His Childhood Love

His Childhood Love

By:  Neets Patil  Ongoing
Language: English
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Am I supposed to marry him" I asked pissed off and a bit anxious. I am mentally praying the God that this not true. "Am I supposed to marry her" he asked.....smiling? how on earth is "The mahir sehgal" smiling.... "I want to talk to you mom in personal " we both said at the same time. Oh...god? he grinned at me as I felt scared... "Maa I will not marry him" "but beta you only agreed yesterday " maa said. "Now you have to marry him" she said sternly. Shit how am I going to convince that over-possessive to reject the marriage. lord save me he is too much to handle.

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Soundarya S.m
I'm loving this story please update it
2021-06-26 17:34:48
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sweety mua
Good story with different concept ❤
2021-04-23 13:09:41
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This book is so good
2021-04-23 00:43:11
15 Chapters
Hello! People, first of all thank you for giving this book a chance. This book is a one-sided love story. Also, this is not a ffSo, let's start with a little introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------SurbhiJyoti as Bela Sharma,She is a fashion designer and fashion blogger. She owns a boutique. She is a fun loving and sarcastic girl. She has been in limelight since her school days. She had only few friends and only had one best friend heer. She has been in two relationships but got heart broken-------------------------------------------------------------------Pearl V Puri as Mahir Sehgal Mahir Sehgal. A cold hearted person. He was a nerd in the school. A extrovert but reserved type of nature. He has build his own company. He is CEO. He has attention of all the girls. But he still loves Bela only. He has many friends now. But his only best friend till date is Bela. ------
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Bela PovIt was a lovely morning. The weather was perfect. It wasn't sunny but bright and some cool breezes were flowing.I ain't a morning person but being a fashion blogger requires a fit body. So, here I go, jogging around the park. I stop running as I hear my phone ringing and it was Abhay a.k.a abhi my current boyfriend.A smile formed on my lips because I was really disturbed as he wasn't talking to me quite well since a few days. Not to forget he hasn't been himself these days. From last few days this is the first call he did.I am happy finally my irritating, chipku abhi is back I answered the call."Bela I want to tell you something. Come to the 'daredevil pub' at 7 p.m"And he didn't even let me talk and ended the call. Why? did he call me at the club?..... Does that mean? That means........HeHe isHe is gonna
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In the Strangers Arms
Bela PovI came home and dance on breakup song. Yes this is the thing I do when I am angry or sad and I feel better. I go take out a box from cupboard. And empty it's contents. It had some letters, some roses and his gifts. Huh... Fucktard. He literally wrote 35 letters to me and all those things are gifted by him. But everything at last was fake and this rose. Flashback What is it abhay? He kneeled down with a plastic rose in his hand and said "Will you be my girlfriend? ""Do you love me? ""My love is real for you""yes...! "Flashback endTruly his love was real just like this rose. Then I take out the pictures. The one
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She will always be mine....
Mahir PovIt's been 8 years I last saw her. I waited a lot for seeing her again and I think it is high time to return to Delhi,India. (Note bela is in Mumbai)I ordered people to get my private plane get ready and in no time I took off.I landed in India. I was so happy to be here. Though, U.S is neat,clean etc. etc.But India is the best. I missed it a lot. I am so happy. My father didn't had this business. I build my own empire. My parents are proud of me.I have everything I dreamt of in my childhood except her. I remember how shy I used to be. Now, if anyone hears this no one would believe me that I was a nerd.My childhood wasnt that good but, the best thing happened to me in my schooldays was her. I wanted to settle first. So, after leaving I didn't contact her again . I missed her a lot.I got her information. All her likes and dislikes are the same
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Reunited with Vikram
Mahir's povI landed in Mumbai. Yes.. Mumbai.... Actually I was gonna come tomorrow but I had an important business meeting here. So, I had to come here.Though, I came by my private plane but still it was tiring as I had Skype meetings lined up. Now, I see my driver with the welcome board.I wave to him and he bows. "Sir, shall we go?" he asked politely. "No, I will drive " I said curtly. As, I snatched the keys.I was driving through juhu beach road. Suddenly a girl who I think is drunk came in front of the car. I honked but she didn't move.Now, I was going to lash on her. When the flashlight fell on her. She brought hand before her face while frowning. She slowly removed her hand. I see her. Oh God... Why is she here? Wait... Is she drunk?God mahir stop talking to yourself and go help her or sh
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Bela PovI quickly called Vishakha and told her about the situation. She panicked at first but, I told her to calm down and stand outside of boutique.I rushed to boutique and picked her up. We both rushed to the bridge. Yep..... Bridge.....Vikram's parents died in a accident on that bridge he was 5 . After there death his relatives left him in the orphanage.The orphanage which once used to be A.S orphanage  and now M.S orphanage. I guess that Mr. Whoever's name starts from M.I saw Vikram standing on the edge of the bridge. Before I could go Vishakha ran to him and slapped him."Are you mad.... What were you doing? " she yelled."I-" she didn't let him say anything"Do you know what would have happened to me if you do this? ""What?" he asked"I would have died without you I love you. 
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Locked with him
Author's pov"What the fuck....shit.. Shit... The door is locked. " I said "What? " he asked "What?....what...the door is locked "Just then, his phone pinged showing a text. He opened it. It was from Alisha. It said she had to leave. She will meet bela some other day.His breathing became heavy as the charging in his phone was 2%. He asked bela"Do you have phone?""Yep... But if it had been working I won't be here I would have called someone naa" she replied while muttering 'dumbass'Her breathing was becoming heavy as she has phobia of suffocating places. While mahir knew about her phobia so he said"Bela, keep breathing from your mouth and keep talking to me "She nodded and started breathing like he said."How do you know about my phobia?" she asked."Let's not talk about it. Firstly, let me call someone " he said.
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Date with him?
Author's povThe day was shining bright. Slow breezes were flowing. And there she was running or more like running away from her nightmares.Nightmares? She never knew meaning of it until yesterday . Last night she experienced it. Her nightmare was her boyfriend. She did had boyfriends but that was when she was a kid.It was a timid attraction or crush you can say. But Abhi was her true love. In the nightmare she again saw him saying those venomous words to her.Who thought love could be venomous one day?She had tried her best to call him an asshole and forget him. Par ye kambakt dil,sunta hi nhi. Kuch bhi kaho pyrr tha itni aasani se thodi khatam ho jayega. She was still dreaming of his vicious words.In the middle of the night she screamed No. That's when she understood he is no more in her life. It was just a night
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Does what people say matters?
"He is talking about me love" came a husky voice. I turned and saw Mr. Sehgal. Walking towards me.What the hell? "Why would you do that? " I asked him."My love, didn't I already confessed that I love you. So, I am very territorial about my people. I didn't knew he was your friend. And yaa leave his hand now" he glared at raj."Wait... The fudge! That's why no men entered the boutique today. Are you crazy? Are you planning on making me shut down my business? " I shouted on him."No. My love, I just don't want anyone to see my precious sight " he said."You know what you're crazy " I said" I bet only for you"  he huskily whispered and kissed my forehead. I didn't even notice when he came near me.I wanted to yell at him but the moment his eyes met m
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I am not yours
As I hung up the phone call. I sigh and get back to the entrance of boutique. As I came there I see........ Mr. Sehgal!What the heck? My day can't be more ruined can it be? Humph!*annoyed tone* "What do you want Mr. Sehgal?""You! ""Didn't I just tell you to stop this love shit of yours. Just get out" I said very annoyed"Love-""The heck! Mr.Sehgal don't call me that" I cut him off."What? That? " he asks"You very well know what I am talking about! Do I look a fool to you?""You do look a fool but the one meant in hindi. Basically a rose.Scent as beautiful as it looks. But with thorns too if you get close" he said. "Done with your cheesy lines! Now get out!" I stated."Calm down baby! Why so hyper?  You look good when you have red color of blush not by th
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