Pregnant With The Billionaire's Baby

Pregnant With The Billionaire's Baby

By:  Jenny J  Updated just now
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Lily had a one-night stand with a strange man. She thought it was a bad dream, but a month later, she was pregnant! "Get out! Your ugly deeds have brought shame on the family!" Her father's cruel slap landed her in the face and she was thrown out of the house. Five years later, when she took her son to the supermarket shopping, a man in black stole her child, she wanted to call the police, but her son was held in the arms of a handsome man, suddenly appeared on TV! "Hello, everyone! This is my son! And the future heir to the throne!" "The man said to all the media. Lily froze! Little did she know that the bastard who got her pregnant was the president, and the president with billions of dollars!

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165 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Man in the Dream
Third-Person POV"Your Majesty, we have found her, the best candidate for your sperm from the blood bank," a servant bows and reports to the man in the dark corridor of a luxury hotel. He dresses in a navy blue Armani couture suit, one hand casually in his pocket. His imposing figure exudes an aura of majesty, even if he doesn't say a word."I see," the man's voice is very deep."The woman is already on your bed. Today is her ovulation date—"Before the servant could finish, the man waves him off.He pushes the door open, and the dimly lit room reveals a woman lying on the bed with flushed cheeks, her blonde hair cascading over her face, mouth, and shoulders.The man's Adam's apple bob slightly. His gaze darkens, making him look like a fierce werewolf hiding in the dark night, ready to pounce on its prey."Why is it getting so hot in here..." Suddenly, the woman's rosy lips utter a moan as she forcefully throws back the sheets, revealing her naked body.The man no longer admires silen
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Chapter 2 - The Abortion Procedure
I am taken to the hospital by my family.The doctors bind me to the operating table.Tears stream down my cheeks as I touch my belly uncontrollably.I think it's just a dream, and I haven't done anything wrong.Moreover, the baby has done nothing wrong and is totally innocent. How can I bear to have my baby aborted?"Baby, I'm sorry. Mom can't protect you.""Now regretting it? Too late. You should have taken precautions!" The doctor impatiently spreads my legs apart, raising them on the stirrups.The cold instruments near my vagina, and suddenly, my consciousness becomes clear.I begin to struggle fiercely, but the doctor has two nurses hold me down with force.He holds a syringe in his hand, ready to administer anesthesia to me."NO!" I cry out in despair, but they easily overpower me.Just then, the door to the operating room is pushed open!An older doctor rushes in hurriedly."Wait, please stop the procedure immediately!"The other doctors are puzzled.I'm also somewhat bewildered
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Chapter 3 - Who Stole My Child?
"RINGGG..." My alarm suddenly goes off.Damn! It's this hour.I hurry out of the door because I need to pick up my son Chris from kindergarten.On the way, the gaze of that presidential candidate man comes to my mind again. I see his name - Antoninus.I decide to look up information about this man later tonight.When I get off the car, I immediately spot Chris in the crowd. Not only because he is adorable, but also because his aloof demeanor sets him apart from the other kids.His personality is strikingly similar to that man from the other night – cold and composed. Now he stands there all by himself, hands in his pockets, looking disdainfully at the other kids joyfully running into the arms of their parents."Hi there. Moonpie. What are you looking at?" I ask, kissing his cheek.Chris gestures towards the crowd,"Why are they so excited?"I glance over and say with a hint of envy, "They just miss their parents sooooo much!""Even if they miss them, do they have to shout and hug like
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Chapter 4 - Old Manor!
I nervously follow behind Eric, and outside the door are parked the five Hummers that appears in the photo, with a Lincoln limousine in the middle.Gallantly, Eric opens the door of the limo for me.I take a deep breath and bravely get in.The car drives for a full four hours on a long forest road before finally stopping in front of a massive manor.Through the car window, I can see a high Gothic castle nestles amid layers of low hollies, exuding an ancient and noble aura, akin to a palace of ancient nobility.Yet, it is only when I step inside that I realize the opulence and splendor here far exceed my imagination.Elegant golden pillars stand on both sides, and intricately patterned Persian carpets extend from under my feet all the way to the end of seemingly endless corridors. It is almost identical to my "dream"!The exquisite soaring domes, the magnificent murals that could be deadly if they fell... Seeing me stunned to the point of daze, Eric couldn't help but smile and says, "M
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Chapter 5 - He Arrived!
Suddenly, a man appears in the mirror.I gaze at the man's features in the mirror. His nose is as straight as a mountain peak, and his eyes are as deep as the cosmos.His gaze overlaps with the eyes from my dream five years ago. Even in the darkness, his domineering look pierces through my soul.My heart couldn't help but race uncontrollably,The mature woody scent of Hermès men's cologne fills the air, accompanied by his damn arrogant, cold, and noble aura...I feel like a startled fawn encountering a lion and instinctively take a step back, wanting to turn and run away.But the next second, I grit my teeth, stand my ground, and raise my hand, delivering a fierce slap to his face.A crisp sound echoes in the surroundings, and the crowd fall silent.He didn't expect such a reaction from me.Even the bodyguards are stunned, taking a few seconds to react and then moving towards me."Step back!" he coldly orders.The bodyguards tremble, bowing their heads and retreating.I'm a bit fright
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Chapter 6 - Midnight Encounter
Fangs pierce through his skin.A pungent-sweet taste instantly fills my mouth!He winces in pain, finally releasing his grip on me, stepping back a few paces.I immediately get to my feet, wiping the blood from the corner of my mouth with force. "You demon! Where's Chris? You'd better return him to me right away!"But he flatly denies, "Not possible."I know he will answer like that.I raise my phone, the call has already connected. "This is the L District Police Station's number. Would you dare to repeat what you just said?"The policeman who had once suspected my association with a certain important figure had been bothering me.It is fortunate I can use him to my advantage!Before coming here, I have secretly dialed that policeman's number, keeping the call active throughout!"Officer Smith? Are you still there?"I press the speakerphone button firmly, and the officer on the other end speaks with stern words, "Yes, I'm with you, Miss Lily." he continues, "This is detective Smith!
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Chapter 7 - Negotiation 1
As I turn around and see Antoninus standing behind me, I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.How is it that he appeared just at the moment when I'm slapping him, I mean, his portrait? Perhaps he truly is a demon... capable of reading minds!His perfectly sculpted face and frigid expression remain unchanged as he speaks with a cold and almost monotone voice, "Why are you dressed in only a nightgown?"I suddenly realize that I'm only wearing a loosely fitting silk nightgown!I don't wear a bra, and my chest is unconstrained, forming two small protrusions beneath the fabric...Instinctively, I shield my chest with my arms, and he furrows his brow slightly, seemingly displeased with my actions. "Stop playing these tiresome games of trying to seduce men. At the very least, don't do it in the hallways."What? Who do I seduce?!If I had known he would be here, I would never have come!Feeling indignant, I release my arms and straighten my chest. "I'm not trying to seduce anyone. It
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Chapter 8 - Negotiation 2
I tightly bite my lower lip, remaining silent for a while before asking him, "Then how should I prove that I'm accompanying Chris well? Do I need to stay here 24 hours?""Yes."Antoninus's gaze, as deep as the night sky, stares at me firmly, his tone leaving no room for doubt, "I don't think this request is unreasonable. Chris goes to school every weekday and only comes back in the evening. So, you'll have at least 12 hours of free time each day."I nod, continuing his thought, "And if we subtract the 10 hours he spends sleeping, the actual time I need to be with him on weekdays is probably only around 4 hours. It does seem like a fair deal."He seems pleased with my understanding and pushes the pen for me to sign the agreement.However, I let out a soft laugh and return both the pen and the contract to him.He furrows his brows, "What do you mean?""Mr. President, you may have misunderstood."I also look at him with pride, my tone resolute, "Being with Chris has never been my job; it
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Chapter 9 - Encounter the Ex-boyfriend
I glare at him with resentment.Eric maintains his smug smile, saying, "Trust me, landing the President's helicopter in other places would draw even more attention. Have a pleasant day, Miss Lily. We'll be back to pick you up at 5 PM.""Well, thank you for giving me such a NORMAL ride," I reply sarcastically.The guests in this luxurious hotel is either a business tycoon or a dignitary.I, dress in my Zara suits, feel like a clown who have accidentally wanders into Swan Lake!I hurriedly make my way through the crowd with a blushed face, keeping close to the wall.But I don't pay attention and bump into someone coming towards me."Sorry, I'm so sorry," I apologize repeatedly."Lily?"This voice?I shudder and slowly raise my head. Indeed, standing before me is my ex-boyfriend, Ben. I never expect to meet him again after five years, and certainly not in this place...Ben has changed a lot from five years ago. He has shed his youthful innocence, and his features have softened, becoming
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Chapter 10 - Snack Battle with the President
Eric once again displayed that signature smile and looked down at my neck. I raised my hand to touch it and realized I still had the communication earpiece hanging there! Back on the plane, I found it too heavy, causing my scalp to ache, so I pushed it down and wore it around my neck. The problem was that Eric had noticed I hadn't taken off the earpiece, but he didn't remind me; instead, he eavesdropped on my conversations! What? Cute? This kind of person is irritating!!!Angrily, I glared at him. He smirked and said, "I just found it amusing to see when you would notice.""Oh, it's so amusing!" I retorted, slamming the earpiece into his hand, mimicking his smug tone, "I'll make sure to tell the President exactly what happened!"Ignoring his plea, I walked straight back to my office building. As expected, my first action upon returning was... getting scolded. My boss, Blake, summoned me to his office and unleashed his wrath."You've been absent for an entire month, and you dare ask me
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