By:  T.Smith  Ongoing
Language: English
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Description- Anna-leigh's life was perfect.... Up until it wasn't. Her kingdom is at stake from a new and unknown kind of threat, one she had only heard of in the stories her grandmother used to tell her during the story telling ceremony of the witches. She never would have guessed that those stories Held a bitter truth that in which would cause her to be forcefully wed to a prince from a neighboring kingdom to form an alliance to defend the entire land of Mascovania.Their is only one problem, the threat the enemy provides is more than just a war with her kingdom but also a war within herself.

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22 Chapters
Chapter 1. Upside-down
   I stood outside the doors of my parents bedroom, I had noticed that my father was in some sort of distress after his lead general of the necromancer army whispered something into his ear which pasted a look of worry and frustration across his face.   Soon after, he reti
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Chapter 2. Betrothal
    It seemed as if hours had passed since I had witnessed the conversation between my parents. My heart felt broken and I was afraid, I didn't want to be married to Colby. Actually to be perfectly honest I didn't want to be married at all. I was never good with boys, though they all seemed to be attracted to me I could never hold a interesting or meaningful conversation with any of the young men my mother introduced me to over the years hoping I would fall head over heels in love which I didn't to spite some of their good looks. 
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Chapter 3. Wedding or Funeral?
The castle was buzzing with excitement. My mother had somehow managed to turn our large home into the most lovely wedding venue in two days time. Tables were set in the dining hall with the most beautiful gold China and crystals lined every vase, stairwell table and light fixture. White and red roses was expertly placed on every chair, hallway and arch wile the tapestry and table cloths matched in patterns of crimson red and bright white. The alter was a combination of crystals, roses and silk fabric bringing a sense of romance to the room.
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Chapter 4. Pack
Dravens P.O.V    Rage. Rage is what I feel as mine and my brother's small army rip the limbs from the bodies of these savages. Their army greeted us at a northern shore we had landed on, casting magic to take out only a small handful of my warriors however after their casting they were to exhausted to participate in
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Chapter 5. Taken
Chapter 5. Taken (annas P.O.V.) I woke feeling sore and sluggish from the nights events even though I healed myse
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Chapter 6. Encounter
  Chapter 6. Encounter           Anna-leigh's P.O.V.  
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Chapter 7. Conflict
 I stormed off into the woods, angry at my brother's words even though I knew he was right. They echoed in my ear "she is a hostage and you need to treat her as such, if you go soft for her this entire plan, all of our people have suffered and died for nothing. Don't let this wench enchant you brother!" I was angry when I spoke back to him "I will not mistreat her and she is not to know what she is here for, not right now she is in pain." Mordrid then became mad and threw his plate down and stormed off. I walked off until I had made my way to a small clear stream close by, I
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Chapter 8. Uncertainty
  I stood outside of Mordrid's tent, dreading the rage I was about to stir up in him with my change of plans. Mordrid hates changing things, especially if it is going to cost him the revenge he was so dead set on getting as was I, up until I met Anna. I walked into the tent to find him lying on his cot with his hands behind his head. "Thinking of Clair huh?" I stated casually as I sat on a small chair next to his bed. He looked at me with a smirk "yes, she is always on my mind." I let out a sigh "Brother, you aren't going to like this but it is necessary. We will be changing our course of action, we aren't going to war. I
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Chapter 9. Realization
Chapter 9. RealizationDravens P.O.V  
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Chapter 10. Takeover
 Colby.It's been days since I sent my rider to inform the soft king and Queen about there little daughters demise, my plan was beginning to work out perfectly. Unfortunately though I needed to be much more powerful. My father and his father before him and so forth has planned a
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