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When Abiola thinks she can't fall in love with a new guy she met in her cousin's house, she did. But now, he has left her to herself. But...... Did he really leave, or is there a reason for his departure? When Abiola finds out, will she finally accept his love for her and forget what THEY did to her? Or would she never wants to have anything to do with him? By THEY, who are they? Read to find out about Abiola Farouk, the only child and daughter of businessman Mr Farouk and housewife Mrs Farouk.

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35 Chapters
Chapter 1. Busy streets
Abiola's POV  Walking through the overly crowded and overly busy streets of Aberdeen, walking past people you might have passed before more than a thousand times but can't remember. Everyone too busy with either their phones or other things. I have no destination of where I'm going just decided to take a stroll and I found my self in town so I'm just walking around taking busy routes... "oops, sorry, " Someone said to me as they bumped into me "Omma sorry, my bad, wasn't looking where I was going, " I said as I walked passed him and we were facing eacthother. Thank God my slushy didn't pour because I would have cried, I don't joke with my food. And I would have cried harder coz this summer sun can boil water and still boil egg. Being a hijabi isn't helping at all, I'm all sweaty underneath my hijab and can't wait to go home and take a cold shower.... "Let's go, day dreamer," Konyii said as she dragged my hand"W
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Chapter 2. Mr Jerk
The next day we woke up with backaches, next time I'm chasing them away from my bed, everytime I say this I don't keep my word.  "Next time, I don't want to see you guys on my bed, ni to ri Olorun" I told them stretching my body, hearing the cracking sound they looked at me and I looked at them.  "Was that your back?" Konyii asked.  "No your back " and I rolled my eyes standing up and going into the bathroom "E lo sha lu wala oo" I shouted from the other side of the door.  "Yes ma!" that is definitely Bola.  We prayed and went back to sleep didn't even have breakfast, guess we'll be having brunch.  "Aburo mi, bawo ni?" I heard my cousins voice all the way from my room.  "I'm good aunty, " I heard a masculine deep voice talking in Brits  "Gosh you're much taller than the last tim
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Chapter 3. Daddy!!Mummy!!
When I say my day was horrible, I wasn't joking. So after Mr Jerk sped away, I went into the shop and saw lots of customers, it would have been easy to ditch but I don't want my cousin to be angry at me, so I stayed. I went into the kitchen, washed my hands, put on my special apron which no-one must use except me, or else, Lord help that person and then put on the disposable cap, picked my pen and paper and got to work.  I collected an order from table 14 and dished it out, went to the table and met with a couple, I then proceeded to drop the order and I was about leaving when I heard my name pronounced wrongly by one person I would never forget her voice. Kelsey.  "Abbey?" I turned around back to the table, I hadn't noticed she was the one, I hadn't even noticed the guy was the idiot from my first year in college.  "Hey, Kelsey, " I faked a smile at her, ignoring Bob sitting in front of her. 
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Chapter 4. Tutor preparations
 After I woke up I sat still on my bed crossed leg, looking at nowhere in particular. Flash backs of what happened started flashing across my eyes, making tears sting the back of my eyes but I looked up to prevent the tears from slipping out. Then there was a knock on my door, it was my mum. "Oko mi, I'm not here to apologize because you know you're wrong. You need to stop being the daddy's girl everyone knows you are, you need to grow up. We have accepted the fact that your dad spoiled you to this extent, don't you think it's time you start acting your age. At 23 I had you, but here you are at 22 still acting 16. Which man do you think is willing to marry a daddy's baby like you?" she said looking at me in a motherly way, I just kept mute because I know she's right after all, but I won't admit it. I know I still act daddy's girl, but why is she bringing marriage now? "I don't kn
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Chapter5. Tutor preparations 2
Tobi's POVI looked at her after she said if we could branch at Tesco, I ignored her. It feels good to piss her off. "Can we please make a quick stop at Tesco?" She asked.  "Can you just stop ignoring me? I'm speaking to you!" She screamed and I didn't budge. "Stop screaming like a dog bitten crazy woman. " I replied, raising my voice a little. "I'm very sure you're talking about your mom and not me, " I pressed the brakes really fast, did she just bring my mom into this? If anything, I don't joke with my mother. "Get out, " I said in a dangerously low tone, she didn't flinch. "And what if I don't?" She said crossing her hands over her portable breast, that would have been a different case if it wasn't for the
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Chapter 6. Just friends!?
Abiola's POV  I looked at him from my seat, it didnt seem like he was listening. "Tobi, will you please take Abiola to where she would start her tutor?" My mom asked him, he didnt reply. Simply because he wasn't listening. I mentally rolled my eyes.  "What do you say Tobi?" Aunt Temi asked him.  "Huh.. " He said looking stupid . " He wasn't even listening, " I said said rolling my eyes.  "Abiola, Walahi ti o ba gbenu e dake ni be yen, " My mom gave me a look and I looked down at my food, cursing under my breath. " Ki lo so?" My mom asked daring daring me to repeat what I said .
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Chapter 7. I'm lost!!!
Abiola's POVAs I packed my things, I realised I had more than I needed. My mom had to give me three extra bags to pack up, funniest part is that most of them, I don't use them."Ah, madam, you will not break my back." Konyii complained, rubbing her back."Sorry. As if it's not you That makes me buy unnecessary things." I said, dragging the first box with me."Ahh, how? If I buy hell now will you follow me and buy?"" As long as you buy. " I said making her laugh.We finally finished packing around 10am. We aren't slow, we took a break to eat, use our phones and chatter among ourselves. Ok, we were a tad bit slow.I got ready and dressed up. My mom said after I am done taking my things to the house, I should text Tobi and ask for the address."Aunt mi, I'll miss you!" I said pecking aunt Temi on the cheek,"I'll miss you t
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Chapter 8. Tutor starts
 Abiola's POVWhen we got to the estate, it was a really nice estate. Ayo's house was a two storey building, I wonder what a bachelor would be thinking living in a two storey alone. I couldn't even live in a two bedroom apartment alone, that's why my parents had suggested I stayed with my cousin while my dad went to manage his business.His house has this manly feels to it, not the homey feels. It is covered with manly cologne.  I knew if there was a woman living in the house, it would have the homey feels to it.I looked outside to where the guys were talking, it looked like Ayo was mad at Tobi for some reason. He was throwing his arms around looking pissed, I so wanted to eavesdrop but I didn't.I looked around the sitting room, it has a picture of Ayo and Tobi hanging on the wall facing the door, then a family picture with Tobi in it, Are they brothers? They don't look anything alike.
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Chapter 9. I don't do please.
Tobi's POV I still don't know why she ignores me like that, I didn't do anything to her. She just acts like I'm invisible and I don't know why that hurts so much. I was driving to work when my phone rang. I checked the caller id and it was my younger sister's nanny. "Hello Mr Tobi, Tope is having an attack again!" She sounded really panicked. Shit! I made a quick U-turn and hung up on her. I called my colleague and asked him to cover up for me. I started praying. I hope I make it home in time, she's the only one I have left. I promised I'll make sure nothing happens to her. I called her nanny again to fill me up on what's happening. "Her eyes are beginning to roll backwards, and she's foaming!" No, no no no no!!! Not foaming!! My s
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Chapter 10. Unprepared date
Abiola's POVI didn't know he had a sister as cute as that. The dimple on both sides of her cheeks and the sweet pink lips. Even with her disorders, she's still a sweetheart. I was so happy after Tobi said she could come stay the weekend, so he's a caring big brother. Who knew? "I didn't know he had a sister." I said to Konyii that was munching on a Chips like a goat. Chewing everything and it was falling on my car seat. "How many things do you know about him, he's very closed off. It was aunty Temi that told me about it, after I had promised to keep out of his matter. He has a very sad past though, he's gonna need a life partner to accept his past. But the way things are going, I'm not sure he's ready until a particular person learns to start liking him, even if it's as a human." Konyii ended her speech shaking the bag if chips to get
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