call out to her when I realized the bathroom door was wide open. The bungalow only had one bathroom so Ronnie and I had no other choice but to share. Perhaps she thought she
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What's this thing poking me?
Derek's point of view: "Derek, can I sleep with you?" Ronnie asked, her voice trembling. I stiffened, gaping at her terrified face, taken aback by her request. Outside, a thunderstorm raged on. The sound of rain pounding against the windows and the rumbling of thunder in the distance filled my room. I could feel Ronnie's body trembling as she stood in front of me, her arms wrapped tightly around me. "What's wrong?" I asked, concerned. She looked up at me, her eyes filled with fear. "I'm terrified of thunderstorms," she confessed, her voice barely above a whisper. "I've always been scared of them since I was a child." I could see the fear in her eyes and I wanted to help. I asked her to tell me more about her phobia, and she explained how she couldn't be alone during a thunderstorm. She would go to her mother for comfort, but now that her mother was not here, she had no one to turn to. Another clap of thunder echoed and Ronnie buried her face in my chest, shaking in fear
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New friend's fling
Ronnie's point of view:I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside the window. The morning after the thunderstorm the other night was peaceful and serene. The sun was shining and it was the perfect day to start fresh. But as I opened my eyes, I realized I was lying on the same bed with Derek. I was taken aback for a moment as I tried to recall how I ended up in this situation. I then remembered how I banged on his door, begging him to let me sleep in his room because of the thunderstorm last night. As I lay there, I noticed the awkward position Derek's arms were wrapped around me in a spooning position. I stiffened and blushed in embarrassment as I recalled how this position was a favorite amongst couples. Suddenly, I felt something hard poking me from behind. My hand slid down Derek's crotch and I felt his morning erection. I was shocked and embarrassed. The heat rose to my face and I shouted, nudging Derek very hard in the stomach which woke him up. Derek rolled of
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Ronnie's point of view:As Derek walked past us and towards his room, I couldn't help but feel a wave of shock and disbelief wash over me.How could he act like he didn't know Meg, when they had a history together?Meg's expression mirrored my own shock, as she turned to me and asked, "Who is Derek to you?" I answered her truthfully, "He's my stepbrother."The color drained from Meg's face, and I could see how uneasy she was as she heard the truth from my lips. She shifted nervously, looking anywhere but at me.I leaned forward, glaring at her. "Is Derek the guy you had a fling with at campus?" I asked, my voice low and menacing. Meg slowly nodded, confirming my suspicions."I knew it," I said, feeling a mixture of anger and disappointment. "This is so awkward."Meg looked at me with pleading eyes, "Is this going to affect our friendship?" she asked, her voice trembling.I sighed, "No, it's not," I replied, but deep inside, I wasn't happy. Derek had been the one guy I'm trying to
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