36. SMANOne heroes in action

Finally, the four people were temporarily detained by the police. Tukijo followed Marno to the Pricilia Medical Center Hospital followed by Ningsih, while village head and the others visited Joko's base to seek clarity.

At the hospital, Tukijo felt sorry for the disaster that had befallen Agus. Agus looks helpless. The business he started for years when he was 20 years old has come to an end.

"Big Bro Agus!" Tukijo scolded, patting Agus's shoulder, who was looking down to mourn his fate.

The man turned his head, his face looked tired with puffy eye bags. "What's wrong Jo?" he answered quietly.

Tukijo sat beside him. Then he took a thick brown envelope from his pocket and held it in Agus's hand. "Here, Sir, for capital back for your business."

Agus received the envelope, then opened its contents. How surprised the man was to see a thick stack of hundreds of thousands of bills inside. "This... is a lot Jo!"

"Just accept it, it's all for you, Sir. Actually, you already knew my identity fr
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