Chapter 37

She was falling…

She was floating…

A downward spiral into the open grave…

Midway down, Rachel was overtaken by a sense of hesitant peace. The fall down was not what she expected. She’d envisioned herself making a swift fall and an even more swift connection with the cold, hard earth waiting for her below.

Instead she found herself floating gently, with no fear, no trepidation and absolutely no horror to speak of. 

Some dark spirit had pushed her into an open grave. Was this how it would end for her? With no one around her to say a final goodbye? No Mom, no Becca, no Buck and no Galen? Her heart wrenched at the thought of her loved ones, left behind once the spirit killed her. Would she not even hold Galen one last time?

Rachel closed her eyes and fell deeper into the waiting abyss…

When she opened her eyes, she found herself laying flat on her back, on a marble floor, in a cold empty room. She sat up, stretching and trying

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