155 Dominate Me


A week had passed since we discovered the truth, and our parents worked tirelessly to arrest all implicated. During the arrest, we discovered an underground recruitment for warriors. We might never know what the sick bastards planned, but I was glad we could trump their plan before it was in motion.

The biggest mistake they made was to take Sophia. If that parcel hadn’t been delivered to Luna Glenda, the traitor and murderer, we wouldn't have been the wiser, and they would have gotten away with their crimes unnoticed.

As much as Jacob hid his pain, I could see it. His mother was one of the people who would receive a long sentence. She would have been executed, but I had pleaded with my father to put in a word for her for Jacob's sake.

Jacob didn’t ask me to do it, but I knew it was eating him inside. He found out what I did this morning, flipped and hasn't spoken to me. It has been a long, agonising day.

Jacob was also yet to seal the deal. He was mad at me for taking m
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Petagay Thompson
hot. I'm happy for Jake he deserves happiness too
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Marlenny Fernandez
OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! That was so hot. Super duper HOT. I had to sink myself in ice water

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