Chapter 36

Rachel’s interest was piqued by what Becca said. If they could find a spirit to carry a message to Gabi wherever she was, it would make things so much easier. Gabi risked a lot coming to her in the first place and was surely keeping a low profile until the dust settled. Reprisals were surely at the top of her list of things to worry about. As an angel of death it was her duty to keep the cosmic balance in the cycle of life and death, not to pass on warnings to her mortal friends.

“Gabi might be difficult to track down, Becca. She broke a lot of rules to warn me in the first place.”

“I know Rachel, but this is our only option. To send a spirit after her. It’s not like we can just lift the veil and find her ourselves.”

“And the spirit you think can help us? Can they be trusted with this?”

The momentary look of concern on her sister’s face wasn’t lost on Rachel. It almost seemed as if Becca was hiding something from her about the spirit she wanted to use

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