Psychopath's Wife (The Escaped Wife)

Psychopath's Wife (The Escaped Wife)

By:  Payal Mandal  Completed
Language: English
11 ratings
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"I love You Raahi and I do not care whether you love me or not. If I am telling you that you are mine, that means you are mine and you have no right to love someone else" "What will you do if I fall in love with someone else?" And the next moment, she was caged between him and the wall while he dug his fingers hard in her cheeks. "You want to try me?" People often accused me of being selfish and unable to see his love. According to their claims, I supposedly acknowledged his love for me but couldn't reciprocate it. How could I? How could I simply be content with being his wife? After enduring twelve years of marriage with Arhaan Awasthi, Raahi Awasthi finally reaches a decision to escape. But why?

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Lumina Shakeel
Amazing author keep it up
2023-07-15 23:19:56
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Clara Star
Cool, thank you
2023-07-15 13:23:41
user avatar
Living for this beautiful story
2023-07-08 17:37:46
user avatar
such a beautiful story...every chapter is intresting ...🤌
2023-07-05 16:56:47
default avatar
Beautiful story...
2023-06-19 19:16:16
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Pravi Singh
This book is literally a masterpiece It gives same chills even if you read the chapters 5 times also^⁠_⁠^
2023-06-17 16:06:12
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a story totally worthy of reading guys , do read it ............
2023-06-16 19:57:44
user avatar
A banger ! ...
2023-06-16 16:24:37
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Luna Sads
Update please
2023-06-15 21:07:54
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wow, another masterpiece from the awesome author ... keep the great work ongoing thanks ...
2023-06-13 13:54:11
user avatar
men like arhaan are bastard...if I was at her place i had never bear the torture instead I killed the bastard
2023-07-23 17:56:37
51 Chapters
A man's voice..."No, She escaped me!" I cried as I settled on the floor of my empty house. She is nowhere to be found in the entire house.She never does this, she never dares to step out of the house. Her world consisted of just me and our daughter. I am sure, someone has taken her.I love her and she is mine, she can't go far from me, she needs to understand this. I am going to find her, she should be right in front of my eyes, listening to whatever I say. That's what she has been doing for sixteen years and that's what she should do till the end of her life.She is my wife, mine. And she will be mine till the end of time. I am going to find her and pull her ass right back here. Mrs Arhaan Awasthi can't leave her husband Arhaan Awasthi. Because being my wife is her identity and I am the reason for her existence.A woman quietly entered the bus with her daughter and took a seat. She looked scared.The woman's voice...Hey,This is a wife, known by the name of her husband, Arhaan Awa
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1. Seventeen Years Ago
RAAHI I used to be a simple and happy to go girl. I had my fair share of dreams and ambitions and I wanted to accomplish something in my life and make my parents proud. Well, this wasn't something unusual. This is a dream that every middle-class girl in India dreams of, to study and then get a job so that she can stand on her feet and make her parents proud before she is married off to someone. I dreamt the same. But then, something happened. Whatever happened was something that a girl can read in some dark romance novels or movies, something which sounds romantic till the time it's a story, on the texts. But when that happens in real life, it turns out to be the worst nightmare of a girl's life. And seventeen years ago, something happened that turned my entire life upside down. I still remember that day clearly, the memories, the incidents all of it is crystal clear in my mind. And I don't feel good about it, trust me, after seventeen long year's, those memories continue to ha
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2. First Time
RAAHI I went apathetic when I felt his lips on mine. I couldn't understand how should I react or what should I do. On one hand, I wanted to push him away with all the strength I had in myself, while on the other, I was scared. I was scared of the people who were there in the club, looking at me and this unknown guy, but most importantly I was scared of him. This was the first kiss of my life, I expected my first kiss to be a blissful one, something full of magic, love and passion. But instead, here this man, whom I barely know, was kissing me without even seeking my consent and I couldn't even react. The next moment he left my lips and looked at me straight in my eyes. "I think, now it isn't necessary to convey who am I to you anymore," he spoke with a mild chuckle on his face as he held my hand and pulled me out of the club. My mind had stopped working then, I couldn't think of anything else. I was just scared... So much scared that I couldn't figure out how to react to whatever
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3. Uncomfortable Encounter
ARHAAN FLASHBACK I claimed her mine and I knew that she won't be the one who will go against my wishes. But then, I refrained from approaching her that very day. It was the first day of college and an act like that can always turn her off. So I decide to wait for a perfect moment when I will approach her and she won't have any other chance except to fall in love with me. But yes, the moment I claimed her, I didn't claim her for her body. I had no interest in that. I wanted her to be known as mine, I wanted her heart and soul. But, from that day, I kept an eye on her. Who she was? What does she do? Where she is from? What's her likes and dislikes? Where she goes? When does she return? What does she say to others? I knew everything about her and the more I knew about her, the more I fell in love with her and the urge to make her mine, increased more and more. But I somehow refrained to express this to her, thinking I will propose to her for marrying me and she would have to accept.
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About The Book
Hello Dear readers, I want to inform you all about a very important aspect of the book that you need to keep in mind while reading. The book contains present and past scenes parallely, which means the scenes after Raahi running away and the scenes that made Raahi run are written simultaneously. To differentiate between present and past scenes, focus on the writing style. The scenes written in ITALIC font describes the scenes from the past, while the scenes written normally depicts the scenes from the present. Thank you for reading the book and do shower your love on the book by voting and commenting on it.
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4. Bound To Love
ARHAAN FLASHBACK How could she even think about going to another man? She is mine and I don't want my girl whoring around like the other ones in the college. She should understand that if I have claimed her as mine, she has no right to talk to other boys, and if she does that, she would be the reason for their death and I am fucking serious. I was furious at her, how could she even say that to me? I dug my fingers at her cheeks hardly and I could hear her groan in pain. And to be honest, that's what she deserved after offending me. "Listen, Raahi. Consider this as a threat or warning, but you won't be talking to any other guy except your father, brother and me. Not even your cousins, is that clear?" I growled. She needs to be in her place. I wanted her to nod in affirmation, but she didn't, all I saw was her crying and trying to escape from me. I immediately left her and took a few steps back. I don't care if she didn't respond to my words, I will make sure she follows it. EN
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5. Complaint
RAAHI FLASHBACK The moment I heard those words, I don't know how, something in me felt tainted. I pushed him ajar with all the strength I had and got out of the car. The moment I got out of the car, I ran towards my hostel as fast as I could. I was in no way getting trapped by this man again. I entered my hostel and without wasting any other moment I rushed to my room and locked the door from inside. Mansi wasn't back yet and I knew she wouldn't be returning for at least an hour more. I threw my bag on the bed and rushed to the bathroom. I couldn't even care to undress at that time, the moment I got into the bathroom, I turned on the shower and stood below it. As the water droplets hit my skin, I picked up the soap and started scrubbing my lips, face and my hands. I was constantly crying, but I wanted to scrub it all at once, I didn't want to feel his touch on my body. It haunted me like anything. Gasping heavily, I focused on scrubbing and I didn't know till when I was under
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6. Fables
FLASHBACKARHAAN"Arrest me? What do you mean?" I was shocked.A sudden knock at my door, policemen to arrest me? Was this some kind of joke?"Yes. We do have a complaint of harassment and eve-teasing against you," the officer responded."Harassment? Eve-teasing? Who did that?" I went numb."Raahi," the officer responded.What? My Raahi filed a fake case against me? She dragged our personal matter to the police? This isn't done, baby. I will have to talk to you."No officer. I am sure, you're mistaken," I replied with a smile."She just lodged a complaint against you," the officer replied."Oh," I pretended to be shocked.Raahi, baby you don't know me yet. No one can separate me from you, darling, not even the cops. I will for sure make sure about that."Officer. You're mistaken. Actually, she is my girlfriend. We got into a huge fight, and she is so pissed off that she lodged an FIR," I spoke with a nervous smile.I had to make sure that the officer believes what I say, and for that,
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7. Scared Cat
RAAHIFLASHBACKI was horrified. Was he just threatening me and pretending to kill Mansi or was he serious?I looked at him, completely scared."Are... Are you joking?"I stuttered. I couldn't even form my words."Trust me, darling, I am not the person who jokes," he responded in a deep husky voice.I gulped. Why was this happening to me? What have I done to experience something like this?"No. Please, don't," I cried out. "Then, don't you fucking dare to go behind my back," he growled, yanking my hairs.END OF FLASHBACKI gasped, waking up from the pale sleep and looked around. I immediately looked at Arohi, she was sleeping peacefully in my lap. I smiled and then looked out of the window. We haven't reached our unknown destination yet. All I knew was I had some money in my bag to feed us for a few days and manage a temporary shelter, but I had to find something permanent.I then looked at Arohi who was sleeping peacefully and I remembered the experience I have had in my life. For t
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8. New Beginning or New Trouble
RAAHII was looking out of the window towards the city the bus just entered. The city looked beautiful and I wondered which city it is because I had no idea.And then, the bus entered the bus stop and the conductor walked towards the seats."We have reached Dehradun. This is the last stop."He made the announcement and walked away.So, we were in Dehradun. I sighed, as I looked around from the bus. I finally managed to escape Arhaan and step into a new city. I can finally restart my life and live fear-free.I nudged Arohi a bit, waking her up."Aru, we have reached," I softly responded."Where is daddy?" She innocently asked.I gulped. What if Arohi wants to go back to her father? How will I make her understand that his father won't be living with us anymore? How will I manage that?"He will be with us, soon," I lied.I didn't know how to console Arohi if I told her the truth because Arhaan didn't let me come close to my daughter. He didn't even let my daughter be my first priority."
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