37. Seeds of corruption

Tukijo was silent for a moment. Then, he went out to see who was talking. However, the boy did not find anyone in front of the class.

"What's wrong Jo?" Cecep asked.

"Ah, it's nothing. I thought someone called me," he explained, scratching his head.

"Hurry up, Jo! There's only one line left! In five minutes the teacher will enter class," shouted Sutrisno, hoping that Tukijo would quickly finish discussing the problem.

"Okay, I am sorry." Tukijo closed the classroom door again and took a marker to continue his discussion on the blackboard. He explained formula after formula until the friends in front of him really understood.

3 minutes later.


Someone opened the classroom door. Behind the door, a man was seen wearing a green and brown service suit carrying a black bag on his shoulder. He is Mr. Fuad (Mathematics Teacher). "Wow! Are you guys still studying?" he said.

"Yes Mr." Tukijo smiled with a slight bow.

"Uh, you're from science class, right?" asked Mr. Fuad.

"That's right
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