Chapter 6

More than a week had passed since Peter's funeral and Rachel was preparing for her first day back at work. Buck had graciously given her some time off and she had to admit, she was excited to get back there. Sitting around the house wasn't her style. And now she had so much more to think about other than crossing over spirits. With Peter gone, she would have to clock up major overtime and double shifts, to make ends meet. He'd left her with nothing, not even an insurance policy to cover the tough times ahead. If only she never met him!

She considered selling some of the antiques her late Aunt Tilly had left her and there were a few nice pieces of jewellery she could pawn too. Her wedding ring was at the top of the list. Hell, she'd paid for it herself, so she could do whatever she wanted with it. 

She even considered selling the house, but that would mean one of two things. Move in with Becca or move in with her mother and neither was a via

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