Chapter 9

Sabrina’s heart sank for a moment.

Of course, an honorable single man with such good backgrounds like Sebastian would not be lacking in girlfriends. The reason why Sebastian was married to her was only to let his dying mother leave this world with no regrets.

However, Sabrina never would have expected that Sebastian’s girlfriend would be Selene.

To Sabrina, life was full of irony.

The people who once oppressed her were becoming happier and more honorable. On the other hand, Sabrina had her future ruined, was pregnant but unmarried, and did not even know the name of her child’s father.

Sabrina felt like she was a clown as she looked at the couple that seemed to be a match made in heaven.

It seemed that Selene asking Sabrina to come and collect her mother’s pictures was an excuse. Selene’s true intention was to show off her boyfriend in front of Sabrina deliberately.

After concealing the sadness deep within her heart, Sabrina calmly said, “How would a tainted woman like me find a wealthy husband? I was only joking just now. Since you have a guest, I would not bother you any longer. Please bring my mother’s pictures to me, and I would leave immediately.”

She did not look at Sebastian as if they had not known each other at all.

Sebastian was also expressionless.

He did not want to come to the Lynn family, but he could not disregard the fact that Selene had saved his life before. Hence, he took the time today and made a trip here.

He also did not expect to meet Sabrina here.

Lincoln and Jade were secretly feeling ecstatic after they saw how Sebastian and Sabrina were not acquainted.

Sabrina really had no clue that the man she slept with not only did not die but became the most honorable man in South City overnight.

Selene exchanged a look with her parents for a moment, then said, “Sabrina, my boyfriend just came, and you wish to leave now? That’s too disrespectful. My boyfriend might have mistaken that we had been mistreating you.”

Selene turned around and said to Sebastian, “You had no idea, Darling Sebastian. My family had been paying for her living expenses and studies since she was a teenager, but this girl still misbehaved! She was put in jail during her sophomore year…”

Sebastian shot a disgusting glance at Sabrina, then said to Selene, “Have lesser contact with such despicable characters in the future.”

“As you wish, Darling Sebastian, but she still has to dine with us today. No matter what, she has spent eight years living with us, and my whole family loves her,” Selene said in an extremely gentle and mild manner.

Taking advantage of an angle that was out of Sebastian’s sight, Selene did not forget to smile recklessly at Sabrina.

What Selene wanted was to show Sabrina how sweet she and Sebastian can be.

If it was not for fear of having Sebastian finding out, Selene would have told Sabrina directly, ‘The man that you saved by sacrificing the most precious thing a girl could give is actually the most honorable man in South City, and that man is now my husband.’

She especially wanted to witness with her own eyes how Sabrina would die from anger.

Seeing that the whole Lynn family never mentioned the pictures, Sabrina answered immediately, “I will stay for dinner.”

She was worried she had no place to have dinner anyway.

It did not matter if she was a third-wheel or if she was looked down upon, as long as she could take her mother’s pictures away, it would not be a wasted trip.

After she sat down, only then Jade handed two pictures to Sabrina. Sabrina looked at her mother’s pictures, and her tears almost dripped down instantly.

She had not even managed to find out how her mother died, but right now, she has to eat here. The humiliation in her heart could not be described.

The money Sebastian was going to give her must be claimed. Once she has gotten the money, she would start to investigate her mother’s cause of death.

If it were the Lynn family that had made her mother die, she would make them pay back a hundred times more!

She kept the pictures in her bag and sat alone at the corner of the couch.

The Lynn family members could no longer care about her as they were focused on discussing with Sebastian.

“Young Master Sebastian, what do you think about your marriage with Selene?” The way Lincoln tried to please Sebastian was as petty and low as how people in the olden days would act when wanting the wealthy families to accept their daughter as a mistress.

Still, Lincoln and Sebastian deliberately showed off in front of Sabrina.

“I would marry your daughter! But only after two months.” Sebastian’s tone was cold and detached.

He resented the way the Lynn family discussed marriage matters in front of an outsider.

Also, Sabrina!

Obviously, she was his legal wife, but she acted like all this had nothing to do with her.

She was indeed a scheming manipulator at such a young age.

Seeing how Sebastian was sullen and cold, Lincoln, who was actually his elder, did not even dare to refute anything. He only echoed along and said, “Everything shall follow your arrangement…”

However, Selene acted cutely and said, “Darling Sebastian, I couldn’t wait. The weather is going to turn cold in two months. I wouldn’t look good in the wedding gown then. Can we have our wedding this month, pretty please?”

Sebastian especially despised women who were fake and acted cutely. If Selene had not lost her first time to him, he would have already left.

He replied coldly, “The wedding would be in two months later.”

Selene smiled in an extremely awkward manner. “Alright…Alright.”

She turned her head and glared at Sabrina maliciously.

Sabrina was looking in the direction of the dining room and was not paying attention to their discussion. Did their wedding date have anything to do with her?

She was hungry.

She was pregnant, so she would get hungry easily.

Sabrina sensed Selene’s gaze on her back, so she turned around and asked Selene, “Is it time to eat yet?”

Selene was speechless. Like a punch to cotton, her malicious gaze had no effect on Sabrina.

Sebastian, on the other hand, could not help but steal one more glance at Sabrina.

Seeing Sabrina’s composure, his heart throbbed a little.

The maid served up the dishes, and Sabrina instantly had her eye on the peach pudding cake.

That was Selene’s favorite dessert.

As soon as the cake was placed on the table, Sabrina took it and commenced to eat it before Selene could take it.

“You…” Selene looked at her in disbelief.

Jade was even more furious, but she could not explode because Sebastian was present, so she faked a smile and said, “Sabrina, I didn’t know you like deserts so much?”

“Mm, I had always wanted to try but never could. Today, I finally got to eat it.” Sabrina nodded while she ate.

“Hoho!” Jade laughed as she gritted her teeth. “What else do you want to eat?”

Sabrina looked up and glanced at the dining table. “Salmon, shrimp balls, broccoli…”

She knew they would be cursing her hundreds and thousands of times in their hearts.

However, it was them who insisted that she stayed for dinner.

The baby in her belly was her only family, so the most important thing was to let the baby have a feast.

She has no one in this world to love her, so she could only love herself.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone present, she placed her fork down and said, “I am full, I am leaving.”

Selene already could not care about acting cute to Sebastian. Instead, she provoked Sabrina with a jealous tone, “It’s night time now, so you had to rush back to start your business, right?”
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What a disgusting family .... The person who slept with him is Sabrina.

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