38. My crush turns out to like my rival

"If I say yes, neither you nor Tukijo will have any evidence to sue me. Poor Tukijo will still lose his job. I want to see how he lives in the future," said Udin, grinning.

"Buahahahaa." Cecep, who knew the fact that Tukijo was a conglomerate, heard Udin's words and made him laugh.

"Oh, so you were the culprit, Udin?" Tukijo stepped over to Udin and Markonah.

Udin turned his face sourly. He didn't say a word to answer Tukijo's question. "Heh, you think I will open my mouth in front of you?" he muttered gritting his teeth.

"Hey! Din! Din! Din! Din! Haha, it's like the sound of a horn," joked Cecep. "It's better if you just give up. You're jealous, right, because Markonah is closer to Tukijo. Moreover, our classmates, including me, have always been close to Tukijo lately, which will definitely make your heart hotter. Haha," he said defending Tukijo.

It's true what Cecep said. When he saw Tukijo close to Markonah, Udin's heart felt like it was burning, his head was boiling, plus the clas
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