7. Option A, Option B

"Now stand up," he said rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, revealing his veiny arms.

Zahra immediately stood up, fearing he might hit her again. And instantly grabbed her dupatta from the bed, draping it all over to cover herself.

"Come with me," he ordered in his deep voice and turned around, heading towards the door.

Zahra froze in her place after listening to his words. These three words were enough for her to knock the breath out of her lungs. Her mind flooded with haunting questions.

What does he want from me? Where he is taking me? What if he does something to me? Why he is doing all this to me? Is this because of that rejection?

When he noticed, Zahra isn't following him, he looked back and saw her standing frozen in her place. Her eyes were widened, she was clutching her dupatta tightly and her breathing was ragged. He slowly approached her and seeing him coming towards her, she stepped back but within two strides he was standing in front of her.

"Why aren't you coming?
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