The Duke's Daughter

The Duke's Daughter

By:  Nightshade  Ongoing
Language: English
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AristocratsImmortals that protecting humans from dangerous elements lurking everywhere.DukeA powerful immortal that protects aristocrats' existence and humans from danger.But the Duke has his own secret: a child.No one expected him to have one, being alone and reserved. Only his loyal servant, and few trusted aristocrats knows about her existence.And she's only one who can help his father from their dilemma for millennia.

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I love the story😍😍
2021-01-11 21:55:48
12 Chapters
"It's tiring."Yeah, very tiring."Tired of living and leaving places every decade or less, just to avoid suspicion."But I need to."Because I don't look like getting old. My physique doesn't change, no matter how time flies."Unfair, isn't it?"Well, yes. That's for a human's perspective. But for us-a noble or a mythical creature as what human history says-it's natural. We can live for millennia and tens and hundreds of it, not aging. We can even enter eternal slumber if we want to."But that's not always the case. Sometimes, one can enter a force eternal sleep if they committed a crime that is too grave beyond comprehension and the risk being known to the world is high or they took offense to the humankind that we're supposed to take care."-Cassielle Elise D. Dairen, the daughter of the duke, Clyde Estreno D. Dairen.The unknown
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'Ring! Ring!'   A clock beeped at exact 6:30 am, as the sun illuminates from the window, spreading light to the room.   Inside the room, something stirred at the covers of the bed, revealing a figure of a woman with a long wavy black hair and pale skin.   Lifting herself out of the bed, wearing comfortable sleepwear, she fixes the covers and left the room.   Her day started like that 750 years ago; ever since she decided to live among humans and tried to look out for her father who went missing after chasing a close friend. Whatever happened to her father that day, no one knows of his whereabouts and triggered something to the island, forcing her and his father's butler to leave the place and tried to look for him.   Her day starts like that, pretending to be a human when it wasn't one of her strengths. But in order to survive, she needs to adjust and leave what she was accustome
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'Rising! Rising!'   A call resonates in the room, where Cass is currently staying. It made her look around to check what time is it who was the person calling.   It's Daniel, one of her housemates at the apartment. Calling at six am in the morning means it's breakfast time for them. She tends to forget or skip her meals when she's in deep thought. And someone needs to remind her or no food will be in her stomach.   She stood up, fix the bed, and answered the call, saying that she will head back before leaving the said room. Downstairs, the Greens family are preparing for their hearty breakfast. It's one of the rarest days that they have a visitor in the house, everyone wakes up earlier than their usual sleep schedule every weekend; even Amelia who still have a migraine from the side effect of intoxication last night.   "Good morning, Cass..." Amelia groans. "Do we have ibuprofen, Dad?"  
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December 19XX Shell Harbor, Bahamas   From Cass' perspective, being a doctor in a war-stricken world as a woman is sort of being discriminated against. After all, women aren't allowed to do work that is mainly for men. That's why as soon as their group was deployed and were welcomed by the commander, a curious gaze and murmurs were circulating them. And all of it was directed towards her, seeing her wearing a lab gown amongst the group of young men who wears the same clothing. Her uniqueness made others ostracize her but be amaze her at the same time, thinking that she's foolish enough to do it.   Even the nurses who were sent there first were jealous of her accomplishment. But some patients, especially the males, are hesitant to be touched by her, being a woman and a doctor.   No one let her stay in some small bunk that is for her as a doctor, even the nurses were avoiding her like a plague. On the island where
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"You did what?" Cass asks over the phone when the emergency ringtone played and she answers it. "You better explain yourself when I get back."   Amelia stared at Cass with worry. "Did something happened?"   "Charles did happen." Annoyance is evident in Cass's voice. "He did something stupid because it's almost the time of the year. Why the hell does he always do this? Can he just bear with it and walk away?"   "Uhh, do you need help, Cass?" Amelia offers. "You look like you need it."   Cass stared at her first, gears turning inside her head, computing possibilities. "I might do. Let's go while we still have an hour to spare."   Since they are still inside the campus, they need to leave the premises before they can get a ride to where they will go. Cass was about to look for a ride when she saw someone familiar to her.   He
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A voice that had been etched deep into her soul. Her father's voice.   "...Long time no see."   Cass turned towards her father. Looking at her father, she noticed that compared to her father's previous complexion, it's pale in comparison. "What happened? You used your soul weapon again, didn't you?"   Her father just looks at her. Cass knows that her father won't say anything, after all, she understands him more than anything. They are the same but different. She had changed her perspectives in life when she left her home   "Michael is dead," Cass' father, Clyde, said.   "He's with his daughter. And wife." She answers. When they both found out that year that Michael's daughter, Alaina, died from the war between two countries, a victim of the war.   "I killed him," Clyde confesses. "So that he won't hurt all humans that day; we fought until we are both ex
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As they head to the airport, Cass forgets to do something important.   "I need to talk to my lawyer. I'm going to sell our unit and car here." She announces. "We can't just leave things here just like that, people will get suspicious."   "Make him come to Korea talk over those things, milady." Sebastian answers. "Perhaps we can even let him join the gang."   "No need. I'll call him later."   Clyde keeps on staring at Cass like she might disappear if he blinks just once.   "I won't disperse in wind, dad. I'm here." Cass mutters.   "..."   The silence continued until the group reach the airport. Truth be told, the silence was an awkward thing for Daniel and Charles. Cass wasn't the usual silent type; she can be a normal person sometimes if it's needed. But her silence is different from this one.   It's like they are ant
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It has been a few days since Cass and her company had resided in Sebastian's place. Daniel reported right away the next day of their arrival. And resume his position at the company. Charlie went back to the airport to hide the airplane they use to somewhere that only Charlie and Cassielle knows where.   As she had said, she didn't want to attend high school together with her Dad, since she has other matters to attend to. But today, she tells Sebastian that a certain person will come to the house, and it's her employee.   "A tailor will come here upon my request. So if you also want a set of new clothes, go to the tailor, she'll know what to do." Cass told at the breakfast table together with the others.   "Lady Elise, are you sure you don't want to attend school with us?" Diana asks.   "My little moon," Cass starts to explain. "I'm taking a college degree when Sebastian and Dad decided to take me bac
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"How long has it been since I tried to have fun?" Cass asked herself when she got free time after the show.   As usual, it was a success, and all people who watched were satisfied to see the collection of Arturia.   Her quirk of using weird styles as patterns for her clothes caught the interest of fashion enthusiasts.   Let's add to the fray her employer who likes to decide on the spot on which model should wear the clothes.   Their combo made their business prosper in a few years.    "Who knows? You were busy in college. Now that you decided to stop, you can go out and play wild. Whatever you want." Arturia says while eating a lollipop.   They are currently strolling around Paris to see the famous places, and Cass is trying to remember the time when she had come here to stroll around. Some of the establishments weren't there during that time. &n
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December 19XX Shell Harbour, Bahamas   After a small attack on the base, the soldiers are trying to revive the base bit by bit, few people got wounded, including some civilians and women.   "We have a female doctor here, right? How is she? I heard no one let her stay the first night, who knows where is sleeping." A young man in his early twenties with oil on his face from smears at his hands asked.   A group of pilots surrounded him while working when Charles spoke. "You sound concerned to the lady doctor, Jason. Do you like her?"   "I'm not saying that I like her, or what," the young man, Jason, defended himself. "She was outcasted already before she made her job as a doctor because she's a woman. No one accepted her just for a night? So, where did she slept?"   "You are indeed concerned of her, Jace." Charles teased him. "No one dared to ask where she is sleeping, but o
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