157 In A Short While


I stayed away after we had solved the case and made all the arrests. Things had not ended well for many people who were on the wrong side of the law. For the rest of us, we had moved on.

Rachael ended up with her mate, who happened to be a Stepanov from one of the ten Ruling houses in the west. It was as if she knew she was meant to be with a great man all along, and fate had answered her prayers.

As much as I did not want to discuss the punishment for the criminals, I just have to say most of them had been killed. There were scheduled executions for most of them, as there were many. The King wanted everyone involved to pay, no matter how small their part was.

Fortunately, Uncle Vino had pushed for Jessica, something I knew Jewelles had everything to do with. She got fifteen years of sentencing, not after they asked Adrian and Rachael if they were okay with it. They both had moved on and didn't care what happened to her, so she was lucky there. At least she will get to see
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Diann Cannon
I'm so glad this turned out like it did wonderfully wrote
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Cheryl Williams
Yay!!! Doing my happy dance!!!
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Marlenny Fernandez
Me tooo girl. I crying with huge tears. So beautiful so sweet so amazing. Karima did it this time. She destroyed me kindly.

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