156 The Resolves


One week passed, and Adrian Jacob, Harper and Jewelles returned to Lumas. Our parents had made a series of arrests. The activities were all over.

Underground warehouses were found, crime lords were arrested, and factories were shut down.

Unknown to my father, this operation started shortly after they defeated Yuri, and it was started by none other than Walter Armstrong, Nelson's lab technician, who messed up the D3 formula and destroyed Cones Village. The real reason behind the ban.

Apparently, the defective D3 did not come from Nelson's lab but from one of Walter's makeshift labs that he tried to pass off as Nelson's goods when he was building his crime Network.

Unfortunately for him, he was apprehended and locked up. His mate, Natasha Armstrong, being his partner in crime, feared that the law would catch up with them, so she faked her death, abandoning her children with lots of unpaid debts and an uncertain future. The cold-hearted bitch did not bother to look back.

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Marlenny Fernandez
And I’m happy that Marvin and Miles were fated to Layla and Sarah. I guess only Oliver and Elaine’re the only chosen so far unless Justin and Sophia are chosen too
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Marlenny Fernandez
…..I could catch the name when Nelson’s lab was shut down
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Marlenny Fernandez
Im in shock because whenever I read Armstrong was a name that keep ringing my bells. But since it wasn’t mentioned in Sophia’s list and the other that were captured I couldn’t find it were I read that name and now I should have go back to the end of the second book or beginning of the third so

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