32. Confronted by obscene thugs

"Oh, Young Mas—..."

"Shh." Tukijo interrupted Marno's words and indicated that there was someone behind him. Marno nodded.

"What happened to Mas Agus Restaurant, Bro?" Tukijo asked.

"Earlier, several people suddenly came. They were causing trouble when the restaurant was busy. As a result, because of their actions, the visitors were afraid," he explained.

"Then, where is Mas Agus?" Tukijo asked.

"Mas Agus suspects that this is the work of his rival, namely Joko, the meatball seller who is in front of the KUD Building. He went to that person and asked him to compete fairly," explained Marno.

"Alone?" said Tukijo in a slightly high tone.

"Ah, yes... my goodness. I didn't think something could happen to him." Marno put down the broom he was holding and hurried away with Tukijo to catch up with Agus.

"Jo, I'll come with you, please..." asked Markonah.

"No, Markonah," said Tukijo.

Markonah pouted because she felt she was considered weak.

"Eh, okay, come on!" Finally Tukijo was forced to agr
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