Emotionless Attachment

Emotionless Attachment

By:  nhumbhii  Completed
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Gwyneth was just a child when her foster parents died in an accident. She had no other relatives other than her aunt who took care of her until she was a teenager. When she turned sixteen, she left her aunt's house and began to live independently. She decided to work as "contract girlfriend"and earned a lot of money enough for a living from it. There, she met Kalex Fuevo, an absurd and most conceited man to ever live on earth. He's widely known for being an ultimate playboy of their campus. They made a contract that she would be his girlfriend for a month, but little did she know, she's signing herself for a great misery.

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251 Chapters
Chapter One
Gwyneth’s POV“Are you really sure you’re not going to attend the party at Denver’s house?” Zaina asked me as we walk down the corridor.We just ended our class sooner than I expected. Our professor got a call from our school administrator, telling him that there will be an emergency meeting together with other faculties, the reason why he dismissed us earlier. “I'm gonna be busy tonight, you know doing usual stuffs and all.” I repliedI don’t have much time to have fun, besides, I have an appointment later with one of my client.“But this is the first time Denver got a ball to invite us. It will be put to waste if you’re not gonna come.” She tugged the hem of my top, pouting her lips on the process whilst gazing up at me with those puppy dog eyes. “Accompany me later, please.”“I can't .”“Even just for an hour?&rdqu
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Chapter Two
Gwyneth’s POV“I'll be your girlfriend from 6am up to 5pm only. If the time is up and you're still in need of my service, you had to pay for my overtime. Aside from that, you need to inform me firsthand if you have events to attend and need me to escort you there so I can prepare ahead of time." I clarified things up with Kalex before giving him the contract he had to sign. A goofy smile crept into his picture perfect face as he reaches for the documents I was holding up for him. “Is this really necessary?" he asked, pertaining to the contract.We are currently here in my own apartment, discussing the do's and don’ts when I'm gonna be his contract girlfriend. I opened my bag, rummaging for my pen and handed it to him when I saw it. "Of course it is! This is not some silly jokes you could just crack, Kalex. This is my job, better be sure before diving in." I replied to him curtly."What if the con
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Chapter Three
Gwyneth’s POV"Are your parents in here already?" I immediately asked Sean when he greeted me first thing, the time I stepped into the restaurant."Yeah, they just got here not long ago." he replied so I just step my pace up to somewhat regain my composure before meeting his parents."I'm sorry for making them wait. Something came up that's why I didn't make it on time." I reasoned out while we're heading to the VIP room of the resto."It's okay."Together, we entered the room filled with dim lights and as I wander my eyes around, my very own eyes landed on an elderly couple I assume Sean's parents. They were now sitting in a luxurious seat and seemed to be waiting for our arrival."Hello, good evening." I greeted politely.Sean's mom offered a smile making me feel a bit at ease. “Have a seat, sweetie." Motioning to the vacant seat near me."Thank you." I muttered when Sean pulled out a chair for me
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Chapter Four
Gwyneth’s POVThe entire room was filled with a deafening silence that got me fidget in my seat even more. It's as if they are waiting for me to explain the whole thing to them. What am I getting myself into?I silently calm myself down before standing up. "If you don't mind, let me excuse both of us for a moment. We're just gonna talk and sort things out first. It's seems like Kalex over here, is having a misconception. We'll explain everything when we get back, I'm sorry. "I said goodbye to them before turning my gaze to Kalex." Follow me.“ Gesturing for him to come with me.I sashayed on my way out of the room with Kalex hot on my tail. When were out of their sight and into a solace corridor, I whipped my head towards the asshole who just ruined the whole thing."What the hell was that for? Are you out of your mind, Kalex? You screwed us up! What are we gonna do now, huh?" I lashed out outrageously at him whilst tugging my
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Chapter Five
Gwyneth's POV A few minutes later, we're in his car and he's driving like a mad man, he's making me nervous as hell. "Take me back to the resto this instant! I'm not happy with what you have done back there. Now take me back so I could atleast apologize in your stead." I am restraining myself not to rebuke him even more.He didn't seem unfazed at all instead he is more focused on finding a parking spot in the front lawn of an enormous house or more like a mansion.From here, I could clearly see the whole party design at the entrance gate. Party music blasting like there's no tommorow and I could say that everybody is having fun in there, dancing and grinding each other's body like a wild animal."Sean is going to be mad at me if I didn't make it in there." I insisted.He unbuckled his seatbelt before turning sideways. "Come on, the party started earlier than I thought." He's not even paying attention to my consta
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Chapter Six
Gwyneth's POVThe irking music blasted the whole place. I've seen a group of people smoking weed, aside from throwing drinks in the air and consuming alcohol. It's creeping the hell outta me.“I would have you home before midnight.” Kalex whispered to my ears before walking crisscross going back to his troupe busy playing game flip cup, which gotten them boozy.Is he nuts? He's insanely drunk, so how is he going to drive me home?Most of the people attending this party spend their leisure time getting intoxicated. Even Zaina? Well, she's nowhere to be found since she left me a while ago. How I wish Kalex didn't showed up earlier while I'm with my client. Tch. I stood up and started to walk down the exit of this house, or should I say mansion. Denver is fucking loaded. I don't think I can stand this kind of atmosphere any longer. I'd rather wait for Zaina outside than breathing the same ai
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Chapter Seven
Gwyneth's POVAfter a couple of few minutes waiting here in the queue, finally the chicken noodle soup I ordered for Zaina arrived. She complained about her having severe headache and body ache because of the party yesterday night, so I decided to buy it for her so that somehow she would feel a little better."Thank you." I smiled to the counter attendant.I picked up the tray that contains the soup and carefully walk back to our table."Gosh! I just want to sleep and not get into the next subject." I heard Zaina muttered as she bent down and proceed to bang her head on the table for several times.She's going crazy.We are here in the cafeteria for an hour break. I laid the tray on the table and placed the soup in front of Zaina. "Here's your soup, 'Madame'." I said, emphasizing the word "madame".She stopped from what she was doing and then finally got up from her seat. "What's this?""Soup, obviously. What e
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Chapter Eight
Gwyneth's POV"What is your plan?" Zaina asked while I am busy fixing the laces of my shoes, she's doing the same thing as me.We are here in the locker room with the rest of our classmates to change into our PE uniform, so it's not surprising that every corner of this room was corrupted by an ear piercing noise made by them. "Can you tie my hair?" I pleaded Zaina as I stood up and went straight to the full-length mirror like usual locker room would have."Obviously they like you and you don't have to ask them that. It's pretty obvious you know, except for Denver who almost bragged earlier that he was flirting with you. How whipped he can get lmao." I saw her reflection from the mirror. "What can you say? " she then asks as she trod her way towards me."I honestly don't know what to say." I simply said.What should I say? They're not even my type and I was about to decline Denver's feelings towards me, I am just waitin
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Chapter Nine
Gwyneth's POV"We need to talk." I stated firmly to Denver, then grab him by the arm and dragged him out of the locker room.I still manage to get out even though it's a bit crowded inside because of the scene he created in there."Hey slow down! Are you planning to trip me over?" I heard him whining but I simply ignored it and just continue to drag him with me until we finally got out of the gym.Myriads of eyes were on us as we pass by and believe me dude, some are almost popping out of it's eye sockets. Goodness gracious they're bunch of prying creatures! Can't they just mind their goddamn business? Anyways, who would not dare to look at their oozing hot Denver, especially when a woman is holding his arm?"Explain." I commanded, looking at him seriously after I let go of his arm.I brought him here in the back of the gymnasium building. I have no choice, do I? What he did earlier will probably be the talk of the town for
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Chapter Ten
Gwyneth's POVMy chest is still hammering as if I ran a mile. I'm getting myself ready for my last breath as the door agonizingly open. I closed my eyes and braced my head for whatsoever that's going to come. I bite the inside of my cheeks, silently cursing for getting myself in this cubicle. Jinx is really after me today. Of all other cubicle's I could enter, why did I get myself in this one?"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to eavesdropped on your convo with someone. I-It's just so happened that I am currently changing my clothes, so I didn't get out right away when you entered. I-I promise not to tell anyone about what I've heard. I'll also do whatever you asked me to do without anything in return. Just don't hurt me please." I entreated, stumbling over my words after she successfully got the door open.I couldn't face her. I'm afraid that she'll snap my neck the moment I laid my eyes on her. I can't die yet, not now. I still have plans for eterni
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