Authors Note

Thank you all for supporting this story and helping me to bring the characters to Life. It was an amazing journey, mainly because of the overwhelming support I got from all of you. I truly appreciate it. I am grateful for every comment, vote, review and purchase. It kept the book alive.

Wild Hearts will be released next week, and Dark Obsession will be released this week.

As much as I would love to please everyone, I can only write one book at a time So I planned to go with Wild Hearts, but since some of you have already started Dark Obsession, I will release it and continue to write it gradually. I have decided to run with both books. Once my schedule is better, the update days will improve.  

For those who are wondering about Dark Obsession, It is a standalone, and you do not need to read Forged in the Flames to enjoy the story. I would love feedback and hope the energy will be the same in that book. I am counting on your support and encouragement. Thank you. 🙏 😊  🤗    

Comments (63)
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Aleema Aziz
I looooooved this story... Justin and Sophie was so heartfelt..they deserved that fate
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Holly Bee
I love this book.... but I seriously don't like Sophia at all... Jo and Liam is definitely my favorite then Noah and Sebastian
goodnovel comment avatar
Miriam Orifa
At last,brilliant job.

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